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Singapore Home Tuition Market Rate

Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
Nursery 1 - Kindergarten 2$25-$30 per hour$35-$40 per hour$65-$70 per hour
Primary 1 - Primary 3$25-$35 per hour$35-$50 per hour$70-$80 per hour
Primary 4 - Primary 6$30-$40 per hour$40-$55 per hour$75-$90 per hour
Secondary 1 - Secondary 2$35-$45 per hour$45-$60 per hour$80-$100 per hour
Secondary 3 - Secondary 5$40-$50 per hour$45-$65 per hour$85-$105 per hour
Junior College 1 - Junior College 2$50-$60 per hour$60-$80 per hour$95-$130 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB)Grade 1-6$35-$45 per hour$45-$65 per hour$70-$125 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) Grade 7-10$40-$55 per hour$55-$75 per hour$90-$140 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70 per hour$70-$100 per hour$100-$150 per hour
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) 7-11$40-$50 per hour$50-$80 per hour$100-$150 per hour
Adult Classes$40-$60 per hour$65-$120 per hour-
Polytechnic / University$60-$80 per hour$80-$150 per hour-

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Students in this age group are often distracted by non-academic activities, thus, decreasing their interest in their subjects.

Since teachers in secondary schools teach at a fast pace, most students fail to understand concepts and keep up with their lessons.

Students struggle to understand complex concepts included in their course.

They often get overwhelmed by the large content that they have to memorize.

They lack effective answering techniques through which they can score high marks.

Secondary school students come to collect several misconceptions and doubts in their subjects.

Students are unaware of the correct applications of their concepts thus fail to answer questions with their help. Students lack confidence in their studies which restricts them from performing well

They are unable to finish their paper on time. They are unable to identify and improve their week concepts

Road Bumps Faced By N-Level Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a N-Level Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Shortlisting the Best N-Level Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These N-Level Tutors

Capability and Qualifications in Teaching the N-Level Syllabus
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You can choose from a variety of home tutors available in Singapore i.e. MOE Home tutors, Part-time home tutors and full-time home tutors, all of which have immense qualifications to prove their capability to teach your child. However, when you are surfing through effective home tutors, the first and foremost thing that you are advised to do is research their given qualifications and academic achievements in the subject you have requested tuition for, this ensures that the tutor you are hiring is able to teach your child the concepts in the subject and teach them in a way your child can better understand. FamilyTutor helps aid your selection process for an effective N-Level tutor by providing home tutors qualifications and achievements in their tutor profiles.
Recommendations from Previous Students
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Most effective home tutors have numerous testimonials which they have collected throughout their years of teaching N-Level students. These testimonials can be considered as recommendations to newer clients. Therefore, it can help to research a tutor’s testimonials to have a better look at their abilities and strengths. Furthermore, testimonials can also show parents how a certain tutor is safe to engage with. FamilyTutor provides a tutor's testimonials in their tutor profiles. These can be a good deciding point for clients wishing to hire the tutor.
Keeping Updated with the Current N-Level Syllabus
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The MOE syllabus is consistently being altered by adding and removing certain topics. This is done to ensure that your child is receiving high-quality education and is well prepared for his adult life. Therefore, when looking for an effective N-Level tutor, it is essential to examine his familiarity with your recent syllabus. This reassures parents that the tutor they wish to hire is capable of teaching the right content and the exact examination pattern thus capable of fully preparing their child to attempt and ace their official exam. FamilyTutor enlists all important details of a given tutor. With this, we hope to ease your selection process as well as provide you with certain qualities such as their experience and qualifications which can help to deduce their familiarity with your child’s syllabus.
Engaging Student in Lessons and Discussing Concepts Clearly
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Students studying in secondary schools are often distracted by games, sports and other hobbies they enjoy doing. However, these pursuits often restrict them from concentrating and focusing on their lessons. The tutor you hire should be able to provide interesting lessons which can keep your child engaged and focused. These lessons can also peek their interest in the subject and motivate them to work harder. Furthermore, home tutors also help to clear a student’s doubts in their lessons in school and help them to practice their concepts so they can apply them in-class tests and quizzes. FamilyTutor has a pool of experienced and effective home tutors who are capable of teaching your child and keeping them engaged throughout the session with the help of different techniques. Furthermore, we also allow clients to converse with potential home tutors before the tuition is finalized so a client can carefully deduce a tutor’s suitability for their child.
Patience and Commitment in Teaching
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Many N-Level students are told that they are incapable of achieving good marks, this can decrease their confidence and their motivation to work hard. Private home tutors can help turn this around, they can encourage their students to keep trying and work hard to perfect their concepts. Therefore, when looking for a tutor, it is important to hire one who has a good track record of being committed to their students. For example, a committed tutor will help students with their applications of concepts and show them how to tackle challenging concepts in their assignments. This can increase their motivation to study and score better grades. Furthermore, finding a tutor who is dedicated to sticking with the child till the end is very important as well as one who is punctual and is consistently available to help your child. FamilyTutor recommends the most committed N-Level home tutors in Singapore. Not only are our home tutors capable of helping your child but they are devoted and dedicated to helping them improve. Furthermore, we also arrange sessions between a tutor and a client so important issues can be discussed and expectations heard.
Determine Student's Weak Areas and Help Overcome Them
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A good tutor can help in a child’s comprehensive development of their N-Level subject, this is achieved by consistently identifying and improving a child weak areas in all components of their paper. Therefore, when looking for an effective tutor, it is essential to consider one who has the ability to identify your child’s step backs and follow through with strategic plans and effective methods which can improve them. Most home tutors design schedules according to a child’s weak areas and plan out how best to work on improving their weak concepts so they are perfected and ready to use in their official exam. FamilyTutor understands the importance of comprehensive development as this allows students to score the highest marks in their paper. Therefore, we recommend effective home tutors who are capable of teaching your child and helping them to rectify their mistakes and improve their concepts. We also provide a tutor's past student’s improvements, so clients can deduce their capabilities for themselves.
Previous Experience in Teaching N-Level Students
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One of the most important things to consider while hiring a tutor is their level of educational qualification in the subject you are considering taking lessons. This can allow you to assess the amount of knowledge they may have in Literature and whether they can help you improve your grade in the subject. Another method to assess the capability of the teaching of the teacher is checking the years of experience they have. The longer they have been teaching literature will mean they have the contents of the subject on their fingertips and you will surely benefit by engaging in home tuitions with that tutor FamilyTutor displays the qualifications, achievements, years of experience and past records on the tutor's profiles so that you may select the tutor that matches your criteria and preferences.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a N-Level Home Tutor?

  • Students are divided into different systems on the basis of their PSLE results. However, most students are unaware of their right potential and feel inferior when put into a low stream. Therefore, with the help of private tuition students can realize their potential and work hard to live up to their capabilities.
  • Students studying in N-Level are often distracted by other activities and cannot focus on their studies. By hiring a private tutor, students can start to develop a flow in which they prioritize their studies and learn good studying habits such as reading and practicing.
  • Since A-Levels requires students to have a strong command over their N-Level concepts and be able to implement them correctly, students need to especially work hard to develop these skills in order to have an easier transition to more advanced topics. Private home tutors can help to ensure that a student studies well and perfects his concepts before it is too late.
  • The marks a student score in his N-Level subjects can decide his options in secondary 5 such as ITE, Polytechnic or O-Levels. With the help of private home tutors, students can understand their concepts and learn how to tackle examination questions. This can help them ace their N-Level exams and open up various opportunities for them in the immediate future.
  • N-Level home tutors can be great mentors for their students. They can help in both academic and personal problems as well as evaluating numerous future career options their student can take after their examinations.

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Enjoy N-Level Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides N-Level Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

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FamilyTutor believes that all students, no matter which system they study in, are capable of great things. And with a little push and a helping hand, they can come to recognize their true potential thus motivating them to work hard to prove their excellence and capabilities. We provide this push with the help of our experienced and qualified N-Level home tutors. Not only do our home tutors have the capability to teach your child but can help improve their concepts, provide them with additional practice materials and mentor them for both their present and future life. So contact us and find home tutors who not only help to improve your grades but also boost your confidence in yourself and your education. Hire from FamilyTutor today.

Today Online highlights many N-Level students who worked hard and reached for their dreams. Therefore, it is evident that no matter what system you study in, you are capable of doing great things only if you work hard and truly believe. So if you are struggling, request for a helping hand from FamilyTutor agency and watch yourself change for the better.

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