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Singapore Home Tuition Market Rate

Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
Nursery 1 - Kindergarten 2$25-$30 per hour$35-$40 per hour$65-$70 per hour
Primary 1 - Primary 3$25-$35 per hour$35-$50 per hour$70-$80 per hour
Primary 4 - Primary 6$30-$40 per hour$40-$55 per hour$75-$90 per hour
Secondary 1 - Secondary 2$35-$45 per hour$45-$60 per hour$80-$100 per hour
Secondary 3 - Secondary 5$40-$50 per hour$45-$65 per hour$85-$105 per hour
Junior College 1 - Junior College 2$50-$60 per hour$60-$80 per hour$95-$130 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB)Grade 1-6$35-$45 per hour$45-$65 per hour$70-$125 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) Grade 7-10$40-$55 per hour$55-$75 per hour$90-$140 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70 per hour$70-$100 per hour$100-$150 per hour
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) 7-11$40-$50 per hour$50-$80 per hour$100-$150 per hour
Adult Classes$40-$60 per hour$65-$120 per hour-
Polytechnic / University$60-$80 per hour$80-$150 per hour-

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Primary school students do not pay as much attention to their studies.

They cannot fully and effectively grasp the concepts taught in their lessons and lack the ability to keep up with lessons in both school and tuition.

Students often struggle to memorize large amount of work given in primary schools.

Primary school students lack the ability to effectively answer questions. They find the problems challenging and are not aware of the methods to solve them.

They also fail to use effective answering techniques in exams and are scared to speak up about doubts and misconceptions in class due to fear of taunts from fellow peers.

They often make careless mistakes in their official exams and fail to complete their papers due to ineffective exam strategies.

Road Bumps Faced By Primary Level Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a Primary Level Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Shortlisting the Best Primary Level Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Primary Level Tutors

Ability to Engage Students in Interesting Lessons
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Passion and interest are very important when learning something and that is one thing that students lack most in Primary school. However, it is important to hire a private tutor who can engage your child in the subject and rise his interests in what is being taught. Furthermore, it is critical that your tutor follows the agreed upon timing for the session so as to keep a consistent help around for your son / daughter. Furthermore, finding a good tutor is very important and once you have found one who understand your child’s weaknesses and habits, it is important to hire them long term. This ensures that the tutor has a good connection with your son as well as knowing how to best teach him a particular concept. FamilyTutor aids all these requests by ensuring that you and your tutor are in direct communication so you can forward your expectations and needs and have a positive response I return.
Abilities and Credentials in Teaching Primary School Subjects
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When hiring private tutors, it is important that they are qualified to teach your child. This could either depend on whether the tutor is capable of generally teaching students or whether he has experience in teaching a particular subject. We at FamilyTutor agency engage with three types of tutors: MOE and NIE certified tutor, full-time and part-time tutors. MOE and NIE certified tutors are generally skilled and trained to teach students in the most effective manner possible whereas the other two categories have built their experience on teaching various students as well as acquiring a personal experience of clearing the requested subject. At FamilyTutor, we highly prioritize experience and qualifications. Furthermore, we ease your selection process by displaying all important characteristics of a tutor i.e. their experience in the field, their qualifications in teaching and their grades.
Ability to Teach Basic Fundamental Skills and Instill Learning Habits
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Primary school education teaches the basic concepts that a student will need throughout his further education and private tutors help student develop those concepts without leaving any misconceptions or doubts in the child’s mind. With consistent and undivided help, students are able to work on their weaknesses and solidify their concepts. Furthermore, tutors also help develop good learning habits in students such as reading and writing. Therefore, it is very important to find a tutor who can explain concepts according to your child’s learning style as well as design a schedule which best suits his education. FamilyTutor engages their clients with those tutors who have expansive knowledge of the basic skills taught in the MOE syllabus. Our tutors also focus upon a child’s weaknesses and learning styles and customize special schedules to effectively teach him/her. This will ensure that your child is able to learn and practice the basic skills and concepts effortlessly and that he is able to benefit the most in the short amount of time given.
Previous Experience in Teaching Primary School Students
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Even though the education system of Singapore is thoroughly linked through its connecting syllabus, it is very critical that you hire a tutor who is specifically trained to teach primary school students. The levels of depth in both content of the syllabus and the examination pattern varies in each level of education; hence, a trained or experienced tutor would know more of how to counter and ace these specific areas. Furthermore, looking for a tutor who has himself passed the same paper is also important, because experience enables a previous student to provide effective tips and tricks to ace the paper. Therefore, when looking for a primary school tutor, it is very important to look at their experience and their grades.
Keeping Up to Date with the Current Primary Level Syllabus
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The MOE syllabus is updated every six years, the alterations made are very important and crucial hence children must readily adapt to these new changes. However, it is the responsibility of primary school tutors to keep up to date with the changes made in the syllabus and teach concept according to it. Furthermore, with changes come different questions and exercises, tutors must be able to customize these exercises for their students and teach them effective exam strategies and answering techniques which follow the changed syllabus. With the detailed profiles provided by our agency, you will be able to hire tutors according to their experience which will govern whether the tutor is familiar with the new changes in the MOE syllabus.
Access to Primary School Notes and Additional Resources
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Primary school tutors have multiple resources up their sleeves which they have collected from previous students, newspapers, past papers, and book exercises. All of these accumulated resources are given to their new students to teach them a variety of concepts and methods. Such as with exercises, students can practice a topic they are weak on or with past papers, tutors can teach them various answering techniques which will reward them the highest marks. Our tutors at FamilyTutor agency are all about sharing their resources with your children to guarantee that their concepts are solidified, and their answers are top-notch.
Good Feedback from Previous Students
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The best primary school tutors have a strong list of testimonials collected from their previous students. By looking at these testimonials, you can highlight a tutor’s strengths and qualities. Furthermore, with good recommendations and feedback from multiple clients can guarantee that your child’s future will be in safe and trustworthy hands. We at FamilyTutor provide all testimonials a tutor has acquired throughout his years of teaching. Through these we guarantee that our tutors are safe and capable of teaching your child effectively.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a Primary Level Home Tutor?

  • The education system adapted and used in Singapore can be difficult and challenging. For a young child, to encounter this system can lead to high pressure and stress of adapting to the new environment and increased workload. However, with primary school tutors, this pressure can be eased as undivided attention is provided to clear any misconceptions or doubts your child may have. Hence private tuitions can simplify your child’s learning journey in primary school.
  • Primary schools are the first level which require students to take national examinations. Mastering these subjects for 6 years and then passing the PSLE’s will ensure that a child gets into good secondary schools and continue their education. Therefore, with proper and effective teaching acquired through tutors, children can be given good futures.
  • Primary school education is a must for all citizens and children living in Singapore unless the child is enrolled in a religious school, has special needs or is being homeschooled. Since that is the case, passing and studying for the exams is very important. Therefore, in mastering the subjects and acing the exams, primary school tutors can be of immense help.
  • Primary school teaches the basic fundamental concepts for each subject that will further be taught in higher levels. Mastering the basic concepts and skills in each subject is very important in order to graduate and study effectively in higher levels. Primary school tutors can ease this transition by teaching students the right concepts and clearing any doubts they may have before the course progresses too far.
  • The first years of education are essentially important, and they help in the comprehensive development of a child’s education. Developing skills and learning habits are a big part of this development. Hence through proper guidance and support of a Primary school tutor, students can develop good habits and important skills which will no doubt help them in their future studies.

Best Primary Level Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy Primary Level Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Primary Level Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 Primary Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Many Singaporean parents worry about their children’s education especially with the impending doom of passing the PSLE exams after 6 years, this is why our agency aims to assist the worrisome parents in providing home tutors for their children as per their given requirements. In light of this, we accommodate and recommend three types of tutors each having different experiences and qualifications in teaching Primary school students. Our MOE and NIE certified, full time and part time tutors have immense experience in helping your children acquire the basic foundational skills needed to fulfill syllabus objectives as well as helping them excel in their exams. We at FamilyTutor hope to provide you with trustworthy and committed tutors who will no doubt help safeguard and brighten your child’s future.

Primary education governs the importance of a student more than his gender of family background, as stated by The Guardian. Therefore, investing in your child’s early education is important in developing his learning habits and his ability to understand and learn more effectively. Do not waste time, contact our team today and find a suitable tutor as per your request.

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