Preschool Tuition: Advantages of Getting Help Early

children from the ages of five to six were enrolled in preschools for the last three years. About 99% of Singaporean children has had preschool experience by the age of six. In Singapore, the Early Childhood Development Agency oversees the key aspects of Singaporean children’s development below the age of 7. The MOE also develops and shares the NEL Framework for children aged 4-6.

While the general idea of preschools is an embraced notion throughout the globe, there is still quite a discussion with regards to hiring a private tutor for a preschool student. With the continuous rise of home tuition popularity, it comes quite a shock to learn that tutoring agencies report the fastest growing market isn’t in secondary level tuition, but in the key stages one and two, with the age of tutees getting younger and younger.

However, there are still some who claim that students, especially kids, shouldn’t be trampled upon by the responsibility of thinking about academics at such an age. “Children should be children” and “Let them be kids while they still are” are commonly heard when talking about opposing the early tuition. While these are also important and understandable arguments, in a rising country such as Singapore, where education is one of the key elements for progress, there may not be such a thing as “too young”.

Problems Preschool Students Face

Before we dive deeper into the benefits students and parents may think of when hiring a private tutor for your preschooler, let’s first tackle some of the problems preschoolers face when entering their first level of education.

1. Short attention spans

It’s no surprise that the first problem students face at that certain age lies with their shorter attention span, especially during lessons they find “boring.” Preschool students don’t have much interest with key subjects such as Math, Mother Tongue, or English. As a result, most times they have a hard time grasping the skills needed to improve in these subjects.

2. Distracted by games or television shows

In a modern world, it’s not uncommon that students even as young as 4-6 will become distracted with games or television shows. Children who are left alone are generally given screen time to pass time and hold their attention without being fussy. As a result, students are generally more interested in their games and shows rather than studying their lessons. This can pose a problem as such that students may be more inclined to wanting to use their devices and watch TV instead and throw tantrums or not focus during time used for lessons.

3. Have trouble asking for help

Children will have a hard time speaking up or asking for help from an adult, especially when they are not familiar with them. When students have no way of communicating with an adult about problems they’re facing, it can become a problem as their struggles and confusion won’t be clarified or they will continue doing things ineffectively. With poor social skills, students may not be able to speak to people outside their immediate circle and this can be a problem they may bring with them as they grow older.

4. Creativity and other skills may not be considered

While students in preschool are more inclined to draw or paint, these aren’t exactly the skills that are wanted as they grow older. Critical skills, language and math skills are more commonly desired especially when they’re making the jump to primary school. Because of this, creativity and reasoning skills may not be given the attention and development they deserve.

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor for Your Preschooler

Now that we’ve talked about the problems preschoolers may face, let’s tackle some of the benefits they will get from early private tuition.

Preparation for an Easy Transition to Higher Level Learning

While preschool is still essentially “school”, it’s more of a supported play world, wherein students play more to learn rather than sitting down and learning. They are given freer rein to discover the world and use play time to bring in understanding of the occurrences around them.

However, when they enter primary school, this may pose as a problem for them. Because they have been learning in a “play environment”, they may be surprised by the intensity of learning for the next level of education. As such, this is where preschool tuition may come in handy.

Early hiring of a tutor for your child may help the student experience the formal level of learning that’s expected in the next levels. The preparation will be one of the main objectives for the tutor to help the student feel more comfortable with the next situation. In addition, by hiring a tutor, parents will be introducing a new adult in the circle the child knows aside from family members and relatives.

With the help of a tutor in preparing the student for an actual learning environment, they will begiven time to develop listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills, harness numeracy skills, and build up confidence. This will help them be able to speak up and ask correct questions in class and give them an opportunity to fully prepare themselves for what’s to come.

Help with Catching Up with Their Peers

In a school setting, there will be many distractions that students will face. One of these, although can’t be helped, is the teacher-to-student ratio. Children still outnumber the teachers so it’s not a surprise that some students may not be given the same attention they need or are given to others. Because of this it’s inevitable that some students will be left behind in lessons and skills development.

This wouldn’t be a problem in 1-to-1 private tuition, as tutors always prioritize the student and their needs over anything. Tuition will especially be catered and aimed around students’ needs and according to their learning styles. Tutors may even create activities around the specific way and style the student learns best.

As an addition to this, tutors can also help determine student’s weaknesses and struggles and develop a learning plan specifically aiming to improve those weaknesses, may it be a hard time counting or pronunciation difficulties, the tutor can help the student improve without the worry of learning at the same pace as their peers.

Students will be able to catch up to their peers while still keeping it stress-free and learning at a comfortable pace.

Jumpstart learning

If tuition isn’t for helping students overcome their weaknesses, it’s for helping students get a head start in learning.

This is especially true for preschoolers. As stated before, because Singapore is a competitive and fast-paced country, there’s no such thing as “too young” in education. By hiring a tutor, parents will be giving their children a chance to develop healthy and good habits at a young age that will set them apart from their peers in the long run.

There are many habits that will prove beneficial for students such as being able to manage their time effectively, organization skills, and setting ample time for studying and for play and hobbies. Tuition will not only help students learn skills but also help them understand the value and importance of commitment, following through with plans, and the sticking to a schedule and routine.

Refine their skills and set goals

While language and mathematical skills are important and are the foundation of many other skills students have to develop, there is also one other thing that tutors can help ingrain on their students.

One great habit that can be advantageous in the future is the ability to set goals. In the modern world, there isn’t much focus on setting goals or creating an action plan to reach them. But unsurprisingly, it’s one of the abilities that should be deep-seated and taught to students as young as preschoolers.

Even personal goals can be a huge help for students. This is true since they have a goal and finish-line they are getting to that will help fuel their motivation to reach them. With those goals in mind, they will actually have an idea where they are going and where they want to be. Tutors will not only help in giving students pointers on how to reach their dreams and goals but also encourage them to achieve those.


Tuition offers more benefits, and not just for preschoolers. Of course, there are still the arguments of it being “too much” for students. But with the given benefits, the disadvantages sound more obsolete now. Private tuition at an early age can benefit children greatly, especially at giving them a headstart, developing their skills, and preparing them for higher level learning. These, while developed young, will help them pave the road to their success.

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