What Makes Science an Important Subject to Learn?

Science has always been an integral part of human civilization ever since we switched from believing in the supernatural and into the scientific way of viewing phenomenon. It has helped made our lives become much more comfortable that what it used to be hundreds of years ago. Science has helped advanced human society to the peak of knowledge and comfort that we have today and will continue to do so up until the last scientist breathes his last breath.

Science will continue to lead humanity into even greater heights which we cannot fathom. However, the field of study cannot do anything by itself and will need every single scientist to contribute to the advancement of technology and knowledge. This is why we have come up with a list of careers that are incorporated in the vast field of Science so that it may light a spark in your inner scientist to pursue Science related courses or careers.

How Science affects our daily lives

Often times, phenomena occur which should have been mind boggling for our ancestors, but is rather unsurprising for us modern day individuals due to advancements in Science. Think of the rainbow: we all know that it is due to visible light scattering into different colors after it has hit a prism (or in this case the water droplets in the sky). We are fully aware of the phenomenon and are so used to it that it often becomes common knowledge but think about how our ancestors viewed this phenomenon before the advancements in Science. The lack of knowledge about Science caused them to believe that rainbows were made by leprechauns and that there was a pot of gold at the end of it. But based on real experience, there is no such thing as the end of a rainbow where there is a pot of gold.

Another example of how Science has changed our lives is through your own house’s air conditioning system. Before the invention of air conditioning machines and before the widespread use of electricity, humans used to just endure the hot summer heat because they had yet to understand the laws of thermodynamics which makes the air conditioner possible. Even the phone you are using to read this article is an accumulation of decades of constant improvement by engineers and manufacturers using knowledge available today because of Science.

Job opportunities

Not everyone needs to become a full-fledged scientist in order for them to contribute to the field of Science. Science is, after all, a very vast field of study with branches constantly growing and sprouting new twigs. Everyone can find their own niche in the field of Science and there are tons of job opportunities which are related to Science you can choose from.

• Engineer

First off in the list is the engineer. There are a lot of variations of the engineer which include mechanical, electrical, computer, civil, industrial, chemical to name a few. Each of these variations have their own specialties and is a completely different field from the others.

Engineering is often the go to course for those individuals interested in both Science and Math, as engineering involves a lot of calculations and theoretical simulations to make sure that whatever they are doing will not fail. All of the sub-braches of engineering also pay pretty well and can become a stable source of income for you if you plan to pursue any one of these careers.

• Physicist

Most scientists you see in the Avengers movies are most likely to be physicists. With their white lab coats and spectacles, they often talk about complex theories and maths which are incomprehensible for the regular person.

However, the truth is that these theories and calculations will be taught to you when you pursue a course as a physicist and some of these theories might have already been taught to you at school, you just never noticed them. Einstein’s famous E=mc2 is an equation about the relation of energy and mass, the laws of motion are the laws that govern all moving objects in this world, even the law of conservation of energy is a physics related topic and you probably already know about it.

• Chemist

Chemists deal with things on a microscopic level. You may imagine chemists as these individuals who keep on mixing chemicals together only to see a big explosion right in front of their face, however the truth is far from this. While chemists actually do deal with chemicals, they wouldn’t be so careless as to experiment on something so hazardous that it might blow up on their face.

Chemists help develop medicines and vaccines to distribute to individuals who have ailments. They strive to keep on improving the medicines developed to limit negative side effects and improve the treatment of those with illnesses. Being a chemist is a noble profession and can be very rewarding once the medicine you developed can help other individuals.

• Medical fields

The medical field is another vast field just like engineering. You have all kinds of doctors specializing in different parts of the body. Medical fields often accompany the works of chemists as they are the ones who prescribe medicine to individuals.

Those who are under the medical field need a proper understanding of the human biology which is another branch of Science and also strive to make operations and treatments faster and more efficient. Working on the medical field also helps not only the field of Science but the welfare of the community as well.

• Biologist

A biologist is an individual who studies the biology of not just the human body, but also to all living things and their relationship with each other. Biologists are often the ones who warn authorities about an invasive species that may ruin the ecological balance between the residents of a habitat or can be the ones who identify diseases in any living organism.

• Aerospace engineer

An aerospace engineer is a specialized class of engineer focusing on commercial and spaceflight. They are the ones responsible for solving those really complex rocket Science equations. With the advancement in spaceflight and the planned commercialization of it, the aerospace engineer’s efforts are now needed as much as when the space race begun.

• Geologist

Straying from the topic of spaceflight, let us go back to Earth to discuss geologists. Geologists study the earth and the various processes that occur in it such as earthquakes, fault lines, and submersions of certain land masses underwater. Geologists study the land masses of the Earth and try to determine hazard zones to save the lives of people from future calamities.

• Forensic scientist

A forensic scientist is someone who studies evidences left in a crime scene and also tries to determine the cause of death of a person. They are closely tied to the medical field but rely on a lot of technologically advanced equipment to study blood samples and fingerprint samples. The scenes can often be mortifying once you decide to go to te scene of the crime itself, but the reward would be that the family of the victim will know how the victim died and who could possibly do it.

• Computer Science

With the advancement of technology and our reliance to the internet, computer Science has never been more alive. Computer Science deals with matters in the software of the computer such as making websites or managing artificial intelligence. It is a fairly new entry to the worlds of Science seeing as how the computer only became main stream less than 50 years ago.

Computer Science can be paired with a lot of the other fields of Science as well such as robotics or engineering as robotics rely on the artificial intelligence provided by computer Science for it to function independently and engineers need computer Science to do simulations of the projects the are planning to do.

• Robotics engineer

Robotics engineering is another new entry to the field of Science but is nonetheless another rising star in popularity. As today’s world is no longer paranoid about the “A.I. will take over the world” mind set, there has been a steady advancement in the field of robotics engineering. Robotics engineers get to work on the robots that help in the mass production of goods such as food and clothing, and can also help to create robotic limbs for disabled individuals. The possibilities of robotics engineering are endless and there are so much more to do and discover.

• Zoologist

Let us now refrain from the man made and go into the natural world. Zoology is the study of fauna living in this world. If you ever have a soft spot for animals, then this may be the field of Science for you. No, not all zoologists work inside zoos (although I do understand the confusion with the naming scheme) some work in the fields, taking care of endangered species in their protected habitats to make sure that they do not go extinct.

• Astronomer

The last career in our list is out of this world, and we mean it figuratively and literally. Figuratively because well, you can’t actually go out of this world without the help of spaceflight and you need special training for it, and literally because what you the study are phenomenon and objects outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. If you have an interest in stars and planets other than our own, then this field is best suited for you.


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