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Singapore Home Tuition Market Rate

Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
N1 - K2$20-$25/hr$30-$40/hr$50-$60/hr
P1 - P3$25-$30/hr$35-$50/hr$55-$60/hr
P4 - P6$25-$40/hr$35-$55/hr$60-$80/hr
Sec 1 - Sec 2$30-$40/hr$35-$60/hr$65-$90/hr
Sec 3 - Sec 5$35-$45/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$90/hr
JC1 - JC2$50-$60/hr$55-$80/hr$80-$120/hr
IB Grade 1-6$30-$45/hr$35-$60/hr$70-$120/hr
IB Grade 7-10$35-$50/hr$40-$70/hr$75-$120/hr
IB Grade 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70/hr$65-$100/hr$85-$120/hr
IGCSE 7-11$30-$50/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$120/hr
Adult Classes$40-$50/hr$50-$70/hr-
Diploma / University$60-$80/hr$80-$120/hr-

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As A-Level grades decide the options a student can pursue higher education, students are often anxious and stressed about their performance in their A-Level subjects. Most students are overwhelmed by the topics in their syllabus and the idea of learning them in 2 short years.

They struggle to keep up with the rest of their classmates and the teacher’s fast pace. A-Level students are often scared to lag behind from the rest of their classmates

They struggle to manage both their non-academic and academic activities. They get stressed and find it difficult to cope with the learning pace as they are only given 2 years to learn and perfect their subjects.

Often , they are confused on the correct applications of concepts, formulas and principles in their questions. They cannot properly structure their opinions and thoughts when answering questions in their General paper and social studies.

They get stressed when giving their paper in a competitive and uncomfortable environment. Due to lack of practice, they cannot perform accurate experiments and deduce accurate results. And due to ineffective exam strategies, the students fail to finish their paper on time.

Road Bumps Faced By A-Level Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring an A-Level Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

For subjects such as social studies and history, students need content concerning important issues to help them structure and write good essays. However, they struggle to find good content. Aside from this, many students struggle to attempt difficult questions in their exam paper and as they do not have sufficient practice in applying their concepts and tackling questions. With the help of private home tuition, the student can be given good notes which can help them prepare for essays. Furthermore, home tutors also help students attempt past papers of their subject, this teaches them how to tackle exam questions as well as tips and tricks they can use to perform accurate calculations.

Since most A-Level examiners do not release ideal answers for the questions given in the past papers, students are often confused and fail to structure their answers correctly. However, Private home tutors who have years of experience teaching a particular subject can provide ideal answers and show their students how to structure their answers according to the right interpretation of the question. Furthermore, home tutors work hard to improve a child’s weak areas and teach them so they are fully prepared for their A-Level exam. Aside from this, home tutors can provide helpful advice on how to tackle difficult questions in the paper.

Most A-Level students struggle to keep up with their lessons at schools and before they can fully review and understand a certain topic, the lesson has already progressed onto the next topic in the syllabus. With private home tuition, your child can get consistent guidance in clearing their misconceptions in topics and helping them to keep up with the class. Furthermore, many home tutors help their students to keep up with their assignments and perform well in class.

Universities search and consider A-Level students who have excellent academic and non-academic portfolios, this means that students need to participate in more activities as well as score high marks in their A-Level exams. However, most A-Level students cannot balance both their activities hence causing them to lag behind in lessons. With the help of private home tuition, your child can spend time effectively studying as well as improving in all of his components. This reduces the burden of academic stress on a child and ensures that they attain the right grades to get into a good university. Furthermore, this also frees up sufficient time that students can spend taking part in events and playing sports.

A-Level home tutors can also fulfil the role of a guidance counsellor quite well. As home tutors have good experience in teaching in the education system, they are aware of certain paths a student can take to acquire a good job. Therefore, with the help of private home tutors, students can analyze their dreams and goals. Which the tutor can use to recommend university programs and courses that can help them achieve their goal. Furthermore, home tutors can also give a good insight into a student’s other subjects and how best to improve them.

Shortlisting the Best A-Level Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These A-Level Tutors

Academic Qualifications and Knowledge in Teaching A-Level Subjects
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Academic qualifications can help show a tutor’s capability to teach the requested A-Level syllabus. Since there are many home tutors to choose from such as MOE & NIE home tutors, Part-time home tutors and full-time home tutors, it is essential to research their qualifications before finalizing any home tuition arrangements. For example, most MOE home tutors have certificates which prove that they have received important training in how to effectively teach A-Level students. Whereas, other home tutors have diplomas in the subject you have requested or have impressive grades. All these qualifications help enhance their capability to efficiently teach your child. FamilyTutor carefully selects home tutors who have good qualifications in the subject the home tuition was requested for. We also provide these details in their tutor profiles so clients can easily select a suitable and capable tutor.
Updated with the Latest A-Level Syllabus and Teaching Methods
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The tutor you wish to hire needs to be familiar with the syllabus being taught. As the syllabus of A-Level subjects change every few years, where each alteration introduces a drastic change in the content and examination criteria of the given subject. Therefore, the tutor you wish to hire needs to have good contact and knowledge of the A-Level syllabus and be able to incorporate the alterations made into their lessons. Furthermore, your tutor should be able to teach you effective answering techniques which favor the marking scheme as this helps to score higher marks in your paper. FamilyTutor recommends home tutors who are especially trained and experienced in teaching A-Level students, therefore they are more than familiar with the content and guidelines of the latest syllabus. However, we still provide important details such as experience, academic qualifications and past student reports through which clients can examine for themselves a home tutors capability to teach the latest syllabus to their child.
Experience in Teaching A-Level Students
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Experience is possibly the most important to quality to look for in the tutor you wish to hire as it ensures their capability to teach your child effectively and fully prepare them for their paper. It is no secret that the subjects in the Singaporean education system are thoroughly linked within all levels, however, the content and the examination criteria differ greatly. Therefore, when looking for a tutor to teach your child an A-Levels subject, it is important to check their experience in teaching A-Level students. This would ensure that the tutor’s lessons are according to the given syllabus as well as enable them to teach their students how to tackle questions in their paper. FamilyTutor not only displays home tutors academic qualifications and relevant grades but also lists their experience in tutoring. This information can help parents to find suitable home tutors who have sufficient experience teaching A-Level students in the subject that they have requested.
Access to Additional Notes and Exam Practices
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The slides and lectures notes given to students by their school teachers are unfinished and not very helpful in their revision. However, many A-Level home tutors have crafted their own effective summary notes and formula sheets that can help students with their revision. Furthermore, with their experience, A-Level tutor comes to accumulate many past papers and practice tests from different schools. These papers can help students practice their concepts and applications. Therefore, when looking for an effective tutor, an important quality to judge is their access to such notes and papers as they will no doubt better prepare your child for the daunting and challenging A-Levels examinations. FamilyTutor understands how important practice is in many A-Level subjects. Therefore, we point out certain home tutors who have additional practice materials in their possession and can pass them down to their students.
Ability in Teaching Students Concepts Simply and Concisely
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With the fast teaching pace in their schools, students struggle to grasp and understand difficult concepts included in their syllabus. Furthermore, these misunderstandings can cause a student to lag behind in their lessons and score poorly in their papers. Therefore, when hiring a private tutor, it is essential to hire one who is capable of teaching your child complex concepts in simpler ways. Furthermore, home tutors also work hard to keep the child up-to-date with the lessons in their class so as to ensure that they are doing well in their class tests and are able to understand the concepts covered in class. Aside from this, home tutors can highlight a child’s weakness within the first few lessons and craft personalized plans to help students improve those weak areas. FamilyTutor recommends home tutors as per your requests. Furthermore, we also research home tutors who are well-versed in identifying a child’s weak areas and consistently trying to improve them. Furthermore, they are also well aware of the difficult topics in the syllabus and are thus prepared with various techniques to convey those concepts to their students so they can easily understand and apply them.
Starring Reviews from Previous Satisfied Students
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Once a tutor has effectively helped their clients improve their grades, the satisfied client gives the tutor a good recommendation. This testimonial can be very helpful for newer clients as they accurately describe a specific tutor’s ability in teaching and their effectiveness and commitment to the child. These qualities highlighted in a testimonial can help newer clients decide on an effective tutor for their child. Therefore, it is advised to research a tutor's testimonials before making any final arrangements. FamilyTutor hand-picks the best A-Level home tutors in Singapore. Therefore, it is no secret that these home tutors have many testimonials to back up their capability in teaching. Furthermore, we also list home tutors recommendations within their tutor profiles so the client can make sound decisions with all important factors in mind.

You May Ask...

Why Get an A-Level
Home Tutor?

  • Most students struggle in their A-Levels due to the increase in workload and commitments. It is no secret that universities consider students who are proficient in their academics and spirited in their extra-curricular activities. However, some students struggle to master and perfect their concepts in 2 years while others do not give substantial time to their non-academic commitments. Private home tuition not only helps students better manage their time but also gives them expert guidance when tackling their challenging course. This relives both their academic stress and frees up their time to indulge in extracurricular activities.
  • Most teachers in school work at a fast pace, which most students cannot keep up with. However private home tuition can ensure that the child is learning at his own pace and is able to understand each concept before progressing with others in the syllabus. Furthermore, home tutors also work hard in teaching students effective ways through which they can tackle their exam questions.
  • A-Level students are strictly advised to practice their concepts until they are perfect. However, even with the availability of practice materials, teachers fail to teach students how to tackle difficult questions and help them with their applications. Most students do not even review their mistakes or answers. However, private home tutors help their students practice and review their answers. This would help clear any misconceptions a student has as well as help rectify careless mistakes.
  • The A-Level syllabus is covered in-depth and students need to be able to use their concepts to answer questions. This is achieved by strong understanding as well as exposure to various types of reoccurring questions. Private home tuition reassures parents that their child is getting the exposure he needs as well as helping him build a strong understanding of their concepts.
  • To be selected into good university courses such as medicine, engineering and law, students need to have exemplary academic and non-academic portfolios. With private home tuition, students can get expert advice on their portfolios and excellent degree programs.

Best A-level Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy A-Level Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides A-Level Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

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Our agency is aware of the struggles students face in their two years of A-Levels. Therefore, we engage a pool of experienced and qualified A-Level home tutors who are more than up to the task of helping you construct excellent portfolios and tutor you in the subjects you need help in. From MOE & NIE tutor, full-time home tutors and part-time home tutors, we engage the best Singapore has to offer and that too at affordable rates. Do not jeopardize your future by being careless, request a tutor from FamilyTutor today and witness yourself improve.

Channel News Asia highlights the importance of A-Levels in a child’s education, and we too have to agree. Not only does the A-Level system produce efficient and challenged minds but it also paves a way to a better future. Don’t waste time, our process is the fastest you will ever see.

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