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Gain Deeper Understanding and Insights into Physics and Receive Discourse Beyond the Textbook Explanations

Receive Expert Step-By-Step Mathematical Calculations and Application Lessons from Professional Tutors Who Majored in Physics

Gain Access to Tutor’s Compilation of Summarized Notes, Learning Materials, and Past Year’s Exam Papers from Other Schools

Receive Expert Techniques on Mark Allocations and Schedule Extra Physics Lessons for Last Minute Clarifications before Exams

See Improvement in Your Physics Academic Grades at Your Own Pace and in the Comfort and Safety of Your Own Home

Personalized Visualization Aids and Simpler Explanations for Difficult Topics like Kinematics and Quantum Physics

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Students lack of proper understanding of concepts which involve visualizing “invisible objects” such as the forces acting on a car or quantum Physics.

Students often find the principles and laws of Physics difficult and confusing thus cannot explain them well.

They also use ineffective revision techniques such as revising important definitions usually cost children their marks.

Students often find it confusing memorizing the multiple equations and formulas in their course hence face difficulty when using them in their exams. Physics students often face multiple problems with concepts and how to solve their particular questions.

Physics students usually forget to convert the base units during their calculations. They make careless mistakes in their paper hence compromising their marks.

Most students do not have a good foundation in most of their mathematical concepts such as trigonometry, derivation and integration hence causing problems in their calculations and have trouble understanding Physics questions and lack effective answering techniques to provide high scoring answers.

Questions in exams often have multiple parts. Due to lack of practice, students get stuck in one of those parts resulting in an overall bad effect on their marks.

Most Physics students do not focus on their practical skills such as setting up the apparatus, recording data, drawing a graph and the best-fit line.

Road Bumps Faced By Physics Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a Physics Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Shortlisting the Best Physics Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Physics Tutors

Qualifications in Teaching and Proficiency in the Physics Subject
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An important quality to search for in potential tutors you wish to hire is their ability to teach Physics. The subject is complex and difficult and so only trained or experienced teachers can convey its concepts effectively. We at FamilyTutor engage with various Physics home tutors having different experiences and qualifications. Our recommended MOE tutors are specially trained by the NIE in teaching the various Physics concepts according to the MOE syllabus and the examination criteria. Furthermore, our full-time and part-time tutors are often Physics undergraduates who have an undying passion for the subject. We recommend tutors who are more than capable to teach your child their current Physics content and ensuring nothing but grade improvements with their help. To keep up to mark, we at FamilyTutor hire and recommend tutors that have acquired a grade A2 or even higher, this ensures that they are capable and well-versed with their Physics knowledge to pass it on to your child.
Determining Students' Weaknesses Quickly
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With years of experience, a tutor comes across certain information that can apply to many students they teach later on. A good example of this would be the ability to identify a child’s weaknesses as quickly as possible, through which effective targeted lessons can be introduced to help the child improve on his step backs. Furthermore, Physics home tutors also come to pinpoint which lessons most students have trouble grasping, hence they can be prepared with customized notes and materials which will help the students learn the concepts with more ease. To conclude, with the undivided attention provided to your child, tutors can effectively work on them and any learning gaps they may have as well as providing them customized questions and notes for their benefit. We at FamilyTutor recommend tutors who have years of experience making them good enough to teach their students as effectively as possible. Furthermore, our tutors are well-versed in how to identify children’s weaknesses and provide them with the help that they need.
Familiarity and Keeping Up to Date with the Latest MOE Syllabus
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The MOE syllabus is consistently changing, where each alteration made, gravely affects a child’s grade if they are not considered and worked upon. Hence a constant worry for Singaporean parents is finding a tutor for their child who is familiar with all changes made in the MOE syllabus as well as having the ability to derive effective techniques to adapt to them. MOE Physics teachers are consistently attending seminars regarding the course, this would prove their capability to teach your child according to the updated syllabus. Furthermore, the retired MOE tutors that our agency recommends are in contact with their colleagues and peers to keep up to date with those same changes. It should also be noted that our Full-time and part-time tutors research these changes as well as having personal experience of being a student themselves, therefore ensuring our clients that FamilyTutor home tutoring agency selects and recommends tutors who are familiar with latest MOE syllabus hence enhancing their capability of teaching your child. Our agency aims to provide detailed profiles for each of our recommended tutors which include their qualifications and relation with the MOE syllabus.
Commitment and Devotion to Improving Students' Learning
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Commitment is a very important aspect to look for in potential tutors for your child. Suitable tutors are able to fit your child and are willing to work on them consistently. Furthermore, parents need to look for tutors who are proper in their timings and do not unnecessarily miss days because this can cause inconsistency in the child’s education. Furthermore, the tutor being hired should be committed to the duration that is discussed and does not intend on leaving in between. It should be noted that long-term commitment is especially important, once your child has developed a good understanding with his tutor and can freely ask questions, hiring the same tutor for his further studies would be quite beneficial for him. Our agency houses and recommends committed and devoted tutors who wish nothing but the best for your child. We also provide effective communication between the tutor and the client prior to finalizing the arrangements, this helps in discussing important problems such as long-term commitment as well as their dedication in the given year.
Prior Experience in Teaching the Same Subject to Students of the Same Level
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When looking for a tutor, it is very critical to find one who has either current or past experience teaching the exact level and subject that is being requested. Most Tutors know the ins and outs of the MOE syllabus, it's linking throughout the year’s as well as its increasing difficulty. However, with each level, the content and the examination pattern change, hence, only tutors with specific experience of that level will be able to provide effective tuition to their clients. An example could be combined Physics and pure Physics, while both of them have relatively the same content, they still differ in how the questions are marked in the official paper. Therefore, finding a tutor with experience in teaching the requested field is important as the tutor is more aware of what and what not to do. Furthermore, they can also highlight common mistakes and topics most students find difficulty in and help improve on them greatly. Our agency, FamilyTutor, ensures to recommend and provide only those tutors who have sufficient experience in tutoring students of the requested subject at the particular level to guarantee that the child learns the right content and the right pattern for his upcoming paper.
Ability to Provide Additional Learning Resources and Materials for Physics
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An essential right that students have is to ask for additional material from their tutors which could help them practice, memorize and revise their concepts in Physics. Tutors, often with their years of experience and teaching children, come to acquire resources such as past papers, revision sheets, practice questions and many more. Some tutors are even self-efficient and design their own notes and exercises which best help the student they are teaching. Such resources can increase a student’s exposure to a variety of questions as well as letting them practice answering techniques and time management skills that will no doubt help them in their official paper. We at FamilyTutor do good on our promise of recommending those tutors who have access to various types of resources. Furthermore, we ease your selection process by listing this as a characteristic in their tutor profiles.
Complication of Recommendations from Previous Tutees
Read More
FamilyTutor recommends and selects only the best tutors of Singapore. But how do we find the best? Each tutor with its successful client receives positive feedback, this is collected in his list of testimonials and proven to be good deciding points for newer clients. Our tutors have multiple positive recommendations, through this, we ensure that they are capable and effective and are more than able of showing good improvements in your child and his education. We at FamilyTutor specifically point out a tutor's recommendations and testimonials and make sure our clients know how truly capable our recommended tutors are.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a Physics Home Tutor?

  • A basic understanding of what is going on around us is very important and Physics adds a great deal to this understanding. Therefore, understanding Physics concepts such as electricity, forces and waves can add a great deal to a child’s understanding thus preparing him for real-world scenarios.
  • Physics encourages good problem solving and analytical skills, all of which are very important in a child’s future life. Thus, with effective tuition, students can adapt these skills and use them both in their papers as well as in later life. Furthermore, these skills open up diverse career options for students in university thus having those certain skills them can only pave a brighter path for their future and adult life.
  • Physics deals with complex and challenging concepts, each with their own solutions and tricks. When studying alone, students often miss important information that they will need when solving questions or practicing. However, with hiring a private tutor, the student is given expert guidance as well as acquiring certain tips and tricks to work about questions, tricks that are developed through experience. Hence tutors can help students counter these challenging topics and help them in acing their official paper.
  • The difficulty level of Physics increases as the year’s progress, thus acquiring Physics tuition in the early years can be quite beneficial for a student in the long run. When a student solidifies the basics of Physics in his beginning years of education, he will easily understand more advanced topics when the time comes. Thus, acquiring Physics tuition can ease this transition of simpler concepts in primary school to complex concepts in junior college.
  • Physics concepts deal with the natural phenomena’s that occur in our day-to-day life, hence enhancing their importance in fields such as Engineering, Medical, Physics, and Astronomy. These fields deal with real-life applications of the Physics concepts. Therefore, if a student does wish to study in such fields, the subject is very important for their further education as well as the grades they achieve.

Best Physics Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy Physics Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Physics Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 Physics Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

FamilyTutor houses the best Physics home tutors in Singapore, ranging from MOE & NIE trained, full time and part-time tutors. All of our recommended tutors are immensely experienced in the subject and have various qualifications to show for it. It should be noted that some of your committed tutors have a personal attachment to the field hence you can expect a great level of devotion from them which will also be passed on to your child. For example, our MOE and NIE trained specialists have quality training in how to teach a child Physics according to the MOE syllabus. Thus, we reassure our new clients that our recommended tutors are highly experienced and trained in this regard and guarantee nothing short of A’s for children. Engage with our agency today and find a tutor most suitable to you and your child’s needs.

Physics is a subject highly regarded by most universities, its concepts and practicality equip a child for his higher and more difficult education. Cornell University believes that this subject test the collective knowledge of students be it in mathematical concepts, physical applications to their problem solving and analysing techniques. Don’t waste time, invest in your child’s future by hiring an experienced and qualified tutor from FamilyTutor home tutoring agency.

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