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Amplified Interest And Comprehension of the Concepts of Chemistry Through a Thorough 1 to 1 Tuition From Experienced Chemistry Tutors

Customized Chemistry Learning Schedule and Teaching Style According To Different Student’s Needs and Abilities

Utilization of Extra Lesson Practices & Examination-Taking Techniques To Prepare For Chemistry Examinations

Access to References and Chemistry Study Guides from Prestigious Schools

Develop Tremendous Improvements and Progress in Chemistry Grades Through Nurturing of Comprehension and Application Skills

Simple and Easy to Grasp Explanation of Complicated Topics Such As Organic Chemistry From Over 10,000+ Chemistry Tutors

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Sec 3 - Sec 5$35-$45/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$90/hr
JC1 - JC2$50-$60/hr$55-$80/hr$80-$120/hr
IB Grade 1-6$30-$45/hr$35-$60/hr$70-$120/hr
IB Grade 7-10$35-$50/hr$40-$70/hr$75-$120/hr
IB Grade 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70/hr$65-$100/hr$85-$120/hr
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Students lack of basic understanding of Chemistry concepts such as organic Chemistry, biochemistry, electrolysis etc. They also have difficulty making equations and performing correct calculations in thermochemistry, reaction kinetics and the gaseous state

Chemistry students often lack the basic concepts and important differences between various formulas such as the empirical, molecular, and structural formulas.

Students face multiple problems in organic Chemistry and fail to explain its complex concepts such as chiral properties of a compound or the types of isomerism. They often find it challenging when balancing equations for equilibrium or redox reactions.

With the heavy memorization load, Chemistry students often fail to remember various physical properties of the given elements.

Due to lack of practice, most students fail to perform the various experimental methods in the paper and find it difficult when analyzing the different ions and gases present in the solution.

Students also show ineffective answering techniques and lack of proper keywords in answers often compromise their marks.

They lack of proper understanding in interpreting questions often lead to misconceptions in the answer and show poor management skills during papers lead to improper answers and an unfinished paper.

Most Chemistry students do not know how to use the given Data booklet when answering the questions in their paper.

Road Bumps Faced By Chemistry Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a Chemistry Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Most students do not enjoy studying Chemistry due to its long theoretical concepts which they have to memorize. However, our experienced tutors can enlighten their students with fun facts and real-world applications thus motivating them to study the subject more readily. This can enhance a student’s interest in the subject and their readiness and motivation to get good grades.

Most students cannot keep up with the pace that their schoolteachers teach in, therefore they have various doubts and misconceptions in many of their topics. However, with private tutors, your child’s doubts and problems can be handled on a daily basis. Furthermore, a learning schedule can be designed with regard to improving their weaknesses and learning gaps.

Most students often fail to score well in difficult subjects such as math and Chemistry. However, with the proper tutoring and guidance, once they start to score well in Chemistry, they gain confidence and motivation. This can indirectly help them in working hard for other subjects and activities in their school. Thus, a positive cycle is generated where the child gets good grades and hence is motivated to do better.

Chemistry is a hard and complex subject to master, with its various sections and formulas. However, our Chemistry tutors are very experienced in teaching many students and thus can highlight the reoccurring mistakes among those students and methods to rectify them. Furthermore, they have multiple resources that can help students in improving their concepts and practicing them as well. In addition to this, tutors can also recommend your children the most effective methods to use in their paper as well as tips and tricks that can get them the highest marks.

With their years of experience, Chemistry tutors know which topics are most difficult for students and hence can provide simpler methods and techniques to teach them to their students. Furthermore, they can craft various exercises to help their students in practicing for these difficult concepts and perfect them. Another important benefit of tutors is their mentorship to their students for subject combinations, University fields and career options they can opt for.

Shortlisting the Best Chemistry Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Chemistry Tutors

Capabilities and Expertise in Teaching Chemistry
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When looking for effective tutors, one should always look for those experienced in teaching Chemistry. Most recommended tutors do fit the criteria one way or the other, with MOE tutors you can find those trained by NIE to teach the subject according to the MOE Chemistry syllabus and objectives. Furthermore, part-time tutors hold their own personal experience of clearing the subject not long ago, thus still are clear of what to do and what not to do when studying for the paper. Lastly, Full-time tutors are experienced in teaching Chemistry as well as studying in a field closely related to the subject thus giving the advantage of knowing advanced concepts through which they can teach your child. We at FamilyTutor service engage excellent Chemistry tutors who are well-versed in the subject in its contents as well as highly capable of teaching your child.
Ability to Provide and Use Supplementary Learning Materials and Resources Effectively
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Most students fail to acquire good grades due to their lack of solving difficult concepts in Chemistry, this could be balancing equilibrium reactions, finding the mole, or even working out titration problems. However, private Chemistry tutors have various resources which can help their students additionally practice and perfect their concepts. These can be past papers, exercises, or questions from other schools. Furthermore, effective tutors can design their own custom notes and questions for the child’s additional help. We at FamilyTutor understand how important practice is for Chemistry hence we recommend tutors who have these resources and can provide them to your child.
Familiarity and Application of the Current MOE Syllabus
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When looking for an effective tutor, an important characteristic to look for is their familiarity and their contact with the MOE syllabus. Often times, the MOE syllabus is updated and altered to include drastic changes in different levels such as the introduction of complex calculator-based questions for primary school. And so, Adapting and working on these changes is very important for a child and their grades. Therefore, finding a tutor who is familiar with these changes and can help your child in developing those new skills would be very beneficial for his education. Furthermore, different levels in Chemistry such as H1 and H2 often have varying contents, hence a tutor should be familiar with the syllabus and should be capable of teaching your child the right content. Our agency, FamilyTutor, provides detailed profiles containing tutor’s qualifications and experiences, these can tell you exactly how adapted and engaged the tutor is with the MOE syllabus.
Determining Student's Weaknesses Immediately
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Your Chemistry tutor should be a pro at identifying your weaknesses and providing targeted help in order to improve them. Therefore, an important quality to look for in tutors is their ability to adapt this procedure in the first few lessons and hence design a schedule which would best help improve your weaknesses. Furthermore, most tutors are especially capable in this context due to their understanding of which topics are extremely difficult in Chemistry and thus making customized notes and practice questions which would benefit the student. The Chemistry tutors that FamilyTutor provides are well-versed in this procedure and experienced in identifying a student’s weaknesses and helping them improve in the most effective way.
Experience in Teaching Students of the Same Level
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While the Chemistry syllabus is taught throughout the years of a child’s school and education, it is important to look for a tutor who is specifically trained and experienced in teaching your child’s current level. This would enhance his capability of teaching the correct content as well as the right examination pattern. Hiring a junior college Chemistry tutor for a secondary school student would also be inefficient, as their contents and marking schemes are quite different. Therefore, hire a tutor who has sufficient experience teaching the level your child is currently in, this would ensure that your child is in safe hands and thus saving his grades from being jeopardized.
Good Reviews and Testimonies from Previous Students
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Our tutors are highly experienced and qualified, all of which is proved by the excellent testimonials they have received from previous students and clients. A good quality to look for when finding a suitable tutor is the presence of recommendations and positive feedback, these prove to be quite effective in informing newer clients of the tutor's strengths and abilities. Furthermore, they also show clients their capability in teaching your child as well. We at FamilyTutor recommend highly experienced tutors with good recommendation thus ensuring our clients that they are more than safe and capable of teaching your children.
Devoted and Committed in Teaching
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Unlike schools where students aren't given much attention, private tuition works on a teacher-student basis. When acquiring Chemistry tuition for your child, you need to be certain that the tutor can provide his full attention to your child as well as his education. Furthermore, other commitments must be thoroughly discussed with the tutor prior to finalizing the tuition arrangements i.e. long term and current commitment. The current commitment of the tutor is that they will fully devote themselves to the project, tutoring at the decided time slots as well as showing periodic improvements in the child’s education. Long term commitments are discussed solely for the benefit of the child, once a tutor and student relation is successfully established, the tutor can work according to the weaknesses of the student and his learning style while the student is free and comfortable to ask any problems. Therefore, it is beneficial for the child to keep the same tutor who can follow through with their further education as well as their current promised one. We at FamilyTutor recommend devoted and dedicated tutors who are fully committed to your student. Furthermore, we engage in effective communication between our clients and their tutors so both of their needs and expectation and heard as well as fulfilled accordingly.

You May Ask...

Why Get a Chemistry Home Tutor?

  • Like mathematics is a prerequisite needed for engineering majors, biology students suffer the same ordeal with Chemistry. Students who wish to pursue biology or medical in their further studies need to get a jump start on the basics of Chemistry. This is important because many topics in advanced biology are hard to understand without the basic concepts taught in Chemistry. A private tutor can help students counter the complex subjects so they are prepared and open to better career options.
  • Chemistry grades are very important to universities accepting students for medical or biochemistry, hence doing well is essential for a better future education. Hiring a private Chemistry tutor can aid in this process by helping the students study and get effective guidance in helping them improve their grades.
  • The advanced Chemistry taught in junior college is quite complex and difficult for most students. However, with a good basic foundation of junior-level Chemistry can ease the transition to more advanced topics.
  • A good benefit of Chemistry tutors would be their ability to help clear a student’s doubts and misconceptions consistently, this can help them to improve their grades and not fall behind in their course. Furthermore, a tutor can help the student counter all the difficult topics included in the course.

Best Chemistry Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy Chemistry Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Chemistry Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 Chemistry Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Our agency houses the best Chemistry tutors available in Singapore, each having their own unique qualifications and relevant experiences. We recommend tutors that best fit your needs and your child’s. While some of our tutors are MOE trained, others also have significant qualifications in teaching the correct concepts and accurate methods to your child. Our part-time tutors, for instance, have personal experience of attempting the paper in the past years while our full-time tutors are Chemistry graduates thus enhancing their complex understanding of the subject hence making them more than capable to help your child. Indicated and proved by the multiple testimonials they have acquired; you can be rest-assured that engaging with our tutors is safe and effective for your child’s education. Don’t waste time!! Hire from FamilyTutor today and find a perfect tutor for your child.

Chemistry is an essential subject for a child’s education as said by the University of Wisconsin. They believe that this subject with its use of other subjects is highly important for a child’s scientific skills. Furthermore, Chemistry can teach students many important skills which they will no doubt need when they get older.

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