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Expert 1-to-1 science tuition lessons in Singapore with sole focus and attention on student’s progress and development

Customised online or home private Science lessons by experienced tutors in the convenience and safety of your home

Increase in interest and easier understanding of complicated topics and concepts in Science 

Achieve great results in academics and reach desired grades in science

Access to useful supplementary Science learning guides and materials such as practice exam papers provided during the private tuition

Clear and concise explanations and helpful tips from our pool of 10,000+ quality Science home tutors


If group tuition and competing for the educator’s attention is not the ideal study environment for your child, then hiring a private Science tutor is the best way forward. Get personalised teaching plans and undivided attention from your home tutor and ace your next Science exam.

At FamilyTutor, our home Science tutors blend traditional and modern teaching methods. They use standard academic books, complemented by multimedia resources such as videos, animations, and online simulations. Additionally, they integrate interactive activities to stimulate interest, making complex Science topics more accessible. This unique method enhances students’ understanding and promotes engagement, leading to improved learning outcomes.

Our tutors employ innovative strategies to captivate students’ attention and foster an interest in Science. They leverage real-world scenarios to help students comprehend abstract concepts, bringing Science to life. We provide private Science tuition tailored to accommodate individual learning preferences, sustaining students’ engagement and piquing their curiosity. We also offer the option of a home Science tutor for those who thrive in familiar surroundings, thus facilitating a more personalised and intensive learning journey.

Yes. At FamilyTutor, our commitment to quality education means each of our Science tutors must pass a stringent screening process, regardless of whether they’re providing private Science tuition online or at home. We meticulously examine their educational qualifications, delve into their past tutoring experiences, and assess their expertise in the subject matter. This rigorous evaluation ensures they possess the necessary competencies to deliver top-tier educational guidance to our students.

At FamilyTutor, we employ a multifaceted approach to evaluate our Science tutors’ pedagogical expertise. We consider a range of factors, including feedback from parents and students, tutor reviews, and a proven track record of enhancing student performance. This thorough evaluation process, which applies to all tutoring modalities guarantees that we uphold the highest standards of teaching quality even on our online and home tutoring.

Parents can determine a Science tutor’s compatibility with their child using various measures. Key indicators include the child’s growing comfort with the online tutor, noticeable improvement in academic performance, and heightened interest in the subject. Also, the child’s first hand feedback about their private Science tuition is invaluable. At FamilyTutor, we foster a culture of transparent communication, enabling us to pair our tutors and students optimally.


Our private Science tuition fosters remarkable academic enhancements. Our online Science tutor helps bolster student confidence, yielding positive learning experiences. Our home Science tutors have shown unparalleled transformative effects on students’ educational journeys, with a consistent success record.

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Providing private Science tuition in Singapore, we collaborate with tutors from these premier institutions, which are renowned for their courses. From Molecular Biology at NUS, Materials Engineering at NTU, Food Technology at SIT, Information Systems at SMU, Product Development at SUTD, to Environmental Studies at SUSS, our home Science tutors possess a wide range of academic qualifications to cater to your child’s unique learning needs.

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Training and Credentials in Teaching Science
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A trained and experienced tutor is capable of teaching your child as effectively as possible thus it is critical to check a tutor’s experience and qualifications in Science before you hire them. There are three types of tutors, MOE & NIE trained tutors are certified and qualified to teach students Science in proper relevance to the given MOE syllabus. However, the part-time and full-time tutors have developed their experiences by teaching the subject to various students as well as their personal experience in qualifying the paper themselves. Hence, it is very important to understand the type of tutor as well as study their qualifications to see whether they are capable or not to teach your child. We, at FamilyTutor agency, provide detailed profiles for all tutors we recommend. We ease your selection process by giving in extreme detail the type of tutor as well as their relevant grades in the requested area.
Provide Targeted Lessons to Help Overcome Student's Weaknesses
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Tutors, with their experience and training, can easily identify the weaknesses and strengths of students within the first few lessons. It is an important quality to have in your hired tutor since with the identified weaknesses, a tutor can simply design a personalized plan which would best suit the student and improve his learning gaps. Our agency’s Science private tutors are trained and capable of identifying your child’s mistakes and weaknesses and devising effective methods which would considerably improve their step backs.
Experience in Teaching Students of Similar Levels
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Science is a core subject taught throughout all levels of the Singaporean education system, thus many tutors begin to teach multiple levels to students which may not necessarily be bad but rather time-wasting because the child needs to ace the given level first. Therefore, finding a tutor having experience teaching the same level is more beneficial for your child’s education as the tutor would know how to teach according to the given content. Furthermore, tutors having experience teaching children of the same levels will be well-aware of the mistakes that students make and how to rectify them. In addition to this, tutors can teach students how to use effective answering strategies such as keywords and phrases which will reward them the maximum marks.
Keeping Up and Use of the Most Recent Syllabus
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A good tutor is up to date with the current MOE syllabus and its yearly alterations and does good to adapt to these changes so they can further teach their students accordingly. Furthermore, a tutor should be well-versed in the new examination and syllabus changes made once the MOE syllabus is updated. Furthermore, they should be able to develop certain techniques to teach the new content as well as master the examinations. Thus, it is very important to gauge at a tutors experience and qualifications and test whether he knows how to best prepare your child for his exams.
Access to Additional Learning Materials & Resources
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With years of experience, tutors come to acquire and accumulate a large resource bank, filled with practice questions, exam papers, notes and concise mind maps. All these resources are very beneficial for students in their practice of the questions and concepts as well as their memorization and revision in the last few months. Hence, an important characteristic to look for in tutors you are hiring should be their ability to access and provide these resources.
Passion and Commitment to Help Students Improve
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Passionate tutors are very beneficial for your child and their education, ones who devoted and committed to teaching your child as well as passionate about the subject in their own right. Their passion and interest slowly transfer to your child’s and hence his interest to further study the subject in great detail. Furthermore, tutors who are devoted will consistently provide your children help regardless of whether the question arises in the scheduled time. It should also be noted most devoted teachers can easily build a good relationship with your child and hence allowing them to freely ask and answer questions in their lessons. This commitment can also turn into long term, from teaching your child for only a year, their tutors sometimes commit long term to your child’s education. We understand that passionate and committed teachers are hard to come to buy thus we at FamilyTutor agency aim to provide effective communication between the client and the tutor so you can gauge the trait for yourself. We give our clients the privilege to interview our tutors as many times he wishes and to place forth their expectations, this can all be done before finalizing the tuition arrangements.
Recommendations and Reviews from Previous Students
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The top Science private tutors of Singapore would have obviously collected multiple testimonials from previous clients and students. These testimonials can highlight their strengths and capabilities. Furthermore, with reference to multiple recommendations and positive feedbacks, new clients are ensured of their abilities to improve your child’s grade as well as how safe they are to engage for home tuition. We at FamilyTutor agency provide testimonials of all our recommended tutors to guarantee that you are hiring a trustworthy and expert tutor for your child’s education.

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There are many different courses available for students to choose for their further education, varying from Science to Art or even hybrid courses. If a student wishes to opt for the Science stream, it is important to build a strong foundation of scientific concepts before enrolling in the course. 

Doing well and excelling in Science subjects can be made easier with the help of a reliable online Science tutor like FamilyTutor. Our private tutors in Singapore give your child the chance to perfect concepts and establish a stronghold over the subject as they become more challenging year after year. Even if your child chooses the Art stream, the concept of Science will still play a big part in our everyday lives.

Diploma programmes in the universities in Singapore – such as medical, engineering and science – will assess a student’s past Science grades with priority, and students who wish to enter these courses will need to showcase good grades during their secondary school years. Additionally, these programmes teach deeper concepts of Science at a higher level, and students should therefore have a strong grasp of these Science concepts before entry. An excellent way to ensure this level of proficiency can be attained through private Science tuition.

Since the syllabus of Singapore’s education system is interlinked throughout various levels, students will need to concentrate on their core subjects like Science in order to achieve good grades where deeper content is taught at an advanced level. Thus, providing private Science tuition to your child as early as possible will ensure that he or she develops a solid understanding of theories and concepts.

Science, with its expansive syllabus and content that is ever changing, is filled with laws that many students struggle to understand. This lack of understanding can impact his or her ability to do well in examinations. With private Science tuition, the gap in understanding these abstract concepts or microscopic phenomena can be bridged, allowing students to visualise and comprehend complex scientific concepts, thereby improving their examination performance.


Offering private Science tuition classes for levels ranging from preschool to university, you can rest assured that our online Science tutors will cover components that are important for the exams:

Our primary school online Science tutor focuses on building a strong foundation in Science. The primary school Science syllabus provides students with a basic understanding of the natural and physical world. It introduces key concepts like Plant and Animal Life, Diversity, Cycles, Energy, Interactions, and Systems. Our private Science tuition ensures a comprehensive understanding of these elements to set the stage for advanced learning in the future.

At the secondary level, our home Science tutor dives deeper into the complexities of scientific knowledge. The syllabus includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Topics include Electricity and Magnetism, Acids and Bases, Organic Chemistry, and Human Biology, among others. The home Science tutor facilitates a deeper understanding of these topics, building on the knowledge gained in primary school.



Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
Nursery 1 - Kindergarten 2$25-$30 per hour$35-$40 per hour$65-$70 per hour
Primary 1 - Primary 3$25-$35 per hour$35-$50 per hour$70-$80 per hour
Primary 4 - Primary 6$30-$40 per hour$40-$55 per hour$75-$90 per hour
Secondary 1 - Secondary 2$35-$45 per hour$45-$60 per hour$80-$100 per hour
Secondary 3 - Secondary 5$40-$50 per hour$45-$65 per hour$85-$105 per hour
Junior College 1 - Junior College 2$50-$60 per hour$60-$80 per hour$95-$130 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB)Grade 1-6$35-$45 per hour$45-$65 per hour$70-$125 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) Grade 7-10$40-$55 per hour$55-$75 per hour$90-$140 per hour
International Baccalaureate (IB) 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70 per hour$70-$100 per hour$100-$150 per hour
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) 7-11$40-$50 per hour$50-$80 per hour$100-$150 per hour
Adult Classes$40-$60 per hour$65-$120 per hour-
Polytechnic / University$60-$80 per hour$80-$150 per hour-


At FamilyTutor, we engage and provide high quality and experienced Science home tutors to assist students across multiple levels. Our online tutors are trained to identify a child’s weaknesses and develop strategies to improve them. Guided by the principles of excellence and commitment, these tutors make use of their training in MOE and NIE methodologies to deliver engaging and result-oriented private Science tuition.

Recognizing the paramount importance of Science and Mathematics for future technological advancements and prosperity, as emphasised by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, we ensure our tutors uphold high academic standards. Each of our online Science tutors are rigorously selected based on their stellar grades in Science subjects. With a strong track record of achieving amazing results, they are adept at imparting the right concepts and advice. Leverage our home Science tutor services in Singapore today, and immerse your child in the exciting world of scientific knowledge.

We also offer private Math home tuition and English home tutor services to support your child in all areas of study.


Our team of highly committed Science tutors has been unfaltering in their provision of top-tier private Science tuition. Their dedication to their students’ progress is unrivalled, continually going above and beyond to enhance their scientific understanding and academic performance.

Dr. Leong K.Y.

PhD (Chemistry); Postdoctoral Research Scientist, NUS

Specialising in Secondary, JC, and University level Chemistry for 13+ years, Dr. Leong taught more than 500 Chemistry students, helping them improve as much as from getting F9’s to scoring A1’s! Many of his students’ parents have high praises for him.

Ms. Elizabeth M.

Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition, Temasek Polytechnic GPA 3.8/4

Specialising in Primary & Secondary Sciences, Elizabeth is a passionate tutor who has helped numerous students improve tremendously for the subjects. She is also known to be committed and empathetic, making her an extremely well-liked person to not only her students, but their parents as well!

Mr. Donnie G.

Masters of Education, NIE/NTU

Applying the Vygotsky and Piaget Theory of Development in his lesson planning, Mr. Donnie has been an effective Science home tutor to all of his Primary level students. He treats all of his students like his own children, and always strives to provide the best for them. It is common for his Science students to achieve a 2- to 3-grade improvement within a short period of time!

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Tutor Request Form
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  • No Obligation To Start Lessons Unless You’re Ready
  • Hassle-Free Tutor Hiring Process

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