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Singapore Home Tuition Market Rate

Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorNIE-Trained/School Teacher
N1 - K2$20-$25/hr$30-$40/hr$50-$60/hr
P1 - P3$25-$30/hr$35-$50/hr$55-$60/hr
P4 - P6$25-$40/hr$35-$55/hr$60-$80/hr
Sec 1 - Sec 2$30-$40/hr$35-$60/hr$65-$90/hr
Sec 3 - Sec 5$35-$45/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$90/hr
JC1 - JC2$50-$60/hr$55-$80/hr$80-$120/hr
IB Grade 1-6$30-$45/hr$35-$60/hr$70-$120/hr
IB Grade 7-10$35-$50/hr$40-$70/hr$75-$120/hr
IB Grade 11-12 (Diploma)$60-$70/hr$65-$100/hr$85-$120/hr
IGCSE 7-11$30-$50/hr$40-$65/hr$70-$120/hr
Adult Classes$40-$50/hr$50-$70/hr-
Diploma / University$60-$80/hr$80-$120/hr-

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Students find it challenging to understand the correct meaning of given words. They have a problem in understanding how to score well in their composition papers such as essay writing and argumentative writing.

They struggle to find an important difference between Chinese words and are unable to find the most suitable ones for the given scenario.

Students have trouble understanding passages given in their comprehension. They have trouble understanding the context of the videos and thus cannot effectively communicate on their observations.

Due to lack of practice, they are not fluent in the language and thus find it challenging to communicate and discuss in their oral papers.

Often times, students are unable to identify and correct the sentences given.

They face problems in understanding a given text and thus fail to summarize it effectively into 80 words.

They also lack of proper time management skills thus make careless mistakes in their paper as well as the struggle to complete it.

Road Bumps Faced By Higher Chinese Students in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring a Higher Chinese Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Chinese Home Tuition

Effective Chinese tutors have a knack for increasing a child’s interest in the language. They achieve this by consistently recommending students the youth culture of China such as songs and dramas. This can increase their understanding of how to use the language as well allow them to learn fluency and proper pronunciation of words through the TV shows. This leads to an increased interest in the language and can motivate them to use it as well as learn more readily.

Often times, when considering languages, some students find themselves proficient in certain areas whereas, in others, they feel restricted. With hiring a private tutor, you can be ensured that your child is improving on all areas and especially working hard to improve on their learning gaps. This makes them better prepared for their paper.

Students do not spend time studying effectively, which can restrict them from being fully prepared for their final paper. Higher Chinese tutors work hard to help students acquire comprehensive development as well as designing a schedule which will fully prepare them in time for their paper. Therefore, parents are assured that with the help of a private tutor their child is studying effectively, consistently improving and is fully prepared by the end of the project duration.

A student can increase their fluency in the language by reading Chinese stories, watching the Chinese news or simply watching dramas. With the help of private Chinese tuition, students can have access to such resources as well as being provided summarized notes that can help them prepare for their essays. Aside from this, tutors often have useful past papers in their possession which can help students practice for their Higher Chinese paper.

Higher Chinese tutors can not only help your child improve in his Chinese but greatly help them make good and sound future decisions. Most tutors have a lot of experience studying and teaching in the Singaporean education system, thus they have good advice about how best the child can improve on his subject as well as advise him about good university courses and subject combinations he can take.

Shortlisting the Best Higher Chinese Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Higher Chinese Tutors

Methods in Teaching Advanced Vocabulary and Skills for Higher Chinese
Read More
This paper includes more advanced concepts and applications than the Chinese paper, therefore it requires more knowledge and a lot of practice. When looking for a tutor, it important to find one with the ability to teach your child excellent vocabulary and help him develop a good command over the language. Furthermore, your Higher Chinese tutor should be able to help your child improve in all parts of his coming paper, i.e. polishing on his speaking skills, working on his listening and oral communication and lastly helping him practice writing and comprehension. This would ensure that your child is fully prepared to attempt his paper and is able to achieve a good grade. FamilyTutor recommends the best tutors for your child. Furthermore, we also enlist their experiences and qualifications in teaching the language to prove to our clients that they are nothing less than effective. Furthermore, our tutors are also trained to help develop a child Chinese vocabulary and help him acquire fluency in this speaking and writing.
Commitment and Devotion to Teaching Students
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Tutors need not only be experienced and qualified in teaching higher Chinese but especially committed to your child and his education. Therefore, an important quality to judge in potential tutors is their commitment and devotion. However it is difficult to judge this in potential tutors, parents can still look at a tutor's testimonials and previous student improvements to check their devotion to a student and effectiveness in helping them to improve grades. FamilyTutor recommends good and effective tutors. We also enlist a tutor’s testimonials and their previous student’s improvements to help in your selection process. Last but not least, we engage communication between a tutor and a client so they can discuss matters such as session timing and long-term commitment.
Access to Higher Chinese Learning Materials & Practice Papers
Read More
Often time’s Chinese tutors are extremely helpful in providing their students access to learning and practice materials that they can use for their comprehension and composition paper. However, it is critical to hire a tutor who has the materials for Higher Chinese students as these are at a more advanced level than the student’s studying Chinese. Furthermore, materials can help students practice their comprehension as well as helping them in memorizing effective material for their argumentative essay and oral communication paper FamilyTutor recommends and indicates tutors who have these resources at bay and can provide them to your child to help with their practice for papers.
Prior Experience in Teaching Subject to Students of Similar Levels
Read More
Experience can enhance a tutor’s capability to teach the subject as well as ensure that they are better equipped to teach your child Higher Chinese. Therefore, an important quality to look for in tutors is their experience teaching similar levels the syllabus your child is currently studying. This would allow them to teach your child the right content and examination pattern. Furthermore, experience also helps tutors recognize common mistakes that students often make in their Higher Chinese paper and therefore leave them better prepared to rectify them so newer students do not make them in their official exam. FamilyTutor carefully selects tutors according to your provided requirements. In terms of finding an experienced tutor, we recommend tutors who have ample experience teaching the level you have requested to prove that they will be effective and helpful in improving your child’s grades.
Utilization of the Most Recent MOE syllabus
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Whether it is the MOE syllabus or the international one, tutors need to be aware of its latest changes as well as how these alterations are to be integrated into their teaching. Therefore, when looking for an effective tutor, it is important to check their knowledge of your child’s syllabus is it IP syllabus, the IB curriculum or even the MOE syllabus. This knowledge enhances their ability to teach your child the right content and the exact exam pattern. FamilyTutor ensures that our tutors are high-quality and can show nothing less of good improvement in your child’s education. Therefore, we provide our tutor's qualifications and experience in their tutor profiles so parents can gauge at their familiarity with the syllabus. Furthermore, interviews with potential tutors can also be arranged to check their knowledge about your child’s unique IP syllabus.
Capability and Knowledge of Teaching Higher Chinese
Read More
Finding a capable tutor is extremely important to ensure that your child does improve in this grade. Therefore, you need to find one who has sufficient qualifications in Higher Chinese and can correctly pass those on to your child. MOE & NIE trained tutors are especially capable of teaching Higher Chinese to students according to the given syllabus and objectives. Furthermore, Full-Time tutors often have various degrees in the subject making them efficient in teaching their students effectively. Last but not least, part-time tutors are usually teachers who have achieved impressive grades in their own Higher Chinese paper and can instil that knowledge into your child. Another thing to check is their experience in teaching the language. This could ensure that they are aware of and can teach the right content as well as the examination pattern that children will need to follow. FamilyTutor engages the best Higher Chinese tutors in Singapore, each varying in their experiences and qualifications. However, to ensure that your selection process goes smoothly, we provide their qualifications, relevant grades and teaching experience in their tutor profiles so you can carefully select a suitable tutor with all these things in mind.
Previous Students’ Reviews and Testimonials
Read More
After a student has improved and is satisfied with their final results, they give their tutors good feedback which can encourage other clients to hire them. These recommendations greatly help a tutor as it highlights their many strengths as well as their capability of teaching in an effective and helpful way. Therefore, when deciding between tutors, it is important to choose the one with more testimonials as that proves that they are safe and have a good track record. FamilyTutor understands how important testimonials can be for their clients, therefore we enlist a tutor's testimonials within their profiles to ease your selection process in finding a suitable tutor.

You May Ask...

Why Get a Higher Chinese Home Tutor?

  • 60% of the citizens of Singapore can speak fluently in both English and Chinese. Therefore, to adapt to such an environment as well as effectively communicate with fellow citizens or colleagues in the future, students need to work hard to improve their proficiency in the language. This can be achieved with the help of an effective tutor.
  • Unlike Chinese, Higher Chinese requires a more advanced skill set and strong command in reading, writing and speaking. This expert guidance and practice can be acquired with hiring an effective Higher Chinese tutor.
  • Students need to score a good grade in their Higher Chinese O-Level in order to be exempted from taking extra subjects in A-Levels. Therefore, to free up your time in Junior college to concentrate on other core subjects, students need to have a good grade in O-Levels, which can be achieved with the help of a Higher Chinese tutor.
  • Local Chinese universities strictly require that their students have passed Higher Chinese in either O-Levels or A-Levels. Hence, to be able to apply to such universities, students can take the help of private tutors.
  • In order to apply for university courses such as Chinese medicine or Chinese studies, students need to have a good grade in O-Level/A-Level Higher Chinese. Private tutors can ensure that a child is able to apply to these courses in the future without any restrictions.

Best Higher Chinese Home Tuition in Singapore

Enjoy Higher Chinese Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Higher Chinese Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

The #1 Higher Chinese Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Higher Chinese tutors are hard to come by, especially those with sufficient experience. Therefore, we house and engage good Higher Chinese tutors who are capable and committed to teaching struggling O-Level and A-Level students. Furthermore, our tutors are MOE, part-time or full-time tutors having many years of experience in providing effective tuition to students and helping them improve in all aspects of the language. Hence, you can rest assured that our tutors can help improve your child’s grade and help him develop and improve his speaking, writing and listening skills.

Chinese, as they say, is widely spoken around the world and can provide many benefits. Don’t waste time, request for an effective Chinese tutor today!

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