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Receive Personalized 1-to-1 JC Tuition Aimed to Focus on Students’ Learning Needs &  Styles In the Safety and Comforts of Your Home

Additional Summarized Notes, Learning Materials, and Past-Year Practice Papers from Top Schools

Learn and Use Effective Examination Answering Techniques to Get Better Scores

Clear and Simple Discussions of Concepts to Clarify Confusions From Your Pick of 9,000+ Quality Junior College Tutors

Witness an Improvement in Your Grades to Achieve Your Academic Goals and Enter Your Ideal University and Degree

Learn to Apply Concepts Taught in Classes to Real-World Scenarios

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Shortlisting the Best JC Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These JC Tutors

Prior Experience and Familiarity Teaching the Latest Syllabus to JC Students
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When hiring a tutor, you need to be sure that they have experience teaching children who are studying in junior college. This experience will enhance their ability to teach the right concepts and examination criteria. Furthermore, it is no secret that the topics included in junior college are covered and studied in-depth and extremely difficult to apply and explain. Therefore, experienced home tutors will know how to break down difficult concepts and explain them in simple yet clear ways. Furthermore, JC home tutors are aware of how to tackle examination questions that may appear thus they can advise their students of effective answering techniques that they can use to score high marks in their paper. FamilyTutor recommends good and effective home tutors on the basis of your requirements. Furthermore, we make it a note to select those home tutors who have sufficient current or prior experience teaching students who are in junior college.
Ample Credentials and Qualifications to Teach JC Subjects
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When hiring and selecting a tutor, the most important factor to consider is their capability in teaching your child. This can be deduced through the strict examination of their given academic qualifications. These qualifications can range from NIE training to diplomas and even impressive grades, all of which equally enhance their capability of teaching your child the right content and the exact exam pattern. It should be noted that there 3 types of home tutors, MOE home tutors, part-time home tutors and full-time home tutors. MOE home tutors have undergone important training which allows them to teach your child whereas full-time and part-time home tutors have acquired diplomas and impressive grades in the subject you wish to hire tuition for. FamilyTutor understands that without capability or knowledge, a tutor cannot be a perfect fit to teach the daunting JC subjects. Therefore, we select good and effective home tutors who have achieved outstanding academic qualifications. We also provide these details in their tutor profiles so clients can carefully choose a suitable tutor with regard to all important details.
Organization and Teaching Techniques and Methods of JC Tutor
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It is essential to find a tutor who can teach according to your child’s pace and learning style. Since JC students have only 2 years to master their subjects and so they need a tutor who can break down large and difficult concepts and teach them in simpler ways. Furthermore, JC home tutors are aware that 2 years is not a long time hence they craft personalized plans which work according to the child and his weaknesses. Therefore, when hiring a private tutor it is essential to find one who can teach your child as effectively as possible as well as be able to teach advanced topics and their applications in a manner that is easy for JC students to understand.
Skills in Explaining Concepts Clearly to Help Improve Students' Weaknesses
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Not only is the teaching style of JC home tutors unique and favorable to students but they also have various characteristics which help their students to improve in all components of their education as well as providing them effective and targeted help. Students in junior college often cannot realize their weak areas until they are pointed out. Therefore, when looking for a tutor, it is critical to find one who can help teach your child according to their needs and weaknesses and are well-versed in identifying their weak concepts and helping them to practice and perfect them. FamilyTutor understands how challenging the A-Level examinations are and how students need to be able to use their concepts and apply them like the back of their hand. Therefore, our recommended home tutors are especially skilled in helping students overcome and practice their weak concepts thus reassuring parents that their child is able to perform well in their paper.
Ability to Provide Additional Resources and Practice Papers for Exams
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The practice is especially important for JC students who are studying difficult and problematic subjects such as Physics, chemistry or mathematics. Therefore, when looking for a tutor it is essential that you hire one who can help your child in practicing his concepts and their applications. Most JC home tutors have access to good notes, formula sheets and various past papers through which a child can learn about the examination pattern as well as techniques they can use to tackle questions and find solutions. FamilyTutor does good in providing effective and experienced home tutors. Hence with their experience, our home tutors are able to provide additional practice materials to their students. We also point specific home tutors to our clients who have such resources in their ownership.
Recommendations from Previous Students
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Good and effective home tutors often have numerous feedbacks from satisfied customers. These feedbacks can encourage other clients to hire them. Furthermore, with provided testimonials, clients can deduce home tutors strengths and effectiveness as well as if they are safe to engage with. FamilyTutor understands that testimonials are a good deciding point for most clients thus we provide our clients with excellent home tutors who have great qualifications and experience as well as a good testimonial base backing up their strengths and capabilities.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a JC Home Tutor?

  • Mastering and perfecting 4 difficult subjects is no easy feat as well as moving from secondary school topics to junior school. This sudden change and burden can increase the pressure that a junior school student’s faces. Private tuition can ensure that our child spends his time focusing on his subjects and mastering its concepts. Furthermore, private home tutors can help students adapt to and understand difficult concepts included in their syllabus thus relieving some of their stress.
  • Students in Junior college struggle to keep up and perform well in their assignments, this reduces the amount of time they have for their hobbies and non-academic activities. To ensure that your child has a healthy balance in both his school and personal life, private home tutors help students with their assignments and ensure that they are up-to-date with their classes.
  • Mastering and perfecting the concepts of 4 or more subjects can be difficult to do in only 2 years. Furthermore, students wishing to receive excellent grades need to be able to tackle the difficult examination questions as well as correctly apply their concepts. Hiring a private tutor allows students to follow a strict learning schedule which focuses on their weak areas and ensures that they have a good practice of their concepts and topics. Therefore, JC home tutors often provide their students with learning materials such as notes and past papers that they can solve to get a better understanding of the questions that appear in the paper.
  • Often time’s students struggle to answer questions in the paper because they lack practice and exposure to different types of questions. This greatly affects their marks and thus their overall grade. Private home tutors can help expose your child to different types of questions with the help of their collection of past papers from different schools. Furthermore, students can also learn from their home tutors on how to tackle similar questions and score good marks in their paper.
  • JC students do not only need to concern about their A-Level exams but also their future. Hence having a good command over their A-Level concepts can ensure that students can have a smooth transition to difficult university courses. Furthermore, students have to get good grades to be considered for good university programs. Therefore, private home tutors can ensure that their students get their target grades and are able to enter good universities and courses.
  • JC home tutors can also be great mentors for struggling JC students and advise them the right university courses and options that they can pursue in order to achieve their dream job or goal.

Best JC Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy JC Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides JC Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

JC Home Tuition Market Rate (Singapore)

At FamilyTutor, there are three main JC1-JC2 home tutor categories for parents or students like you to choose from. The three categories are: Part-Time Tutors ($50-$60/hr), Full-Time Tutors ($60-$80/hr), and Ex-/Current MOE Teachers ($85-$120/hr).

Year 3 students from Millennia Institute can also expect the same hourly rates as those for JC1-JC2. 

Despite charging different hourly rates, none of them is “superior” or “inferior” to the others. Which tutor category is the most suitable for a student depends on each individual’s learning needs and tuition budget. 

To learn more about the differences among the different tutor categories, please visit FamilyTutor’s tuition rates page!

The #1 JC Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

A-Level examinations are possibly the most difficult and challenging exams that a child has to struggle through. However, they are an essential factor in deciding a child’s immediate future, therefore doing well in the A-Levels and scoring good grades is very important. Our agency, FamilyTutor empathizes with the struggling JC students and thus provides and recommends the best JC home tutors to help them overcome these hurdles. Our pool of experienced and qualified home tutors can help you or your child with their A-Level subjects and provide extra help through their collected practice materials. It should also be noted that our home tutors are kind and patient and want to bring out the best in your child. Request from FamilyTutor today and hire a tutor that is suitable to your needs.

When the comparison between Junior college and polytechnic was placed in 2016, it was deduced that 70% of students studying in junior college are selected in local universities. And it is no secret that entering and studying in a Junior college is difficult, with the increased workload and advanced topics. However, JC students are still better prepared for their future. So don’t let your child suffer through his 2 years in JC, hire expert help to help him improve his grades and his future.

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Dr. Leong K.Y.

PhD (Chemistry); Postdoctoral Research Scientist @ NUS

Specialising in Secondary, JC, and University level Chemistry for 13+ years, Dr. Leong taught more than 500 Chemistry students, helping them improve as much as from getting F9’s to scoring A1’s! Many of his students’ parents have high praises for him.

Mr. Joshua L.

Bachelor's Degree in Science (Physics), NUS

Specialising in JC Math, Mr. Joshua brings out the best in all of his JC H1 & H2 Math students. Under his patient tutelage, numerous students improved from failing the subject to scoring as high as B’s or A’s within a short period of time! With Mr. Joshua around, the students’ parents always feel more assured! 

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JC Tutor Request Form

Tutor Request Form
  • 100% Free Matching Service Worth $100
  • No Obligation To Start Lessons Unless You’re Ready
  • Hassle-Free Tutor Hiring Process

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