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Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
N1 - K2$20-$25/hr$30-$40/hr$50-$60/hr
P1 - P3$25-$30/hr$35-$50/hr$55-$60/hr
P4 - P6$25-$40/hr$35-$55/hr$60-$80/hr
Sec 1 - Sec 2$30-$40/hr$35-$60/hr$65-$90/hr
Sec 3 - Sec 5$35-$45/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$90/hr
JC1 - JC2$50-$60/hr$55-$80/hr$80-$120/hr
IB Grade 1-6$30-$45/hr$35-$60/hr$70-$120/hr
IB Grade 7-10$35-$50/hr$40-$70/hr$75-$120/hr
IB Grade 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70/hr$65-$100/hr$85-$120/hr
IGCSE 7-11$30-$50/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$120/hr
Adult Classes$40-$50/hr$50-$70/hr-
Diploma / University$60-$80/hr$80-$120/hr-

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As PSLE grades dictate a child’s immediate education path, most primary students are often pressurized to do well. Since these are a child’s first official examinations, they are often stressed and unaware of what will happen.

Most students do not fully understand the importance of their PSLE grades.

Primary school teachers teach at a fast pace, which most students struggle to keep up with thus causing them to lag behind in lessons. PSLE students are mostly confused and overwhelmed by the long syllabus and content that needs to be memorized.

At this level, many students take on numerous non-academic commitments, this keeps them distracted from their lessons in and out of school.

Many students struggle to understand the concepts in their syllabus

Due to lack of practice, they fail to apply the correct concepts when solving practice questions. They are unable to differentiate between formulas and thus struggle to apply the right ones in their solutions. They often make careless mistakes in their paper which compromise their marks.

Road Bumps Faced By PSLE Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a PSLE Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Primary school education is counted for 6 years, however, students are only allowed to select their PSLE subjects by the end of the 4th year. This means that PSLE students only have 2 years to master and perfect their concepts. Due to this, many primary school children get overwhelmed and fail to study effectively for their first national examinations. However, with the help of private tuition, students can receive expert help in finishing their challenging syllabus as well as practicing their applications of certain concepts.  Tutors can also guide students of how best to tackle examination questions and structure high-scoring answers.

Most primary school students struggle to keep up with the fast-teaching pace in lessons. Furthermore, most students cannot grasp concepts as quickly as their classmates, this causes them to lag behind in lessons. However, with the help of private tuition, students can avail structured lessons which are taught at a pace suitable to only them. This would encourage children to pay more attention as well as allow them to absorb the most content in the shortest time. Furthermore, most tutors also design schedules to help students improve their weak concepts.

In order to perform well in their first examinations, PSLE students must be able to apply their concepts correctly and be able to tackle examination questions. This can be achieved by the extra practice which most students cannot perform as their schools only provide limited resources. However, private tutors have numerous effective learning materials which students can use to get a better understanding and command of the content in their syllabus. Therefore, most tutors provide access to notes and past papers which can help familiarize students to questions that may appear in their exams.

Other than learning and practicing concepts, students need to be able to structure good answers in their paper which will score them the highest marks. PSLE tutors are aware of the type of questions that appear in an exam and have various strategies of how best to answer them. They can also teach their students effective answering techniques and exam strategies that help them tackle their papers.

Most PSLE students get overwhelmed in the stressful atmosphere when taking the exam and thus cannot perform well. However, private tutors can help students better understand their concepts which help to increase their confidence in their applications. Furthermore, tutors can also train their students on how to work in stressful situations by helping them practice taking a similar exam. This would allow them to develop good exam strategies and help them to manage their time.

Shortlisting the Best PSLE Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These PSLE Tutors

Academic Qualifications and Credentials to Teach PSLE Students
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To prove a tutors capability in teaching the subject they were hired for, it is important that they have specific academic qualifications. These qualifications can vary from training certificates to diplomas to even personal experience and good grades. It is evident that there are categories of tutors that parents can select from. The MOE tutors have undergone NIE training which enables them to teach PSLE students according to the MOE syllabus. Whereas Part-time and full-time tutors have exemplary grades and diplomas which enhance their capability of teaching the subject you need to help it. Therefore, whichever tutor you hire, it is critical to check their qualifications and achievements in the subject you have requested. FamilyTutor responsibly provides tutors full details in their tutor profiles. Furthermore, we also list their qualifications and any relevant grades to reassure parents of their capability.
Valuable Experience in Teaching PSLE Students
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Often time’s parents hire tutors who have excellent qualifications in the subject but lack experience. This, however, is not a good thing, as experience in teaching a particular subject enhances a tutor’s ability to convey the right concepts. With this in mind, it is extremely necessary to hire a tutor with ample experience in tutoring children who are at the same level as your child. This is done to ensure parents that the lessons taught and resources are given are all compatible with the syllabus they are learning at school. FamilyTutor locates and recommends tutors according to your requests. Therefore, we only give you the profiles of tutors who have current or past teaching experience in the subject and level you have requested. This ensures that your child is fully prepared for his paper and is able to tackle questions similar to those that may appear in the final exam.
Keeping Updated with the Latest PSLE Syllabus
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The PSLE syllabus, much like others, has been altered and modified over the years. These modifications, however, impact both the content and the examination pattern and questions. Therefore, students need to learn these changes and be able to practice them as well as their older concepts. Therefore, when looking for an effective and experienced tutor, it is critical to hire a tutor who has an expansive knowledge of the latest changes made in the syllabus and can teach according to those changes. FamilyTutor works hard to find PSLE tutors who can benefit you greatly. To achieve this, it is important for our tutors to be familiar with the MOE syllabus and its upgrades. This would ensure their ability to teach your child the right concepts and that they are on-line with the child’s lesson at school.
Determining Student's Weaknesses and Helping to Overcome Them
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Effective PSLE tutors have enough experience to be able to spot a child’s weaknesses and use effective methods to help turn those weaknesses into strengths. Therefore, when a child tackles their looking for a PSLE tutor to help your difficult subjects, finding a tutor who can improve your child’s weaknesses can be of great help. This procedure enables a student to improve comprehensively i.e. in all areas and components. FamilyTutor houses a range of effective tutors who are more than capable of identifying your child’s learning gaps within the first few lessons and using strategic methods to bridge those gaps.
Access to Additional Practice Materials and Learning Resources
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Most students get overwhelmed by the questions in their paper and cannot perform as well as others. This could occur due to many reasons, one of which is the lack of practice of their concepts. Therefore, when hiring someone to lend your child a hand in the preparation of their final PSLE exam, it is important to hire a tutor who is able to provide your child additional practice materials such as notes and past papers. Furthermore, tutors should also be committed to guiding students of the numerous ways to tackle the questions in their practice papers, thus enabling them to be able to tackle similar questions in their final exam. FamilyTutor recommends the best PSLE tutors in Singapore. Therefore, with their years of tutoring PSLE students, these tutors have come to accumulate a wide range of practice materials that they can provide their students.
Capability in Preparing Students to be the Best They Can Be for the PSLE
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With only two years to prepare for their first official examinations, students get overwhelmed and stressed. They are neither aware of the right applications of their concepts nor how to correctly approach examination questions. Therefore, when hiring a tutor to help your child in the subject they are weak in, it is essential to select one who can help prepare your child in all aspects of the paper. Most tutors can spot and improve a child’s weak concepts as well as teach their students effective answering techniques and exam strategies that they can use in their paper to score high marks. FamilyTutor promises to help struggling students by providing them effective and experienced tutors. Our tutors not only teach students their concepts but also help them learn effective ways to tackle the questions in their exams.
Efficacy of PSLE Tuition Based on Previous Recommendations
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It is hard to examine the effectiveness and commitment of the tutors before they are hired. However, many agencies promote the use of testimonials. These testimonials can be considered as written recommendations from previous satisfied clients. They can be very helpful in highlighting tutors capabilities and their effectiveness. Aside from this quality, it is important to hire tutors who are committed to teaching the subject, this would ensure that they are punctual and can abide by the session timings as well as the project duration. FamilyTutor recommends the best PSLE tutors in all of Singapore. Therefore, with their years of experience, they have come to build a large testimonial base. Apart from providing a tutor's testimonials, we also arrange sessions and interviews where the client and the potential tutor are able to discuss expectations, session timings and of course the project duration.

You May Ask...

Why Hire a PSLE Home Tutor?

  • Most students struggle to perform well in their PSLE’s due to lack of knowledge and experience of giving national exams. However, private tuitions can ensure that your child learns the right content and able to tackle examination questions. Furthermore, tutors also help relieve a child’s academic stress and work hard to prepare them for the challenging PSLE’s.
  • To enter into a good secondary school, primary school students are required to do well in their exams and achieve excellent grades. Private tuition can help students reach their targeted goals and secure a good future path.
  • The syllabus in most subjects is connected throughout the levels in the education system. Therefore, students are required to have a good basic foundation for their PSLE concepts in order to understand and easily grasp more advanced topics in secondary schools. Private tuition can ensure that the students are learning the right concepts and are able to effortlessly practice those that they have learnt.
  • Gaining an interest in subjects early on in their education journey can enhance their willingness to study the same subjects at an advanced level. Private tutors can help the student gain this interest and encourage them to work harder for their studies.
  • Acquiring good tuition at an early stage can help students recognize their learning styles, their weak areas and strengths in a certain subject. This information can help them in studying effectively when they move on to higher levels.

Best PSLE Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy PSLE Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides PSLE Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 PSLE Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

When students are in primary school, they are often distracted during their lessons and struggle to keep up with their classmates in school. Our agency understands the struggles of these students and works hard to provide tutors who can help ease their worries. Our tutors are not only experienced in teaching PSLE students but have numerous qualifications to prove their effectiveness. Furthermore, you can select from a wide range of tutors and request ones who meet your financial and academic needs. Aside from this, we encourage and arrange sessions where clients can communicate with potential tutors regarding commitments, tuition timings and expectations. We have your back, hire a tutor from FamilyTutor today and secure a good path into a secondary school of your choosing.

The PSLE’s help deduces a student’s progress and their academic position, stated by the straits time. Therefore, in order to prepare you for your assessment and help you develop important skills such as hard work and discipline, we engage you with the most effective tutors available in Singapore.

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