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Delve into the feedback from our former JC Math students and uncover how our tuition programmes have facilitated their comprehension of Mathematics, empowering them on their academic journey.
Teaching Experience and Ample Professional Qualifications
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There are various types of home tutors that you can engage with for your JC Math Tuition; MOE & NIE home tutors, part-time home tutors, and full-time home tutors. MOE home tutors are specially trained to teach students JC Math with respect to the latest MOE syllabus. Whereas part-time and full-time home tutors have sufficient teaching experience as well as personal experience clearing the subject or teaching in a field that uses the concepts taught in JC Math i.e. Engineering and Statistics. When hiring a tutor, it is critical to look at their qualifications and teaching experiences, this proves their capability to teach your child. At FamilyTutor, we provide the needed qualifications and experiences of a tutor within their tutor profiles. This is to help ease your selection process in finding a suitable tutor.
Passion and Commitment to Teaching
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Irrespective of the subject and level you are requesting tuition for, the dedication and commitment of a tutor to you and your studies is especially important. Since math is strictly a problematic paper, a student must know how to apply their concepts in questions as well as be able to derive an accurate answer. This requires good judgment which comes from lots of practice. Therefore, an important quality to search for in a potential JC Math tutor is his commitment to helping you practice and perfect all your concepts and thus be able to correctly use them in your paper. Therefore, communication between you and your tutor is critical so issues such as project duration and the session timings can be discussed. We at FamilyTutor understand how important communication is between the two parties. Therefore, we arrange this communication between a potential JC Math tutor and the client so both parties are aware of the other's expectations and needs.
Prior Experience Teaching Students of the Same Level and Syllabus
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The concepts taught in JC Math are advanced and difficult to grasp for most students. Hence when looking for a tutor for your child, you need to hire one who has sufficient experience teaching the subject to other students. This experience gives them immense knowledge of the content being taught and especially how to teach in a manner which is easily understood by students. Furthermore, home tutors also come to know the difficult topics in the syllabus as well as the common mistakes students make, thus making it easier to highlight and improve weak areas as well as to rectify mistakes so they don’t occur in the official paper. At FamilyTutor we responsibly provide a home tutors experience in their profiles so parents can decide for themselves the tutor’s suitability with the syllabus as well as their child. Furthermore, we specifically try to recommend home tutors with current or prior experience of teaching the requested level.
Familiarity and Keeping Up with the Current A-Level Syllabus
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It is no secret that the MOE syllabus changes every few years so that it provides a perfect education for a child in order to nurture him for the real world. These changes are made for each subject and thus affect both its content and the examination criteria. Therefore, when looking for an effective tutor, an important quality to search for is their familiarity and knowledge of the latest MOE syllabus. This quality will prove that they can correctly prepare your child for the exam they are about to give. Hence an effective tutor will know the right content of A-Level Maths as well as how students will be marked in the paper. Our agency understands how important these examinations are for students in Singapore. Therefore, FamilyTutor recommends only the best home tutors to help them in their A-Level Math, home tutors who are specially trained or have a close relationship with the MOE syllabus. Furthermore, we also provide detailed profiles containing home tutors’ qualifications and experiences through which parents can carefully examine a tutor’s knowledge of the syllabus.
Spotting Students' Weaknesses and Determining Ways for Them to Improve
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An important quality to have and look for in a tutor is their swiftness in highlighting your child’s weaknesses as well as carrying out effective methods to help improve on them. A tutor who can follow this procedure often takes to improve on these weaknesses through the year which leads to a huge grade improvement. Furthermore, most home tutors provide targeted help to their students, thus improving their step backs so they are more confident and can correctly apply their concepts in the paper. Our recommended JC Math home tutors have spent years teaching and improving their student’s grades. They are well-informed of how to identify a child’s learning gaps within the first few lessons as well as how to improve on these gaps. Furthermore, we also provide testimonials and previous student’s improvements, so the parent can carefully select from our effective pool of home tutors.
Ability to Provide Additional Learning Resources, Materials, and Practice Papers
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Since Math focuses on the application of concepts, heavy practice is required for a student to ace this paper. However, the resources provided in schools are limited and thus students cannot effectively practice all their concepts in time to use them correctly in their paper. Therefore, when hiring a tutor for your child’s JC Maths, ensure that the tutor hired has the ability to give your child extra study materials which will help in their practice. Furthermore, effective home tutors often customize their own resources such as topical questions, mind maps and formula sheets, all of which can be extremely helpful if used correctly. FamilyTutor engages and recommends high-quality home tutors who are extremely experienced and have such resources in their possession. Furthermore, FamilyTutor also pinpoints to clients the home tutors that can provide these resources to their child.
Recommendations and Testimonials from Previous Students
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The best JC Math home tutors in Singapore often have a large testimonial base which displays their many strengths and their effectiveness in teaching. These testimonials can be considered as recommendations from previous clients to newer clients. Furthermore, with the help of testimonials, clients can be ensured that the tutor is safe to engage with as well as having a positive track record in improving many children’s grades. FamilyTutor caters to their client's requirements, therefore, we strictly indicate which home tutors have testimonials and which don’t. Furthermore, we also provide their testimonials in their profiles in hopes to ease your selection process for a JC Math tutor.



At FamilyTutor, we cover the H1 Math syllabus set by the MOE in our JC Math tuition, which comprises three principal content strands: Functions and Graphs, Calculus, and Probability and Statistics. The syllabus is tailored to furnish students with a fundamental understanding of Mathematics and Statistics that will underpin their university studies in business or social sciences. Additionally, students will be introduced to fundamental statistical methods that are indispensable for pursuing studies in business and social sciences


Our JC Math tuition classes also cover the H2 Mathematics curriculum set by the MOE, which encompasses six key content strands: Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Vectors, Introduction to Complex Numbers, Calculus, and Probability and Statistics. H2 Math aims to equip students with a solid grounding in Mathematics that is crucial for pursuing various university courses, such as Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and related fields. It fosters critical thinking and reasoning abilities that are fundamental for further advancement in mathematics. 


1. Ability to Provide Additional Learning Resources, Materials, and Practice Papers

Since Math focuses on the application of concepts, heavy practice is required for a student to ace this paper. However, the resources provided in schools are limited, and thus students cannot effectively practise all their concepts in time to use them correctly in their A-Level exam papers. Therefore, our tuition services engage and recommend high-quality JC Math tutors who are extremely experienced and have such resources in their possession. Furthermore, we also pinpoint to clients the home tutors that can provide these resources to their children.

2. Guidance and Support with School Work and Exam Preparations

When you enrol in our private JC Math tuition, you can expect guidance and support with your schoolwork and exam preparations. Our experienced and qualified tutors will help you understand the concepts, provide you with additional resources, and assist you in practising exam-style questions. They will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a personalised study plan that suits your needs and pace.

3. Private and Online Tuitions

We offer private and online JC Math tuition to cater to your preferences and schedule. Our private tuition allows for one-on-one sessions with your tutor, providing you with focused attention and a personalised learning experience. We also offer online tuition, which is flexible and convenient, allowing you to attend classes from the comfort of your own home.

4. Familiarity and Keeping Up with the Current A-Level Syllabus

It is no secret that the MOE syllabus changes every few years so that it provides a perfect education for a child in order to nurture him for the real world. These changes are made for each subject and thus affect both its content and the examination criteria. For JC Math tuition, we recommend only the best home tutors who are specially trained or have a high level of awareness about the MOE syllabus for students to help them in their A-Level Math.


At FamilyTutor, our tutors employ a problem-solving approach while teaching JC Math. They strive to build a strong foundation in Mathematics for their students. They use Polya’s Problem-Solving Model in their tuition classes to teach students how to approach mathematical problems. Our tutors also employ differentiated instruction pedagogy to cater to the varying readiness of their students.

Other key teaching approaches used by our tutors include mathematical modelling, teacher-directed inquiry, blended learning, and mathematical discourses. Our tutors also strive to adopt the effective teaching methods used by reputable JCs while personalising their approach to cater to the student’s unique learning habits, attention span, and self-learning capabilities.

With regard to the duration and flexibility of our JC Math tuition services, we offer flexible scheduling, allowing students to stay regular with their classes which can help them achieve their academic goals.

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Family Tutor’s screening process prioritises hiring qualified, experienced, and effective JC Math tutors while ensuring student safety. Their commitment to providing quality education to students through private tuition is evident in their efforts to select the most suitable tutors from their database.

We follow a rigorous process for screening and hiring JC H1/H2 Math tutors. We maintain a database of over 4000 experienced JC Math tutors, with an average of 1400 annual applications for JC H1/H2 Math tuition jobs. However, only approximately 300 tutors are ultimately hired to provide tuition services to parents and students.

The screening process comprises multiple layers. It commences with Layer 1, where a staff member reviews the tutor’s written experience and qualifications. An experienced staff member assesses if the tutor’s profile is statistically suitable for conducting private tuition classes for JC Math. For Layer 1 screening, the tutor must have taught at least two students for the same level and subject and helped at least one student improve by at least one grade within four to six months, unless specified otherwise by the parent/student. This verifies the tutor’s subject expertise and proven track record in enhancing students’ grades.

Layer 2 involves cross-referencing actual paper qualifications against declared qualifications to ensure that the tutor has the necessary academic background and subject expertise to take JC H1/H2 Math tuition classes.

Layer 3 is conducted through virtual communication and involves an interview with another staff member. The tutor’s communication skills, teaching approach, and ability to cater to the student’s needs are assessed at this stage.

If required, Layer 4 screening comprises a brief conversation between the parent and the tutor. FamilyTutor assists both parties in exchanging phone numbers and follows up after the chat to assess compatibility.


Enjoy JC Math tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides both private and online tuition in Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us!


Our A-Level Math tuition in Singapore is priced differently, depending on the JC Math tutor you opt for and the duration of each lesson, with JC Math tuition fees range from $50 – $150 per hour and students usually take on 1.5 hours to 2 hours per lesson. 

At FamilyTutor, there are three main JC Math tutor categories for parents or students to choose from. The three categories are Part-Time Tutors who charge from $50 to $60 per hour, Full-Time Tutors who charge from $60 to $80 per hour, and Ex-/Current MOE Teachers who charge from $95 to $130 per hour.

Despite charging different hourly rates for their tuition classes, none of them is “superior” or “inferior” to the others, as all of our H2 Math tutors utilise a proven and structured approach to teaching. As such, the most ideal tutor category for a student depends on each individual’s learning needs and budget. 

To learn more about our JC Math tuition fees in Singapore among the different tutor categories, please visit FamilyTutor’s tuition rates page!


At FamilyTutor, we have a long-standing history of providing top-notch JC Math tuition services in Singapore. Since 2020, our platform has consistently demonstrated its commitment to academic excellence, earning us a well-deserved reputation as a leading tuition service provider in Singapore.

Beyond being a Google-verified home tuition agency and a top tuition brand in Singapore, our dedication to quality education has not gone unnoticed. We are proud recipients of numerous prestigious awards, including The Corporate Livewire Singapore Prestige Awards 2020, which proudly acknowledges and honours exceptional small and medium-sized businesses that have consistently demonstrated unrivalled excellence and dominance in their respective markets over the past year. These accolades serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our teaching methodologies and the outstanding results achieved by our students.

The success of our students also speaks volumes about the calibre of our tutors and the rigorous standards we uphold. Just like how our tutors are from top-tier universities like the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, many of our students have gone on to excel in their JC Math examinations and secure places in renowned educational institutions. This strong track record showcases our ability to consistently deliver exceptional educational outcomes.

Moreover, we have cultivated valuable affiliations with recognised educational institutions and organisations like The Straits Times, further enhancing our platform’s authoritativeness. These affiliations serve as a stamp of approval, assuring parents and students of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of education.

When you choose FamilyTutor for your JC Math tuition needs, you are placing your trust in a platform with a proven history of excellence, an unmatched reputation, and valuable affiliations that validate our commitment to providing top-quality education.


Mr. Joshua L.

Bachelor's Degree in Science (Physics), NUS

Specialising in JC Math, Mr Joshua brings out the best in all of his JC H1 & H2 Math students through her private tuition classes. Under his patient tutelage, numerous students improved from failing the subject to scoring as high as B’s or A’s within a short period of time! With Mr Joshua around, the student’s parents always feel more assured! Over the past two years, Mr Joshua has taught four H2 Math students, two of whom improved their grades by three levels within just six to eight months of conducting tuition classes. The other two students, who were initially failing the subject, improved to achieve grades of A/B within 1.5 years under Mr Joshua’s tutelage. 

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At FamilyTutor, the cost of our A-Level Math tuition classes varies depending on the type of tutor you are looking for. JC Math tuition conducted by a part-time tutor can cost anywhere from $50 to $60 per hour. Rates can go up to $120 if you prefer a full-time tutor and up to $180 if you want to hire an NIE-trained tutor.

At FamilyTutor, we accept payment for JC Math tuition through several methods including cash or cheque, bank transfer, PayNow, or PayLah! However, this is subject to the agreement of the confirmed tutors. Generally, our tutors are comfortable with any of the aforementioned payment options.

In the event that the JC Math tutor is not suitable for your requirements, you have the option to terminate the tuition after the first lesson. It is important to notify FamilyTutor at least 24 hours prior to the next lesson and settle payment for all previous lessons. Failure to do so will result in a late charge of 50% of the lesson fee. It is essential to note that changes or cancellations can only be made after completing the first lesson. If you decide to terminate the tuition before the completion of the first lesson, an administrative charge of no less than one lesson’s fee will be imposed.

While we provide numerous simple and flexible methods to locate the ideal tutor for JC Math for you, we do not offer a complimentary trial. However, in the event that you are dissatisfied with the tutor or wish to terminate the tuition, you may do so after the first lesson by notifying us at least 24 hours prior to the next scheduled session.

A-Level Math is a challenging subject that requires a higher level of mathematical proficiency and analytical skills. Students often face difficulties due to the abstract concepts involved, the advanced level of difficulty, the large volume of content, and the time constraints during exams. If you are a student struggling with A-Level Math, our home tuition services can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to overcome these challenges. 

H2 Math in Junior College is difficult for most students because lots of the topics are taken from Advanced Math which is often only taught to the top students in secondary school. Beyond having to recollect all the past learnt concepts, there are many topics in H2 Math that are completely new to students such as Probability Distributions. 

If you or your child need help to stay motivated throughout study sessions, or require a personalised learning plan to ensure that all their doubts are cleared and become well-versed with all the H2 Math concepts, then A-Level Math tuition may be required. At FamilyTutor, we have a track record of delivering top-tier academic improvement. Enhance your self-confidence and reap the benefits of improved academic results when you enrol in our JC Math tuition in Singapore.

Doing well in H2 Math can open up opportunities for further studies in various fields. It enhances critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, boosts academic performance, and increases chances of admission to prestigious universities. It also instils a sense of accomplishment and motivation for higher education and career aspirations. By enrolling in JC Math tuition at FamilyTutor, you can excel in H2 Math and open doors to a world of opportunities in various fields.

Private tuition for A Level Math provides personalised instruction, flexible scheduling, targeted weakness identification, a safe learning environment, and motivation for improved performance in exams. For private math tuition in Singapore, consider FamilyTutor, a private tuition centre with an extensive active database of experienced and top-quality A Level Math tutors. 

FamilyTutor maintains clear and effective communication channels to ensure seamless coordination among tutors, students, and our platform. We also take pride in our comprehensive support system, which goes beyond the classroom to empower students in their academic journey.

We understand that each student has unique learning needs. That’s why our programmes, including JC Math, O-Level Math tuition, and others, are designed to provide a structured and personalised learning experience. Our experienced tutors craft individualised study plans tailored to address specific areas of improvement and enhance overall performance. In addition to one-on-one tutoring sessions, we offer a range of supplementary learning resources. These resources include curated practice materials and exam-oriented study guides that reinforce learning and deepen understanding. To ensure progress is effectively monitored, we have also implemented a robust progress tracking system. Our tutors regularly assess student performance, provide detailed feedback, and offer guidance on areas that require further attention. We also provide comprehensive progress tracking reports to keep students and parents informed about their academic growth and achievements.