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The GCE O-Level examination, following Cambridge Assessment International Education, is a prestigious national examination for secondary school students as well as private candidates. For students studying in Singapore secondary schools and taking O Levels, it pretty much is the deciding factor of students’ post-secondary education paths! This holds a great percentage of importance as they embark on their next phase of life. Having to decide whether they would like to head to ITE/Polytechnic or Junior College on top of tackling with the rigorous curricula might call for some guided assistance especially in such a crucial year, hence a Private Tutor in Singapore might do the job!

From Struggling to Coping

Firstly, one of the most common problems O Level students face is struggling with hectic school life and curriculum. Be it being in the Express Stream or Normal Academic Stream, the O Level Subjects have a wide range of requirements and syllabi. Not only that, students in secondary school are welcomed with a myriad of fun exciting co-curricular activities which might accidentally result in them struggling due to the lack of effective time management. This is why having an O Level Private Tutor in Singapore might help as there would be a dedicated amount of time during O Level Private Tuition for the child to really focus on what they need to know and keep up. Instead of struggling, FamilyTutor hopes that 1-to-1 O Level Home Tuition will allow O Level students to be able to cope with school and have a neat balance between both work and play!

From Worrying to Enjoying

Secondly, another usual problem O Level students struggle with would be the problem of worrying. What if I fail Advanced Mathematics? What if I don’t have enough time for the POA examination? What if I can’t finish revising and memorizing all my Biology content in time? The worst thing about worrying is that it wastes a lot of precious time which could have been SPENT STUDYING! When the mind goes wondering about all the possibilities, it might seem like just a few moments but in reality, it’s almost a very long time. Hence, 1-to-1 O Level Home Tuition in Singapore is meant to keep the students on track and instead of worrying and worrying, FamilyTutor wishes for all O Level students to enjoy the process. Yes, it might seem difficult to do so, but really, with expert guidance from an our Private Tutors in Singapore, you would be able to stay on task and realise that learning can also be so much fun! Worry less, and do more instead!

From Comparing to Focusing

Thirdly, a very very very depressing problem that O Level students might face would be the act of comparing, especially with others. As an O Level Home Tuition Agency in Singapore who keeps up with ever-changing societal issues, FamilyTutor understands that the discussion of grades might be a very hot topic amongst students, families, and friends nowadays. While in their teenage years, students succumb most to the activity of comparing and really lack the focus on what exactly is important! O Level Home Tuition in Singapore might just be a great environment for the child to not only focus, but receive a timely wake-up call that comparing wouldn’t improve one’s grades. Only with hard work and consistent effort will students be able to truly do well, supported by the help of private tutoring.

From Personal Failure to Personal Best

Lastly, something that should definitely be avoided would be the feeling of having failed as you walk out of the examination hall. No student deserves to experience that kind of overwhelming shame and defeat, and perhaps even regret and remorse. That’s why, to ensure that these students walk out in confidence knowing that they did their best, we should provide them with all the guidance and help they require. This means having an O Level Private Tutor in Singapore to be the source of light in the darkness through O Level Home Tuition, helping students pick themselves up and regain confidence slowly but surely through continued, suitably-paced, personally-tailored progressive practices. In essence, concerned O Level Home Tuition Agencies in Singapore like FamilyTutor want to make sure that dejection is never in a child’s vocabulary.

We provide O Level Home Tuition in Singapore for students of all abilities, backgrounds and needs. Hop on, we won’t leave you out!



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