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Sec 3 - Sec 5$35-$45/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$90/hr
JC1 - JC2$50-$60/hr$55-$80/hr$80-$120/hr
IB Grade 1-6$30-$45/hr$35-$60/hr$70-$120/hr
IB Grade 7-10$35-$50/hr$40-$70/hr$75-$120/hr
IB Grade 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70/hr$65-$100/hr$85-$120/hr
IGCSE 7-11$30-$50/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$120/hr
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Struggle in deciphering the context of different texts and have difficulty finding commonalities between texts.

They also show inability to critically evaluate and provide personal and unique assessments of literary texts and have issues recognizing and deciphering thoughts, perspectives and qualities communicated by a text.

Students have difficulty identifying the stylistic devices and literary form utilized in the Literature and lack of comprehension with terms commonly associated with literature and components of Literary genres used in the construction of essays.

They have problems with including the required elements while answering questions.

Students also have poor association with the Literature commonly included in exams and have the inability to manage time effectively resulting in unattempted portions of examination papers.

Road Bumps Faced By Literature Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a Literature Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

To secure a high grade in Literature, it is important to have a good comprehension of the qualities and genres of Literature texts and differentiating between the concrete and abstract use of language. Literature tuition can be a means for accounting for the individual learning preferences of the student to conduct lessons in a way that the student can receive the maximum benefit.

An important quality of an excellent Literature tutor is to be able to identify the areas in which the student is lacking and devise solutions to overcome these weak points through their lessons. Owing to their long history of teaching students of Literature, these tutors are aware of the issues and difficulties usually experienced by students and can ensure that their students are able to work through these mistakes.

There is an overwhelming number of difficult texts students are required to go through while studying for literature, which students may oftentimes find extremely difficult to understand, making study guides and invaluable resource to study from. Tutors having a track record that is stretched across often have a collection of these study guides and practice papers for examinations that they can provide to students to effectively revise for their upcoming examinations.

Reading Literature texts is more enjoyable when students are able to better understand them. Tutors can assist in clearing up any difficulties while reading the text and make it more interesting and indulging for the student. This will encourage them to read more and develop a liking for the subject improving their literary skills and grades.

Experienced Literature Tutors are not only well-versed in Literature, but also in Singapore’s MOE system. Hence, they are able to provide insights and advice to help students in improving in the subject and in deciding their future education choices such as Subject Combinations and University Course Selections. Hiring a Literature tutor may not only allow the student benefit academically but, as the tutors are well acquainted with Singapore’s MOE system, the student may gain invaluable guidance pertaining to the academic path they may wish to take to achieve their goals. Tutors may assist them in deciding their future subject combinations and courses for university, a confusing aspect in every student’s mind.

Shortlisting the Best Literature Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Literature Tutors

Familiarity and Optimal Understanding With Literary Texts
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To convey an in-depth comprehension of the Literature texts it is important for the Literature tutor to be familiar with numerous different passages especially the famous and common passages. A deep understanding of the context of Literature texts is key to score well in examinations. When you submit your request at FamilyTutor to find a Literature tutor you can convey the criteria you wish the tutor to fit. There you can specify any literature texts you feel is necessary for the tutor to have a good understanding of, which we can ask the tutors before recommending them to you.
Spotting Weaknesses Quickly And Drill Basic Literary Skills
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One of the tricky parts of Literature is having a suitable level of proficiency in Literary skills to utilize while reading Literature Texts. For this reason, it is necessary for the Literature tutor you are considering employing to have a good enough grasp of the basics of these literary skills to be able to identify areas of weakness in your own literary skills. Only this way can the tutor be effective in helping the students overcome these weaknesses and improve their grades. FamilyTutor has a pool of experienced Literature Tutors that have taught many different students. They are acquainted with the issues and difficulties that students usually face in this subject making it easy for them to identify any weaknesses that may prevent the student from effectively comprehending the Literature. With this experience, they are also knowledgeable about how best to help students overcome these areas in which they are lacking.
Proficiency In Literature And Effective Teaching Methods
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One of the most important things to consider while hiring a tutor is their level of educational qualification in the subject you are considering taking lessons. This can allow you to assess the amount of knowledge they may have in Literature and whether they can help you improve your grade in the subject. Another method to assess the capability of the teaching of the teacher is checking the years of experience they have. The longer they have been teaching literature will mean they have the contents of the subject on their fingertips and you will surely benefit by engaging in home tuitions with that tutor FamilyTutor displays the qualifications, achievements, years of experience and past records on the tutor's profiles so that you may select the tutor that matches your criteria and preferences.
Access to Supplemental Literature Resources, Study Guides And Practices
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Experienced Literature tutors often create their own unique study and revision guides, notes that can be used to decipher the complex Literature texts and material that contains essential points that students may not usually notice while analyzing the texts. They may also have practice papers designed to imitate the expected examination pattern. FamilyTutor informs you whether the tutors own these additional materials to aid you in your selection process.
Updated and Familiarity With The Current MOE/International Syllabus
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It is important to ensure that the Literature Tutor is well-aware of the Literature Texts, examination formats and literary skills that are covered in the syllabus since there have been numerous changes over the years. Since the tutors are there to help the student in their learning progress, they should not contradict the school syllabus. You can gauge one’s familiarity with the syllabus by looking at the background of the students that they have taught before. MindFlex will include tutors’ teaching experiences in the tutors’ profiles so that you may easily gauge if they are familiar with the current syllabus, regardless of whether it is the MOE or international syllabus. More information about the Syllabus can be found at these links: O-Level Literature, A-Level Literature, IGCSE Literature, IBDP Literature The MOE syllabus is subject to revision and changes every few years, as such tutors need to remain acquainted with the updated contents, Literature texts, examination formats and literary skills. This will prevent any irrelevant or contradictory material being covered during lessons. An idea of the level of familiarity of a tutor with the current syllabus is checking the recent students the tutor has taught or those they are currently teaching. FamilyTutor includes the tutor’s records of teaching so you can easily determine the familiarity of the tutor of any subject be it from the MOE syllabus or an international syllabus More information about the Syllabus can be found at these links: O-Level Literature, A-Level Literature, IGCSE Literature, IBDP Literature
Prior Experience In Teaching Students Of Similar Levels
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During the selection process, it is advised to look at tutors who have experience teaching students of similar educational levels as they are bound to be more familiar with the complexity and contents of your syllabus and the examination patterns. They will have the relevant material on hand and would be more effective in prepping you for the examinations FamilyTutor provides a list of only those tutors who have proven their expertise in teaching students of a similar education level as the applicants and have also shown prowess and proficiency in Literature from back when they were studying in the same educational level.
Recommendations from Previous Tutees and Parents
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Testimonials are collected from students in Singapore to a more personal experience of having engaged with tutors highlighting the facts that can not be found on paper. They can portray the tutor’s behavior, professionalism, teaching style and strengths. Using these testimonials, you can make a more informed decision before hiring a potential tutor for literature home tuition. FamilyTutor shares with clients the concerns over who they should let into their house. As such we summarize the nature of the feedback and reviews the tutor has received and include the testimonials on their tutor profile. This is to ensure you of the safety and professionalism of engaging in home tuitions with your selected tutor.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a Literature Home Tutor?

  • Literature is essential for students in Lower Secondary. It can influence the Subject Combination choices when the student reaches Upper Secondary, hence it is important to secure a good score in Literature.
  • There is an overwhelming number of Literature texts that students will need to study and understand. Students will find this process much easier with the help of an experienced tutor that is able to explain the literary meaning implied by the Literature.
  • Literature requires students to decipher the hidden contexts and meanings in texts and compare them from the outlook of the society they live in. Reading many types of literature can help students appreciate and be more open to other cultures and beliefs engaging them as productive members of society.
  • Literature can teach students to employ a critical approach when faced with problems and scenarios. They become accustomed to and accepting of different opinions and viewpoints, allowing them to analyze issues more effectively and shape their own thoughts on a topic.
  • A good grade in Literature is required for admission into several courses including Public Policy and Global Affairs and Psychology. Employing the help of a Literature tutor can ensure that students meet the required grades in the subject allowing them to gain admission into any university course they wish.

Best Literature Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy Literature Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Literature Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 Literature Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

FamilyTutor can provide access to a huge list of experienced Literature tutors, ranging from MOE & NIE trained teachers, Full-Time Tutors and Part-Time Tutors, that have a familiarity of the fundamentals of Literary skills and Literature texts. We guarantee that our tutors will be able to assist you in learning Literature and lead you on the path where you can gain As, something you’ll find proof of by testimonials from their previous students. Submit a request at FamilyTutor immediately to start working on improving your grade!

This article by The School Bag lists many reasons in favor of studying Literature as a subject such as developing an admiration for words and shaping of unique thoughts and views on scenarios in Literature. Owing to these myriads of reasons students begin studying Literature but then struggle with the complexity they face. To help ease the process contact FamilyTutor to begin Literature tuitions and gain all the benefits of mastering Literature immediately.

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