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While learning to play the graceful musical instrument can be rewarding for the studnets, many beginners or even experts face frustrations or feel discouraged when they face roadblocks. This is especially so when they are learning piano by their own! 

Like learning any other subject in school, picking up piano theory and practical skills can be really tricky when the learner feels like he or she is alone in this arduous journey. “Am I positioning my hands and fingers properly? Am I having correct posture? Am I reading the compositions accurately? Am I picking up bad habits without knowing” These are the questions that the learners may constantly have at the back of their minds when they are learning the instrument alone. In turn, they cannot really focus on mastering the skills.

In addition, learning the wrong theory and practical skills from the start may be detrimental to the entire learning journey of the piano students. Once undesirable habits been formed, it is almost impossible for the students to unlearn them unless they are constantly guided by a professional piano mentor.

Every piano learner needs an experience teacher from the beginning. It should not be a lonely journey. The lonelier the learners are at the start of the journey, the more unnecessary road bumps the piano students would face in the later part of it. 

Road Bumps Students Face in Learning Piano

Advantages of Hiring a Piano Home Tutor

Benefits of Engaging Piano Home Tuition

Shortlisting the Best Piano Home Tutor For You

What to Expect from These Piano Home Tutors

Qualification and Expertise in Teaching Piano
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Before hiring a piano tutor, it is important to find one who has a deep knowledge of the musical instrument and can successfully pass that knowledge on to your child. A qualified piano tutor is capable of performing the above procedure, so it is important to assess a potential piano tutor’s musical qualifications and relevant grades in the theory and practical exams. Before confirming a piano home tutor from us, you may ask for a softcopy of the musical certificates that they may have attained throughout their piano learning and/or teaching journeys. We understand that having a peace of mind before starting the first piano lesson is very important, so you request for a demo of how the piano teachers themselves play the musical instrument. We can send the demo to you via a video file or even a YouTube link for your consideration.
Affordable Hourly Rates Offered In Singapore
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Unlike normal subjects in school, piano is a niche subject matter. As a result, piano teachers, especially 1-to-1 home tutors, charge higher rates than the normal subject home tutors. That being said, we ensure that our piano home tutors charge reasonable hourly rates to you. There are two types of piano home tutors - Part-Time and Full-Time. Part-time piano home tutors are generally Polytechnic/University students or even working adults who have previously gained a mastery in the subject matter but do not treat piano as a full-time career. On the other hand, full-time piano home tutors are those who chose to teach piano as a full-time career. You may rest assured that no matter which category you choose, we will shortlist only those who have great qualifications, great experience, and great teaching track record. You may expect the hourly rate for part-time piano tutors to range from $40/hr to $60/hr and that of full-time piano home tutors to range from $60/hr to $100/hr.
Experienced in Teaching Piano Students of Similar Levels
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Experience goes a long way in tutoring. With the right experience, piano tutors know the ins and outs of the level and the subject matter and thus can develop various methods to counter and tackle the problems their students face when learning the theory and practical skills. Therefore, it is critical to find suitable piano home tutors with the correct experience to ensure that they have immense knowledge teaching the level your child requires assistance in. Piano tutors who have experience teaching beginners may not be able to teach your child Grade 8 piano exam skills as the depth of the subject matter as well as their examination pattern greatly vary. Therefore, tutors with the right experience can correctly prepare your child to achieve the objective of you engaging the piano home tutors in the first place.
Previous Students' Testimonials and Tutor's Credentials
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The best piano home tutors in Singapore often have good recommendations and testimonials to back up their strengths and capabilities. These testimonials can greatly assist you in your selection process for an effective and suitable piano home tutor. Therefore, when looking for tutors to teach your children piano skills, you may want to hire only those who have great testimonial base, as that will assures that they are effective and capable of teaching your child. FamilyTutor indicated tutors with good testimonials as well as ensuring clients that the tutors are nothing short of excellent.

You May Ask...

Why Get a Piano Home Tutor?

  • Piano is one of the most commonly played musical instruments. Not knowing how to play the piano does not put students at a disadvantage, but knowing how to play does put them at an advantage, as studying piano has shown to amazingly improve memory, which is advantageous for other parts of the learners’ lives. 
  • Engaging piano home tutor add accountability to the learning process of the students. Piano teachers will help them to stay on track with consistent practice. Knowing that there are mentors to help observe the weekly progress will motivate the students to practise even if they do not feel like it or if they are too busy. 
  • Having piano home tutors going over to your own home to teach adds a lot points in the area of convenience. Learning should be made as easy as possible for the students, so we do not want your children to travel all the way to a music school just to have divided attention from a piano teacher who is teaching multiple students at one time!
  • Having a private piano home tutor may just help your children pave their path for a potential music career. A good piano teacher will help your children realise their hidden potential in not only piano but music as a whole. Who knows, your children may just be the next piano performer on a big world stage! 

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Enjoy Piano Tuition at the convenience of your home today. FamilyTutor provides Piano Home Tuition all across Singapore. Learn in a safe & comfortable environment today with us! 

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FamilyTutor is well known for having a range of talented and experienced piano home tutors who can help your children master their theory and practical skills for their ABRSM or Trinity exams. We work hard to recommend piano tutors who have exemplary qualifications and experience in the given subject matter so your children could learn piano at the comfort of their own homes. Aside from this, with the help of our piano tutors many of our agencies’ past clients have seen immense improvements in their children’s piano theory and practical skills. 

Many studies have shown that playing the piano can help improve mental health. Children who play the piano are less likely to experience anxiety and depression at the later parts of their lives. Not only that, playing the piano for a short period of time in each day can help your children feel happier and lower their blood pressure. 

Request for a piano tutor from our agency today and brighten your child’s future in this graceful musical instrument! 

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