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Help: What Should I Do If I’m Faced With A Toxic Friend?

While school is a generally safe place to be in, we still encounter toxic friends once in a while. What should we do when we are put in such an unfortunate situation? We might find ourselves stuck with this toxic friend and unable to get out of such a friendship, but trust me, you can do it!


Purpose: Do I Really Need To Complete Education To Succeed In Life?

Amidst revision for the next examination, we might ponder if we really need to complete our education to succeed in life. Apart from gaining content knowledge in school, what else do we even learn anyway? If I can learn all that knowledge on my own at home, do I really need to stress myself to keep up with an institution’s requirements?


Purpose: Is Schooling Even Necessary?

Schooling is like a rollercoaster ride, we face ups and downs and when we do experience too many downs, we start to question schooling’s necessity. We tend to escalate into such thoughts when the downs take a toll on us, and we start viewing schooling myopically.