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Singapore Home Tuition Market Rate

Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
Nursery 1 - Kindergarten 2$25-$30 per hour$35-$40 per hour$65-$70 per hour
Primary 1 - Primary 3$25-$35 per hour$35-$50 per hour$70-$80 per hour
Primary 4 - Primary 6$30-$40 per hour$40-$55 per hour$75-$90 per hour
Secondary 1 - Secondary 2$35-$45 per hour$45-$60 per hour$80-$100 per hour
Secondary 3 - Secondary 5$40-$50 per hour$45-$65 per hour$85-$105 per hour
Junior College 1 - Junior College 2$50-$60 per hour$60-$80 per hour$95-$130 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB)Grade 1-6$35-$45 per hour$45-$65 per hour$70-$125 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) Grade 7-10$40-$55 per hour$55-$75 per hour$90-$140 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70 per hour$70-$100 per hour$100-$150 per hour
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) 7-11$40-$50 per hour$50-$80 per hour$100-$150 per hour
Adult Classes$40-$60 per hour$65-$120 per hour-
Polytechnic / University$60-$80 per hour$80-$150 per hour-

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They lack proper practice in their grammar as well as good vocabulary to attempt comprehension and composition questions.

Students often do not practice their oral communication skills and hence fail to pronounce words correctly or speak fluently in their paper.

Malay Students find it challenging when attempting comprehension questions as they do not fully understand its requirements.

Students fail to memorize large amounts of content and hence cannot structure good descriptive essays.

They do not fully understand the proverbs in the Malay language and lack of proper answering techniques which can help them score high marks.

They also cannot speak or use the language on a daily basis hence decreasing their fluency.

Due to ineffective exam strategies, students studying Malay cannot finish the paper on time.

Road Bumps Faced By Malay Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a Malay Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Shortlisting the Best Malay Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Malay Tutors

Qualifications and Credibility to Teach Malay
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The tutor you are hiring should have the expertise and knowledge to teach Malay to their students, thus making capability an important quality to judge for in potential tutors. The capability of a tutor can be deduced through their academic qualifications and given grades in their tutor profiles. These qualifications can vary from official NIE training certificates to diplomas acquired in the language. Some tutors even have personal experiences in scoring impressive grades in the subject. Therefore, parents should deeply consider the tutor’s qualifications in Malay before entrusting their child’s grade in tutor’s hands. FamilyTutor deeply considers a client’s request before recommending suitable tutors for them. Therefore, if the client requests a Malay tutor, we ensure that we provide a tutor with a diploma or sufficient training in the subject. We also list their many qualifications in the tutor profiles we hand over to our clients.
Ability to Teach Basic Fundamental Skills and Improve Weaknesses
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It is no secret that the Malay syllabus is connected in all the levels of the Singaporean education system. Hence to ensure the easier transition between levels, students need to have strong basic skills so they can use them in their O-Levels and A-Levels. Tutors pay close attention to basic skills in the language such as vocabulary and grammar and work hard to help students perfect those skills. Furthermore, effective tutors can easily identify a child’s learning gaps and can provide targeted help to improve on them. Therefore, look for a tutor who can drill those basic skills into your child as well as help improve their weak concepts. FamilyTutor recommends only the finest and most experienced tutors in Singapore. Therefore, parents can be rest assured that they can help your child develop certain basic skills and perfect them, so they are ready to be used at higher levels. Furthermore, our tutors are also well-informed of how to identify and help a child improve on their weak areas.
Previous Exposure in Teaching the Subject to Students of Similar Educational Levels
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Unlike capability and qualifications, Experience is an important quality to have in your tutor to ensure that they are effective and can help improve your child’s grades. With experience, tutors become aware of the given content and the examination format that the child has to study. However, the tutor you hire must have sufficient experience teaching students at the level that your child is currently in, as content and examination patterns vary throughout the given levels. Therefore, a tutor with experience teaching your requested child can teach your child the right content and marking scheme. FamilyTutor responsibly recommends tutors according to your requests. Therefore, when judging experience, we make sure to engage tutors who have current or past experience teaching Malay students who are at the same level as your child. This is to ensure that their lessons will not sideline the concepts taught in their school.
Application and Familiarity with the Most Updated MOE Syllabus
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The MOE syllabus changes every few years. This change is inflicted on the content and the examination format for all the subjects in the syllabus. These changes are very important and must be taught to the students in order to prep them for their paper. Therefore, when looking for a tutor it is essential to find one who has immense knowledge over the syllabus and can teach the child the new changes. FamilyTutor assesses the present tutors and recommends those who are familiar or in contact with the latest syllabus change. Furthermore, we also check their experience in teaching the syllabus to ensure that they can teach your child accordingly.
Dedication and Commitment to Teach Malay
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When looking for a tutor to effectively teach your child Malay, it is essential that you find one who is extremely dedicated to your child as well as to the subject. Dedication to the child can go a long way, as a dedicated tutor will work hard to help improve your child’s grades no matter the barriers. Furthermore, dedication to teaching can also be important as they will abide by the tuition timings as well as the total duration of tuition. Consistently available help gets your child on the right track and greatly impacts his own interest in the subject. FamilyTutor engages effective and committed tutors. However, if a client is still unsure about our promises, we arrange communication between the two parties so matters such as this can be discussed thoroughly before the tuition is confirmed.
Access to Extra Malay Materials & Practices for Better Learning
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Malay students often struggle in their papers due to lack of practice in their oral communication, listening and speaking skills. Therefore, when you hire a Malay tutor, be certain that they can provide additional materials to help your child in his revision and practice. Furthermore, effective tutors often compile their own notes to help students learn content concerning their descriptive essays. These notes can help students in effective revision as well as save time to learn new skills such as answering techniques and exam strategies. FamilyTutor pinpoints tutors who can provide additional practice materials to their students. These resources can vary from notes, past papers, and practice questions, all of which can be extremely helpful for students in their last few months.
Testimonials and Reviews from Previous Students and Parents
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Testimonials help highlight the tutor’s strengths and capabilities in teaching students. They can be considered as recommendations from a previous client to a new client. Therefore, when looking for a Malay tutor who can help improve your child’s grade, it can be helpful to consider their testimonials. This gives a better view of what the tutor can offer your child in terms of additional materials, patience and targeted help. FamilyTutor understands how important recommendations can be for newer clients. Thus, we indicate effective tutors who have testimonials to prove their effectiveness.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a Malay Home Tutor?

  • Malay is widely spoken in countries such as Malaysia and Brunei. Learning the language and having strong communication skills can increase your chances to study or work in these countries.
  • Much like other languages, the Malay language stays the same throughout the Singaporean education system in terms of content. Therefore, good basic skills in vocabulary, speaking and writing can ensure a smooth transition through the system.
  • Scoring well in languages can be difficult as immense fluency in writing and speaking is required. With the help of a private tutor, you can achieve comprehensive development and hence be able to score an excellent grade.
  • A good overall GPA gives students the right to choose their subjects at higher levels. Therefore, once a student passes in his O-Levels Malay subject, he can focus on more important subjects in A-Levels.
  • Passing either A-Levels Malay or O-Levels Higher Malay is extremely essential for students wishing to get accepted into universities. With a bad grade, however, they lose most of their options and cannot apply for highly popular university courses. Therefore, it is good to get an early start on tuition and study effectively before it’s too late.

Best Malay Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy Malay Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Malay Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

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Our agency houses the best Malay tutors in all of Singapore who has numerous testimonials displaying their strengths and capabilities of helping struggling students to improve in their Malay. Irrespective of their wages and qualifications, our tutor be it MOE, part-time or full-time tutors, can help your child in their holistic development in the Malay subject. Furthermore, our tutors are experienced in highlighting learning gaps and providing targeted help to improve them as well as provide helpful practice materials so they can improve in their speaking, writing, and listening skills. Request a tutor from FamilyTutor today and watch your child improve his grades.

They are many reasons why one should learn the language from business purposes to developing good relations in Malaysia. Therefore, hire an effective Malay tutor today and invest in your child’s near future.

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