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Previously branded as “Brilliance EduLearn” and helped numerous students and parents match their perfect home tutors, we decided to change our name to FamilyTutor!


Because we saw one trend in our service to you: we match a home tutor not only to teach the student well and improve his or her grades, but also to build a good rapport and meaningful relationship with the student and even with the student’s whole family. This is what we have been doing and what we will continue to do for you!

In Mandarin, a home tutor is usually called 家庭教师 (in short, 家教), which can be a literal translation of “family tutor”! Thus, our name was born! 

Furthermore, this name serves as a reminder that we should always instil family values in our tutors so they can serve parents and students with the right principles and mindset. 


Satisfying Your Home Tuition Needs!

We Care

With that, we believe that when we send a home tutor to your house, you should feel comfortable as though he or she is part of the family, and not just a stranger in the house! We want you to feel good having the tutor over at your place!

We Do Not Compromise

Our slogan is “Putting Every Singaporean Son & Daughter In Good Hands”. As the name suggests, we strive to put you, your son, or your daughter in good hands of our tutors. A good education means a lot to us, so we do not compromise the quality of our matching service for you, your son, or your daughter.

We are happy as long as you are happy with our service and home tutors. Simple as that!

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