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10 Tips in Improving Project Presentations

Presenting your project to an audience is not a skill you are born with, rather it is a skill that can be developed and honed. The more you practice and develop the skill, the more you will be able to present informative, interesting, and well executed presentations about your project.


Making an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

A poorly made PowerPoint presentation can often lead to the reverse effect and might lead your audience to lose interest in you presentation. We have come up with 10 ways to help make your PowerPoint presentation more effective.


History: Dates, Names, and How to Memorize Them

History as a subject requires a lot of memorization of different names, places, events, and dates which are deemed important and noteworthy. This single reason is why students tend to lean towards other subjects when asked what their favorite subject is. But what if there are ways to improve how to memorize these dates, names places, and events that occurred in the past.


10 Tips in Studying Biology

Biology is a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and vital processes. There are a lot more ways Biology can be helpful in the real world and there are even more reasons for you to learn more about Biology.


9 Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

Public speaking is a skill often taught in school to prepare students when they face a large amount of individuals to present a speech, lecture, or presentation. This can often be nerve-racking as most individuals fear the thought of failing to present properly in front of a lot of people and thus induce stage fright.


Types of Students in Home Tuition

Knowing what kind of student you will be teaching is crucial in formulating your style and method. There’s no easy way to categorize students. However, there are generally six types of students you will meet in home tuition.