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Challenges Faced by Geography Students in Singapore

  • Trouble balancing the workload from the several subjects taken during school
  • Struggle in staying consistent with the Geography content covered in school
  • Lack of practice in precisely deciphering grid references and direction
  • Difficulty in employing suitable methods for error-free study of maps, photographs, graphs, diagrams and case studies
  • Increasing misconceptions that have been allowed to foster due to lack of guidance
  • Struggle in memorizing the overwhelming course contents for Geography
  • Inability to utilize and convey Geography concepts and content while answering questions that require analysis
  • Lack of knowledge about marking patterns and what to include in answers
  • Lack of ability in effectively answering structured questions
  • Lack of training in delivering prose writing and essays
  • Inability to manage time effectively resulting in unattempted portions of examination papers

Benefits of Engaging a Geography Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Geography Home Tuition

It takes a lot of efforts on the student’s part to effectively maintain a healthy social life along with excelling in their academics and ambitions. Geography tuition is a means for students to avail help in areas on contents of the course they find themselves lacking in, allowing for easier management of time spent on homework and leaving more time for indulging in other activities and hobbies.

Geography Tuition provides a means for students to discuss their requirements and difficulties with their tutor, that has the job of devoting all their time and attention to that one student needs.  The tutor may also be more properly assess the student’s abilities and lackings and devise effective methods of countering them during their tuition lessons. The added benefit is that the pace employed may be tailored to the student’s preference ensuring that they are able to absorb the information.

Despite having all the knowledge required students may still fail to score well due to their unawareness about question formats in examinations. Tutors are well versed in the examination patters and can assist students in preparing for examinations by passing on knowledge from their own experience and testing their depth of understanding by asking them to critically analyze their answers. They can guide students in writing structured questions and Geography essays. A watchful eye is important to point out mistakes and misunderstandings that students might not notice on their own and provide advice to prevent the same mistakes from being repeated during the actual examination.

Owing to their numerous years of experience in providing Geography tutoring, tutors possess a huge amount of resources, notes and other material that they might have created on their own such as mind maps and summaries. They may have collected many past examination papers, and essay questions that they can provide students for more ideal preparation. Due to this they may be better prepared for exams as they will have had the maximum number of relevant resources at their disposal during preparation.

Along with support in the context of academics, Geography tutors may also have invaluable information to share with students about their future. They have survived the harsh Singapore education system, and a few may have even received training by MOE and NIE. They can guide students in their pursuit of higher education, pointing to paths they may be interested in taking and providing road maps they can take to achieve their ambitions. They can educate the students of the numerous options available to them after completing O-Levels or pre-university institutes. Being sure of what they need to do can be a strong source of motivation for the students to work hard and excel academically.

Choosing The Right Geography Home Tutor

Important Qualities to Look For In A Geography Home Tutor

  • Studying Geography uses several special skills that include reading and deciphering maps to point out geographical features, understanding grid references and finding directions and calculating distance to scale. It is necessary to ensure that the tutor you employ is not only knowledgeable about the contents of the subject but is also acquainted with the additional skills and is prepared to teach them to you.
  • Owing to the huge number of Geography tutors at FamilyTutor, you can be certain to find a tutor that can teach you the skills that you wish to learn. FamilyTutor displays all the relevant information on the website regarding the tutor’s experiences and past records. Through our services, you may also arrange trial lessons to assess the skills and effectiveness of the lessons for your child, before you officially hire the tutor.
  • One of the most important qualities of a tutor is their level of commitment to meeting your requirements and expectations. It is necessary to be able to effectively communicate with any potential tutor about your needs and preferences before beginning the lessons and whether they are willing to the consistency of lessons that you are requesting throughout your requested period.
  • FamilyTutor is aware of the importance of establishing proper communication between you and the tutor. Our services include assisting communication between both parties to make certain that common ground is achieved, and the commitment is both fair and understood by all involved.
  • You can choose tutors from a variety of categories. Our MOE & NIE trained teachers are specialized in teaching Geography and the skills needed to excel in Geography examinations having had prior experience teaching in MOE schools as well. You can also avail the assistance of our full time and part-time tutors, who despite not having a formal education in the field, have successfully guided and taught Geography students from years. They have also survived the Singapore education system themselves having performed excellently during their attempt.
  • While shortlisting tutors for any client, FamilyTutor considers the achievements of the tutors in the field and their years of experience. We recommend that clients check the tutor’s profiles as well and assess whether the experience level of the tutor is satisfactory to their requirements.
  • Tutors hired should be up to date with any changes in the MOE syllabus as it is revised every few years. This is important to prevent any time being wasted due to the tutor covering topics or handing out practice questions that have been removed from the syllabus. Being well acquainted with the updates to the syllabus can make the lessons more effective.
  • It is simple to check the familiarity of tutors recommended by FamilyTutor as their teaching experience is highlighted on their profiles. You can check whether there are any lessons the tutor is currently conducting or has recently taught and assessed the level of familiarity the tutor may have the recent updates to the syllabus.
  • Data provided on the tutor’s profiles may be important, but you may also wish to understand the teaching style and effectiveness of lessons conducted by the tutor. Testimonials are provided by students and parents explaining their personal experiences with the tutor and can help other potential clients better understand other qualities of the tutor not listed on paper, such as their personality, level of commitment, effectiveness in communication etc.
  • Here at FamilyTutor, we understand the doubts regarding safety when considering hiring a tutor. To assist you in this regard we highlight the nature of reviews and feedback received by the previous students of the tutor. We hope that by providing this information we are able to put your mind at ease about the expertise and professionalism of the tutor you are considering hiring.
  • One of the top benefits of hiring an experienced Geography tutor is the bundles of resources such as notes, mind maps and past practice papers that they have managed to accumulate over their numerous years of experience in teaching students. This will help students to absorb content more easily and be better prepared for their upcoming examinations
  • In case this is a requirement you expect the tutor to fulfil, FamilyTutor indicates the availability of extra material with each tutor to further aid you in the difficult process of selecting the ideal Geography tutor.

Making Well-Informed Decisions

Importance of Getting Geography Home Tuition

  • Singapore has one of the most rigorous education systems in the world oftentimes proving to be too much for students. A balance between academics and extracurricular activities is necessary for a healthy student life experience. Geography tuition can ease the stress of the academic portion leaving more time and energy to pursue other leisurely activities.
  • It is necessary to have a considerable command over Secondary Geography to be able to excel at JC/IB Geography. Without a command on the fundamentals, troubles carry over even beyond that to the university level. It is better for the student to build an in-depth understanding of the concepts taught early on before the course and topics become even more challenging.
  • Although being able to structure essays and answering questions is important, the scope of Geography extends beyond these to include a variety of other skills. Geography tutors can provide feedback to students on their answers ensuring excellence in exams while also incorporating these important skills into their lessons.
  • Geography provides fundamentals in numerous fields such as transport, environmental conservation, urban planning and design, heritage and policymaking in the public sector of government. As such it opens up the student to a wide array of paths for their career and future. Employing a command over Geography will surely provide an advantage for students in their professional education and university studies.
  • Geography is a subject not only important in academics but is also greatly useful in practical life. Understanding Geography can instill students with an outlook with contemporary societal problems detrimental to the environment such as pollution, urbanization, transport and climate change.

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FamilyTutor Home Tuition understands the struggles faced by parents and students while finding a suitable and knowledgeable home tutor for Geography in Singapore. With our huge selection of experienced Geography tutors, listed with their past records in providing students with the support they needed to perform better in their examinations, you will surely find the ideal tutor that fulfils your requirements. You will find FamilyTutor dedicated to assisting you in your search for a Geography Tutor that matches your criteria. Submit a request to employ our services immediately!

You’ll find numerous reasons in this article to study Geography including the chance to tackle questions regarding your very surroundings and the earth. Developing such an understanding can prove to be difficult as Geography has a challenging number of topics and course contents. Employ our services at FamilyTutor to begin Geography tuitions and help you achieve this level of understanding.

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