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The majority of students detest Mathematics, and this is no secret. For a lot of children, Math is just another kind of torment meant to make their time in school miserable. It should come as no surprise that Math isn’t exactly a subject that sparks students’ passion, even though some of them are aware of the worth and significance of the subject outside of the classroom. This mindset can be extremely difficult for home tutors who offer Math to their students. Of course, they may already have the expertise with regards to the subject but it also helps tutors to make their math classes more fun and exciting. In this article, we’ll talk about some tips for new and seasoned home tutors to make their math classes more fun.

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Why should Math be made more fun?

This is not to say that all other subjects should not be made more fun. In fact, we strongly advocate making lessons regarding any subject or topic more fun. This can help students find the topic more interesting and thus, will gain their attention. Math has always been a challenging subject and more often than not, students have trouble with understanding and retaining concepts.

For one, making Math lessons more fun is essential so students don’t get bored. Endless numbers mixed in with a bunch of letters and formulas may not be considered a fun time. It easily bores students who are not interested in the first place. This is why making the topic as fun as possible is essential in keeping their attention focused. For another reason, Math is already difficult, tutors don’t have to make it more taxing than it already is. Being taught complex things through complex ways is not the way to go.

How to make Math classes more fun?

You may be wondering how lessons on Math can be made fun like other lessons, and don’t fret, we have some tips and tricks that will help you get started. Now, these may not work for all of your students but as a home tutor, you will have to understand your students first to get a better idea of how you will be able to teach them.

1. Begin the lesson well

The lesson’s introduction dictates its progression and, by extension, its conclusion. Students will be more engaged in a lesson if the tutor engages them right away rather than having a dry start. For this reason, a significant portion of teaching is the lesson’s introduction. It not only establishes the tone of the class but also the lesson itself. Whatever the tutor chooses to perform at the start of the class ought to be interesting, enjoyable, and able to grab the students’ attention right away. This way, the tutor can use what they used to start the class to refocus the student’s attention or mood if it starts to waver during the lesson. If it directly connects to the day’s lesson, it will be much more helpful.

2. Use games and activities

Math doesn’t have to be the boring, sit-in-your-chair-all-day subject everyone thinks it to be. Tutors should also learn how to involve their students in the course to make math classes enjoyable for the students. The tutor can make learning enjoyable for the learner while maintaining their enthusiasm for the current lesson by utilizing the various math games and activities that are accessible. To ensure that the student will be able to apply the material being taught, these games can also serve as a reminder of the lessons that the tutor has already covered.

3. Repeat when necessary

Nobody said a student should master math in only one try, so nobody should hold them to that expectation. In reality, especially if they are disinterested in the subject or issue at hand, students may still nod off during class. Nonetheless, certain students could possess exceptional skills in disguising their lack of attention. As a result, they can overlook particular instructions from the tutor. For this reason, it’s crucial to go over your lessons’ main points again.

When a learner is attempting to comprehend a new idea or subject, repetition might be beneficial. Helping them grasp the main idea is crucial since they could become perplexed by the ways a notion can branch out or relate to another topic. A learner will have a better chance of comprehending the applications of math topics if they are a good repeater. In addition, the tutor has the option to go one step further and create a visual aid for the student to use throughout the class, such as a map or illustration of the subject.

4. Present them with options

The idea that students are just there to absorb knowledge is outdated. There has been a greater emphasis on student participation in lessons in recent years. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that allowing students to choose their own activities during class is another way to make math classes more enjoyable. Giving students options and allowing them to select the games or activities they wish to play helps them feel important and included in the process. Students also want to be heard.

Choices not only make the student feel important but they are also great motivators for the student as they see this as them becoming more independent and in control of their own choices.

5. Explain the importance of the lesson

It’s rather common for students to ask (whine, for some) how Math lessons can help them. Since some of these questions are from students who don’t see the importance of Math, home tutors must give a good explanation and help them see why Math is important. Explaining why the concept should matter and how they can use it in the future can increase their interest in learning more about the subject. And once the student gets interested, they will pay more attention than they did before.

Since they have already decided that math is something they are unlikely to use, nearly every child dislikes it. While some of this may be true, it is the tutor’s responsibility to make the student realize that math gets used more frequently in daily life than they realize. Assisting students in making connections between the ideas they are learning in math class and their everyday experiences can alter their perspective on the topic.

6. Add excitement and mystery

Students enjoy making guesses, especially the younger ones. This explains why younger students love playing some guessing games so much. Math lessons could take advantage of the same idea. For students, learning becomes monotonous if they already know everything. While maintaining organization when teaching is important, tutors can also infuse a little mystery to keep their students engaged and interested in the material. For instance, the tutor may occasionally include indications regarding a brand-new subject that will be covered in the upcoming lesson. Students will remain inquisitive and show greater interest in the new subject in this way.

7. Loosen up and also have fun

Teaching and tutoring are two fields that are no joke and given that they are careers that you have decided to pursue, it’s serious for you. However, just because a tutor is instructing students does not mean that they have to remain serious all the time. Although some people might be accustomed to a more conventional, quiet approach, that doesn’t have to be the case. Try telling a joke or two to reassure the student that it’s okay to have fun while learning. Students may learn more if they feel at ease with their tutor. If the tutor is strict, the students can become similar, and encouraging them to contribute more won’t work.


It’s no secret that a lot of students have unfavorable opinions about math. This may even occasionally be the reason they perform poorly in the course. They assume it will be too hard for them to answer before they have a chance to read the question. But it’s crucial for us as home tutors to let students know that there are simpler approaches to the material.

With the tips mentioned above, the subject may even be more fun and interesting. Given that the tutor keeps in mind that they should also avoid any Math teaching mistakes, as it can cause the student to get even more confused and possibly hate the subject, we hope that the tips above have given you some insight on how you can make lessons in Math more fun and engaging for your students.


Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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