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There is a rising demand for private tuition amongst students in Singapore. Subjects such as Math and Science get to shine in the spotlight even in the midst of the rising trend. But what is this trend really about and should you sign up your own child for private Math tuition? This article will explain why your child might need private Math tuition and signs that he/she really needs it.

The importance of Mathematics

Mathematics play an important role in our daily lives. It is what helps us to count and exchange currency, measure objects, and calculate. However, Mathematics also has its importance in an academic standpoint. Here are a few reasons as to why learning Math is important for every student:

• Essential in curriculum

Most schools follow the curriculum given by the government, and it is this curriculum that includes Mathematics as an essential subject to learn. Mathematics will be taught to students as early as first grade or even during pre-school. Mathematics will then be continued to be a part of the curriculum until students graduate from high school, introducing new and more complex branches as they climb higher into the educational ladder.

• Opens up career paths

Since Mathematics is such an important aspect of our daily lives and is vital to the progression of human society, it should be natural that there would be career paths that require mastery of such subject. For instance, a student can go down the path of an accountant and deal with matters regarding currency and accounting.

Or a student could go on to study economics and be a major driver of a population’s economy. Math is also an important subject that most engineers have to be good at in order for them to execute their jobs properly as miscalculations could cost the lives of the people working with an engineer’s design. Mathematics will surely open up numerous career paths for your child in the future as long as your child does well in the subject.

• Allows humanity to advance further

If we were to completely be absorbed in the academic implications of Mathematics, then it would take you more than a day to fully learn how much Mathematics has helped advance humanity into the dominant species in the planet. From astrology, construction, currency, art, and even microeconomics, Math has helped humanity build the complex and intricate society we live in today.

Since Mathematics is what helped us get to where we are now, it should only be natural that it will be a factor that will continue to propel humankind further into advancement. You may never know when your child might be one of the forefathers of a discovery that will enable mankind to take one step closer to uncovering the truth of the universe.

Why does your child need private Math tuition?

Private Math tuition is always an optional addition to your child’s education. Your child might even get by without a hitch without the help of private Math tuition, however, there are certain benefits that private Math tuition offers that you cannot find in regular tuition. Listed below are the reason why your child needs private Math tuition:

1. Better learning environment

Tutors are often praised for offering a better learning environment when compared to a regular classroom. Yes, the absence of healthy competition will certainly make a dent in the excitement a child gets from learning new topics, however, private Math tuition allows a student to become better than his/her previous self and not be dictated by the standards of others.

This is what makes private tuition a relatively healthier learning environment as opposed to just taking regular classes. Since the only obstacle the child needs to overcome is himself, he/ she will continue to improve himself, which will result to a bigger obstacle he/she must overcome, thus making him work harder to beat his previous self. This will create a loop of improvement that is driven purely by the child and not any other external factor.

2. The tutor can focus on the student

A regular homeroom has at least 20 students and has a cap of about 30 or more students. A class this large will be really difficult for your regular Math teacher to pay attention and attend to every query his students have, while simultaneously teaching the topics to be discussed in that day. This will result to a lot of unanswered queries and will often lead to confusion when not addressed properly.

This is another benefit of private Math tuition. As the tutor and student often have a one-on-one session, the tutor will be able to focus on a single student and have enough time to answer every question the student has to offer. The tutor will also be able to point out where the student often fails or gets incorrectly in greater detail to make the student aware of where he/she needs to practice more.

3. Will serve as a supplement for daily classes

Even with all the perks of private Math tuition, it is still a supplement to regular classes. It cannot stand alone to educate an individual fully as your child still needs to attend regular school in order to get his/her diploma.

However, this is also one of the selling points of private tuition. Your child will essentially have two layers of education under his/her belt and will prove beneficial when he takes a college entrance exam or apply for a job. Your child will be able to have a deeper understanding of the topics taught at school as it will be repeated in greater detail once he/she attend a session with private tuition. Think of it as a food supplement you take in after every meal: you will be completely fine even if you don’t take it, but it if you do take it, then you will be supplied with the right amount of nutrients your body needs to function properly.

4. Free from the fear of being incorrect

One of the leading reasons why students are not as proactive in class as they should be is because of the fear of being incorrect. However, this fear is almost non-existent in private tuition. This is due to the fact that private tuition is more of a one-on-one discussion and tutelage, as opposed to the class-oriented way of teaching done in classrooms.

 Since the only people present during a session is the student and the tutor, then the student will be less anxious to ask questions or answer questions incorrectly. This will improve the student’s proactiveness and eagerness to learn as the fear of being laughed at when they are incorrect is eliminated in private tuition.

Signs your child needs private Math tuition

Every child operates differently and has varying needs that are unique to an individual. Some may need private Math tuition, while others can do fine without it. Here are a few signs that your child needs private Math tuition:

1. Diminishing grades

If you see a trend in your child’s Mathematics report card where his/her grades are steadily declining, then it should be a good decision to enroll him in private Math tuition as soon as possible. Declining grades are the number one sign that your child needs private Math tuition.

Mathematics has a lot of branches and topics that vary in difficulty. It is not rare to see a student who excels in trigonometry but has difficulties in calculus. You should look into which part your child has shown degrading grades to be able to identify which topics you child has difficulties with.

A drop in your child’s Mathematics performance could signify other issues as well. You should take action as soon as you see a steady decline in your child’s performance as soon as possible to mitigate any more declines in his/her grades.  

2. Having trouble catching up with his peers

The curriculum your child is currently experiencing has been pre-determined by the government to make sure that the students cover and are knowledgeable of the topics they deem essential. These individuals also work under the presumption that the students will be taught the topics and will understand it without a hitch, will leads the curriculum to be fast-paced and intensive.

If your child falls behind in his class, then it would be really difficult to catch up on his own, as by the time he/she has caught up with the lesson that he/she fell behind in, the class has already moved on to the next topic.

If you feel like your child is falling behind in his class, then it might be the right time to enroll him to a private Math tuition. Math is notoriously known to be difficult once you get left behind, and the best course of action you can take as a parent is to seek professional help.

3. Has interest in higher Math at a young age

Not every sign that your child needs private Math tuition has to be negative. It could also be a sign that your child is on his/her way to being an excellent Math wizard. If your child displays interest in higher Mathematics even at a young age, then you can support him/her by hiring a private Math tutor to aid your child.

Since the curriculum is already pre-determined, there is no way to advance the knowledge learnt unless you grow older. This could hinder the progression of your little Math genius. However, private Math tuition is not limited to the boundaries of the curriculum. Hence, your child can be taught higher Mathematics even at an early age.

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