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Increased passion and confidence in answering and understanding secondary school maths problems through effective tuition classes
Targeted maths practice according to the student’s learning schedule and pace to help overcome weaknesses to prepare for O Level examinations
Access to additional practice papers and learning resources from the best of 15,000+ O Level and secondary school maths tutors in our database
Simple and concise explanations of mathematical concepts and application of these concepts to real-world scenarios
1-to-1 private O Level maths tuition in Singapore, personalised for each student’s learning needs, in the comfort and safety of your home
Witness improvements in your maths results and reach your academic goals


At FamilyTutor, the rates for all tuition lessons including secondary Math tuition classes depend on whether you are looking to engage a part-time, full-time or NIE-trained tutor. The rates can range from $40 to $95 per hour based on the type of secondary Math tutor you hire. But rest assured that there are no additional agency fees and all prices are 100% transparent with us.
Many of the concepts learnt during O Level Maths will be further built upon in Junior College for A Levels. As such, if you have plans on taking on Maths-related courses or classes in Polytechnic or JC, it is best to establish a strong foundation in all secondary school Maths concepts so that everything can be learnt and picked up easily and quickly in the future. If this means enrolling in O Levels Math tuition classes, then be sure to seek the help of a secondary Maths tutor.
Given that O Level Mathematics exams will test all the topics that have been covered throughout one’s secondary school life, it cannot be denied that in terms of volume and the number of concepts that will be tested, O Level Maths can be hard for some students. However, if you prepare ahead of time and get all the help you need from a reliable secondary Maths tutor, the exams will surely go by easily.

Getting all the support and help possible is a great way to experience positive grade jumps. For some, this means being educated by a secondary Maths tutor. At FamilyTutor, we have a track record of being able to improve grades by up to 3 grade levels within 4 months.

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Previous Experience in Teaching O-Level Math Students
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Finding a tutor who has sufficient experience in teaching O-Level Math students is very critical. This experience gives them immense knowledge of the content that children need to study as well as the criteria at which they will be marked on in the paper. Aside from that, experience gives them knowledge of the common mistakes made by students studying in O-Levels and hence they know exactly how to improve on these weaknesses and mistakes. FamilyTutor recommends and selects tutors who have current or prior experience in teaching children O-Level Math and therefore making them capable of teaching your child.
Ability to Provide Additional O-Level Math Learning Guides and Resources
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Over their years of tutoring, tutors come to collect important and useful resources which help students in their additional practice of their concepts and preparation of their O-Level Math exam. Therefore, it is important to look for tutors who can provide resources such as formula sheets, practice questions and past papers from different schools. Not only will the students have access to additional material for their practice, with a different variety of questions they will be better prepared for their official exam.
Determine Students' Weaknesses and Help Overcome Them
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O-Level Math tutors are trained in identifying a child’s weaknesses and providing them with the help they need. This is done by observing the child and his education for the first few lessons, after which the weaknesses are identified and targeted lessons are provided which do their best to improve on these weak spots. Therefore, look for a tutor who is able to follow this procedure and provide effective help in the shortest time possible. Our tutors are experienced in this procedure and well-versed in providing effective targeted help in the form of extra lessons, exercises, customized notes and a personalized plan according to the child. FamilyTutor ensures that our recommended tutors are nothing less than capable to teach your child O-Level Math.
Applying and Keeping Up with the Latest O-Level Math Syllabus
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Effective tutors have proper knowledge of the content and examination format they are supposed to teach their O-Level Math students. This requires immense knowledge of the MOE syllabus. Therefore, an important quality to look for in tutors is their familiarity and contact with the latest MOE syllabus and how good they are at devising effective strategies to teach your child according to the alterations made. At FamilyTutor, we aim to provide you with quality service and we ensure our clients this by listing various characteristics of our recommended tutors. These qualities include their qualifications, experience as well as their familiarity with the MOE syllabus.
Commitment and Devotion to Teaching
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This quality applies not only to O-Level Math but all other subjects at their different levels. It is rare to find a tutor who is fully committed to both your child as well as other aspects. Hence, when looking for a tutor you need to be sure that the one you have hired is punctual and both dedicated to the decided timing and the duration of the project. Furthermore, finding a tutor who has your child’s best interests at heart is also very important as they will be patient and invested in teaching your child and rectifying the mistakes he makes. Our agency, FamilyTutor, is responsible and cares for your needs. We ensure that the client and the tutor have good communication between them and the client’s expectations and needs are understood before the procedure is finalized.
Credentials and Academic Qualifications to Teach O-Level Math
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Teaching O-Level Math is no easy feat, the topics are complex and difficult to explain and without proper understanding and practice, a child would be doomed in his national examinations. Therefore, when looking for a tutor who can teach your child the subject, it is helpful to look at their qualifications. Tutors who have degrees in engineering or accounting can greatly benefit your child. Furthermore, tutors who have earned good grades in their own exams are better fit to teach your child the same concepts. FamilyTutor provides detailed profiles for each of our recommended tutors. In these profiles, we list their qualifications and any relevant grades to show their capability of teaching your child O-Level Math.
Previous Students' Testimonials of the Tutor
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The best Math tutors in Singapore have a high demand and numerous testimonials from previous clients. Therefore when looking for an effective tutor, you can look at their testimonials which highlight their strengths and capability. These can also be helpful in seeing whether the O-Level Math tutor is suitable to teach your child. FamilyTutor provides a tutor's testimonials to ensure clients that they are safe to engage with and are effective in bringing out the best in your child.


  • The mathematics syllabus taught in Singapore is thoroughly linked throughout its different levels. As such, topics taught in junior colleges are an extension of the basic concepts taught during secondary school. Therefore, engaging the help of a maths tutor can help students to have an easier transition from basic to advanced levels.
  • Many times, basic concepts taught for O Level maths, such as percentage, probability, speed and differentiation are also applicable to science subjects such as Chemistry and Physics. Therefore, acquiring a strong foundation in mathematical concepts can help your child excel in other subjects, too. Our tuition agency can match qualified tutors to provide such expert guidance to reach your child’s academic goals.
  • Mathematical concepts are used in our daily lives and play a crucial role in equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to think logically and critically to actively participate and thrive in the future economy and society. Therefore, in order to train a child to be efficient in calculations such as payments and loans in his adult years, private home tutors can be a big help when it comes to understanding such real-world concepts.
  • Maths is a core subject that is compulsory in Junior College, which makes secondary maths tuition a useful tool for their A Levels. And beyond that, a thorough comprehension of mathematical concepts can come in handy when pursuing a Diploma or Degree in courses such as Engineering, Statistics, and Accounting.
  • Other qualities such as problem-solving ability, critical thinking, and even effective communication, can also be acquired when learning O Level Math. Given the advanced levels of time management and responsibility required to ace the subject matter, mathematics can also help students understand the world and act as an effective way to build discipline.y.

Therefore, start building your child’s mathematical foundation with FamilyTutor today

Offering tuition classes for levels ranging from preschool to university, you can rest assured that our O Level maths tutors will be able to cover several topics and educational components. Some of the MOE syllabus topics we will cover include:  

  • Ratio, Proportion 
  • Rate, Speed
  • Functions and graphs
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Algebraic Functions
  • Circle Geometry Properties
  • Application of Pythagoras’ theorem
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Statistics – Data handling and analysis & Probability

At FamilyTutor, we know that there are several common maths mistakes that students make. This is why our O Level maths tutors develop strategies to aid students’ understanding and learning of various mathematical concepts. Be it through rigorous repetition or by making progress more tangible through charts, our tutors will identify each student’s weakness and design a personalised curriculum to improve their grades. 

Here are some of the most important skills we focus on:

  • Time management skills on priority areas to tackle
  • Proper analysis of questions for accurate problem solving
  • How to accurately present workings, graphs and more
  • Process elimination skills for multiple choice questions 
  • Proof-checking ability to save on time while checking calculations
  • Problem solving skills and memory tips for complex formulas


At FamilyTutor, there are three main ‘O’ Level Math tutor categories for parents or students like you to choose from. The three categories are: Part-Time Tutors ($40-$50/hr), Full-Time Tutors ($50-$65/hr), and Ex-/Current MOE Teachers ($85-$105/hr).

Despite charging different hourly rates, none of them is “superior” or “inferior” to the others. Which tutor category is the most suitable for a student depends on each individual’s learning needs and budget. 

To learn more about the differences among the different tutor categories, please visit FamilyTutor’s tuition rates page!


Our O Level Math tuition programme is specially designed so that teachers can leverage the various teaching pedagogies to teach their students in an engaging manner. This is done through a systematic approach so that students can best prepare for their O Level examinations.

Using graphic organisers

Since many students are unable to visualise abstract concepts taught in maths, our tutors will go through the key concepts and learning points topic by topic in the O Level maths syllabus with graphic organisers like charts and diagrams. This will efficiently demonstrate how to solve questions using formulas.

Rigorous Practising 

It is said that practice makes perfect. Repeated revisions will help to pinpoint common or even repetitive mistakes that students tend to make, thereby training them to be more mindful during actual exams. As such, it’s important to have revision practice questions given to students  to develop their muscle memory further.


Ms. Tay H.X.

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Civil Engineer), NTU

Specialising in Lower to Upper Secondary Math for 8+ years, Ms. Tay brings out the best in all of her Math students. Under her patient tutelage, numerous students improved from failing the subject to scoring as high as A1’s!

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