How to Support Your Child’s Home Tutor

These days, home tuition is so widespread that almost all students have considered it at some point. Nearly no one hasn’t considered hiring a home tutor for their child in our constantly changing and competitive culture. To assist their children in catching up academically and enhancing what they have learned in class, parents who want the best for their kids and support them do so by hiring home tutors or enrolling them in tuition centers.

However, as much as parents would want to leave the responsibility of developing their children’s academic skills to these tutors, it is, in actuality, a group effort. Parents have to work together with the tutors they have engaged for their child as much as they have to work with their kid’s teachers in school. They may leave the actual teaching to the experts but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to support them in the journey with their child.

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Why should parents support their child’s tutor?

Because home tutors are so convenient, many parents could overlook or just be ignorant of the proper etiquette when working with their home tutor. This may also result in other incidents like disagreements between the student and the home tutor or between the parents and the tutor, which may cause the tutors to become disinterested in teaching the student and to withdraw from their assigned student. Many parents are unaware of the behaviors that could lead to a dispute with their child’s home tutor.

There are several steps you can take to keep your connection with your child’s home tutor positive and productive, which will eventually benefit your child and to stop the things mentioned above from happening.

How to support your child’s tutor?

1. Show your child’s tutor you trust them

When parents engage home tutors, especially for the first time, it’s quite typical and reasonable for them to feel nervous. People could question whether or not hiring a home teacher is a decent use of their hard-earned money and whether they are making a wise investment. But you should take a risk and have faith that your child will receive assistance from the home tutor in every manner possible.

This is another reason it’s critical that parents conduct in-depth research on home tuition, various home tuition providers, and tuition centers. Given the abundance of home tutoring services and home tuition providers in Singapore, it makes sense that things could occasionally become too much to handle. Because of this, it’s even more crucial that they thoroughly investigate the tutor’s reputation and get to know them before choosing to hire them. They would gain more knowledge about the home tutor and experience greater confidence in their decision.

Knowing the home tutor will also give them an idea of the type of instruction their child will receive. They can also use this opportunity to tell the home tutor about their child, including whether or not they need extra help with a particular subject or need to improve their motivation or focus.

Parents can also ask their child for comments after the lesson if they would like to know more about their child’s development and the success of the home tutor they have hired. In this manner, you would be able to hear what your child has to say and gain insight into how the tutoring is helping them, rather than watching their classes very carefully like a hawk. It’s important to keep in mind that skipping lessons can give the impression that parents are helicopter parents, which could be upsetting to both the home tutor and the student. They may find this to be highly distracting as well.

Some parents may wish to witness the home tutor in action during the tuition lessons, and although some tutors are okay with it, the last thing a parent should do is stop the home tutor in the middle of a lesson. Both the child and the home tutor may find that to be extremely disrespectful and disturbing. Parents should wait until after tuition is over and speak with the home tutor privately if they have any concerns, rather than making needless remarks if the home tutor grants a request for a sit-in.

2. Talk to the home tutor with respect

Every individual has feelings and should be treated with dignity, and this is very much the same for home tutors, whose mission is to assist your child in achieving their academic objectives. Just like everyone else, they may suffer hurtful words or actions from parents that come across as rude or unpleasant. Many parents can even become so demanding of their home tutor that they fail to realize how difficult the work of tutoring really is.

When teaching a student, a tutor needs to take a lot of factors into account. Additionally, they must ensure that the child’s problems may all be addressed and resolved. They are responsible for coming up with a plan and implementing it to help them reach their objectives. When parents are overly demanding or expect children to perform things without taking into account other variables, it can be stressful for both the home tutor and the student.

Keep in mind that a large number of these home teachers are also experts in their fields and professionals. A large number of them work as teachers or are aspiring teachers. They have devoted several hours to their job path’s preparation. If you have any feedback for them, please make sure to frame it politely because they are helping your child. While doing so, be sure to practice effective communication as well.

3. Parent and discipline your own child

While helping students with their academics is the primary responsibility of a home tutor, they may also be able to assist with other lessons like time management and taking good notes. But it is the parents’ duty to parent and discipline their own children.

It is important to teach children to respect their home tutors. Make sure your child treats their home tutor with the highest regard. Parents should be in charge of disciplining their children and offering an apology to the home tutor if the tutor has informed them that their child was impolite during class. Even though it is regrettable that home tutors do frequently endure verbal abuse from their students, parents should take matters into their own hands.

A child who lacks motivation to study may benefit from tutoring, but in the end, they are still responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Some kids exhibit disobedience when it comes to finishing their assigned homework or other school-related chores. Regretfully, this will have consequences for both the student and the home tutor. Parents should be in charge of disciplining their children if they are aware that these circumstances may occur. Parents might do this by ensuring that their child has finished any required homework or tasks prior to the tuition sessions to ensure that tuition is more effective.

4. Avoid contacting tutors after work hours

Typically, home tutors give their contact details to the parents of the students they are working with. When parents have worries or inquiries concerning their children, they can use this. Occasionally, parents who want to know how their child is doing in tuition can also use this. Parents shouldn’t take advantage of this and disturb home tutors outside of their working hours, even though it is a convenient way to interact with them.

Tutors should have the freedom to enjoy their free time since they are people with lives outside of education. Parents and students should make it clear what they need during tuition sessions as they are paying them for that time. If parents or students have any concerns, they should make sure to speak with their home tutor with regards to the best time to contact them and respect their boundaries if they don’t want to be contacted on their time off.

5. Make payments on time

Some people make tutoring their full-time job, and they depend on their income. Paying employees is the employer’s responsibility, just like in any other job. Similarly, parents opting for home tuition should be upfront and timely with payments to both the tuition agency or center as well as the tutor they engaged with. If making late payments turns into a habit, your home tutor may terminate your assignment, or the home tuition agency or center may put you on a blacklist.

6. Refrain from demanding immediate results

Unfortunately, there’s not much chance that your child will benefit from immediate outcomes in terms of understanding their academics. Despite their sincere desire for their students to succeed right away, tutors are simply human, thus success will not come easily. Retaining information is a methodical process, and before going on to the next topic, home tutors assist your child in making sure they comprehend the material completely. Other things to think about, such as a lack of ambition and focus, could potentially prevent them from improving. It’s going to take time.


There is a famous saying about taking an entire village to raise a child, and in a way, this is correct and reflective even in modern times. Parents can depend on home tutors and teachers to make sure their children get the optimal guidance they can possibly get in order to make it through their academic journey toward a bright future. However, they shouldn’t solely rely on them and also have to take part in supporting their children and their educators.


Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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