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Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
Nursery 1 - Kindergarten 2$25-$30 per hour$35-$40 per hour$65-$70 per hour
Primary 1 - Primary 3$25-$35 per hour$35-$50 per hour$70-$80 per hour
Primary 4 - Primary 6$30-$40 per hour$40-$55 per hour$75-$90 per hour
Secondary 1 - Secondary 2$35-$45 per hour$45-$60 per hour$80-$100 per hour
Secondary 3 - Secondary 5$40-$50 per hour$45-$65 per hour$85-$105 per hour
Junior College 1 - Junior College 2$50-$60 per hour$60-$80 per hour$95-$130 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB)Grade 1-6$35-$45 per hour$45-$65 per hour$70-$125 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) Grade 7-10$40-$55 per hour$55-$75 per hour$90-$140 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70 per hour$70-$100 per hour$100-$150 per hour
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) 7-11$40-$50 per hour$50-$80 per hour$100-$150 per hour
Adult Classes$40-$60 per hour$65-$120 per hour-
Polytechnic / University$60-$80 per hour$80-$150 per hour-

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Students are overwhelmed by the amount of content they need to study within two years.

Students often fail to give time to study their Chemistry syllabus due to other commitments. They struggle to grasp difficult concepts in their syllabus i.e. chemical bonding and equilibrium.

They fail to understand questions and perform accurate calculations in thermodynamics and reaction kinetics. Students find it challenging to balance and construct equations in topics such as redox and equilibrium.

They struggle in organic Chemistry along with drawing its many molecules. They also struggle with Inorganic Chemistry, due to lack of understanding students fail to find the chiral center in the given compounds.

Students find it hard to plan and execute accurate chemical experiments related to purification and identification of ions and gases. They lack proper understanding and command of important concepts, therefore cannot explain them clearly in their answers.

They do not know how to use the given data booklet for their answers. They struggle to complete their paper in time due to ineffective exam strategies.

Road Bumps Faced By H2 Chemistry Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a H2 Chemistry Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Shortlisting the Best H2 Chemistry Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These H2 Chemistry Tutors

Access to Summarized Chemistry Notes and Previous Year Papers
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To ace their A-Level Chemistry exams, students need to have a strong command over their concepts and their applications. This is achieved through multiple hours of practice. Therefore, when looking at an H2 Chemistry tutor, it is critical to find one who can provide your child with additional practice material to help them perfect the application of their concepts. This also increases their understanding of how to attempt questions in their paper. Furthermore, tutors can provide their students with study notes to help with their last-minute revision for their Chemistry paper. FamilyTutor understands how important practice is for Chemistry students and therefore we recommend and pinpoint those tutors who can provide these resources to your child.
Commitment and Continuous Dedication to Teaching
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An important quality to look for in potential 1-to-1 home tutors is their commitment to teaching your child. If a teacher is not committed, they would habitually miss lessons and in some cases leave the project altogether. This inconsistency has a negative impact on the child’s education. However, committed tutors are dedicated to helping your child in H2 Chemistry as well as bringing out his most confident self. Therefore, look for a tutor who can abide by the decided timing for sessions as well as the duration of the project. FamilyTutor especially aids communication between its clients and their potential tutors. This is done so expectations and commitment issues can be discussed and finalized before the tuition arrangements are made.
Capability and Effective Method in Teaching H2 Chemistry
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There are various categories of tutors in Singapore such as MOE tutors, Part-time tutors and full time-time tutors. No matter their qualification or testimonials, it is important to look for a tutor who is capable of teaching the H2 Chemistry syllabus as well as the A-Level examination pattern. This can be judged by thoroughly examining a tutors experience as well as their academic qualifications. FamilyTutor recommends tutors who have strictly mastered from a Chemistry related program i.e. BioChemistry or chemical engineering. Furthermore, we also list the tutor’s academic qualifications and any important grades in their tutor profiles to ease your selection process.
Ability to Explain Complex Chemistry Concepts in Understandable Terms
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The concepts taught in H2 Chemistry are possibly the most advanced and complex concepts in all of the A-Levels subjects. They require visualization and understanding before they can be applied for further use. However, most students cannot understand these concepts with the fast teaching pace in their schools. When looking for a private tutor, it is essential to find one who is committed to teaching these concepts at the child’s learning pace. Furthermore, tutors are known experts of simplifying complex concepts into small pieces of data that the students can easily grasp. FamilyTutor recommends the best 1-to-1 home tutors in Singapore, therefore they are especially helpful when it comes to teaching students complex concepts through effective and simple ways. Furthermore, we also include tutors past student improvements to ensure parents of their effectiveness.
References and Remarks from Previous Students
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Tutors having strong testimonials have a stronger chance of getting hired by clients. As the testimonials showcase a tutors strengths in Chemistry as well as their capability and effectiveness in improving grades, they can be good deciding points when hiring a tutor. Furthermore, testimonials can ensure clients that the tutor is safe to hire and that your child’s future can be entrusted in their hands. FamilyTutor indicates tutors who have a very strong testimonial base. This helps to ease your selection process as the tutor with most testimonials is most effective in improving grades.
Up to Date with the Current MOE Syllabus and Curriculum
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The MOE syllabus is altered and updated every few years thus the H2 Chemistry syllabus also suffers drastic changes in its content and examination criteria. An important quality to look for in an effective tutor is their knowledge about the MOE syllabus as well as their ability to teach according to these changes. This is reassurance for worrisome parents that their children are learning the right content and are fully prepared by the time of their A-Level Chemistry exam. FamilyTutor understands the struggle of finding an effective tutor, therefore we provide extreme details about a tutors qualifications and experience so parents can carefully select those familiar with the MOE syllabus and can teach their child with high regard to the syllabus.

You May Ask...

Why Hire an H2 Chemistry Home Tutor?

  • Chemistry private home tutors are well-versed in identifying a child’s weaknesses and providing targeted lessons to help improve on them. Therefore, with hiring private tutors, you can be ensured that you are fully prepared for your A-Level Chemistry exam.
  • Chemistry concepts are applied in Biology as well. Therefore to understand Biology concepts easily, it is important to have a strong command over your H2 Chemistry concepts. With the help of private tutors, you can achieve good grades as well as an easier transition between Chemistry to biology.
  • H2 Chemistry includes highly complex concepts and complicated questions. To ensure that you achieve an A in your A-Levels, a strong command over these concepts and their applications is extremely necessary. Private tutors can help achieve an A by teaching these concepts to students in much simpler ways.
  • To enter undergraduate courses that are related to the field of Chemistry, students need to have good grades in their A-Level H2 Chemistry paper. To ensure that you have good grades, private tutors provide immense help in preparing you for your final paper.

Best H2 Chemistry Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy H2 Chemistry Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides H2 Chemistry Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 H2 Chemistry Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Chemistry has been a difficult hurdle that most students struggle to pass. FamilyTutor empathizes with the struggling students and therefore provides Chemistry home tuition to help improve grades along with paving a way for a brighter future. We provide expert help through our effective tutors who are highly experienced and qualified in teaching Chemistry concepts. Furthermore, we have a very positive track record of students improving their grades with the help of our Chemistry private home tutors. So don’t waste time, the earlier your start, the better you can improve. Contact our team today and find a suitable tutor with the help of FamilyTutor.

The University of Wisconsin believes that Chemistry is an essential subject to learn. It has a close relation to the processes that occur in our day-to-day lives, therefore students need to have a better understanding of its concepts. Furthermore, since it is considered a central science, its concepts help to understand other science subjects and acquire better grades. Improve your understanding of the world around you with the help of H2 Chemistry home tuition.

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