What FamilyTutor Thinks: How to Do Well for Chemistry!

What FamilyTutor Thinks: How to Do Well for Chemistry!

Chemistry is arguably one of the most difficult subjects to excel in school, regardless it is on the N, O, A, IGCSE, or IB level. However, scoring well for Chemistry could open up many prestigious University course options – such as Dentistry, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, and Pharmacy – for the students! As such, we think that learning this department of Science should be done right at the very start so the student could build a strong foundation on the O/N/IGCSE level and progress properly to the A or IB level! We surveyed 50 students who excelled in Chemistry in their secondary and pre-University education. With that, we want to share with you the results of this amazing survey!

Always take some time to imagine!

From the survey, we found out that more than 50% of those students think that Chemistry is an “imagination” subject. How so? Chemistry is the study of matter and the chemical reactions between substances. It is also a study of matter’s composition, structure, and properties. With so much of the subject matter happening on the atomic or molecular scale, we are usually unable to visualise the concept unless we have the necessary level of imagination of what is happening to the atoms or molecules! That is why these students advise new Chemistry students to always take some time to picture the happenings on the atomic or molecular scale before moving on to the more difficult topics. At the same time, with the help of abundance of visual aids found in textbooks and online materials, Chemistry students nowadays have no excuse not being able to visualise Chemistry well.

Always see assistance from experts!

More than 80% of the students we surveyed reflected that they have engaged a Chemistry private home tutor at some point in time during their Chemistry learning journey. They said that these Chemistry private home tutors are experts in their field in Singapore: some are Chemical Engineers, while some are Chemistry Ph.D. holders! These experts have a strong grasp of the Chemistry subject matter, so they had no problem passing on their experience and knowledge of both the O Level and the A Level syllabuses!

Having Chemistry private home tutor ensured that the students could keep in touch with the subject matter even outside regular Chemistry classes in school. It is especially important because learning Chemistry, like practising sports or learning a foreign language, requires constant practice. At the same time, having Chemistry home tuition allowed the students to clarify new Chemistry concepts with their Chemistry private home tutor at home right after they have first learned them in school. By revisiting the difficult Chemistry concepts fast, those students were able to easily retain the information for a very long time!

Engage a Chemistry home tuition teacher from FamilyTutor now!

There are many Chemistry private home tutors in Singapore, but it is never easy to find one who has the right qualifications and experience to teach the students well! That is why we are here to assist the students in excelling in the subject! Every year, on average, we recommend around 427 qualified and experienced Chemistry private home tutors to families all around Singapore! The reason more than 98% of our clients are satisfied with our recommended Chemistry private home tutors is that we always recommend those whom we have worked with before. We understand that our Chemistry private home tutors not only are dependable and capable to help their students improve their Chemistry grades, they are also patient, upright, and knowledgeable enough to be a great role model for students who engage us! 

Studying for Chemistry is never easy, and we understand that. With so many subjects for a typical student in Singapore to juggle in school, excelling in subjects as difficult as Chemistry takes much effort. FamilyTutor believes that with the suitable Chemistry private home tutor, students are not only able to improve in their Chemistry grades easier, but also enjoy the process of learning the amazing subject!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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