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As children start to grow and reach the stage when they are inquisitive and want to explore, parents may start to think about sending them to a preschool. Even at an early age, it’s important to nurture children’s desire to learn and help them in finding new teachers that will help them on that path. While some parents may argue that it’s too early for their child, enrolling your child in a preschool can be helpful for them to get started in their educational journey. Of course, in supporting them there are also many ways for parents to do so. One of these is engaging in a home tutor that can help them learn even outside of the classroom.

For new parents, in particular, selecting the ideal preschool tutor in Singapore might be stressful. Because finding one frequently requires experience that you might not have and you need a keen eye and extensive investigation to make sure you select the best one for your child who suits their needs and they are also comfortable with. There are other things to take into account, such as personality, teaching style, qualifications, and experience. It will be a lot considering they will be tutoring your child, and this might be their first experience with home tuition. But don’t worry! We have a list to help you select the perfect preschool home tutor for your child.

1. Your child’s personality

One thing that you need to consider when choosing a home tutor for your child, may it be a preschool one or otherwise, is your child’s personality. Children vary in many things and one of those is their personalities. Of course, there are some children who are alike others but how they will do in tuition also depends on their personalities.

For example, if a child is more disciplined and responds well to a more disciplined approach, they may do well with a no-nonsense home tutor that gets right to the point in helping them with their studies. However, there are also children who are more into the relaxed approach and may prefer the same with their home tutors. These students, especially for preschoolers, may also work well with group tuition as it allows them to interact and work with other children their age. This is to make sure you pick a tutor who your preschooler will feel comfortable with and who will help him or her learn efficiently.

2. Tutor’s teaching methods

It’s crucial to find a tutor whose approach to teaching appeals to your preschooler. As a result of being more involved in their education, your preschooler will be more motivated to participate actively in class.

If you find that you have hired a home tutor whose teaching style doesn’t do well with your child’s learning style, problems may arise that will result in more confusion rather than your child gaining more knowledge. As such, there may also be instances that this can lead to frustration or your child being disengaged in the home tuition. Others may not be able to learn effectively at all or students may develop learning habits that don’t suit them thus affecting their learning style and learning progression. Of course, if the methods don’t match it can also take longer for students to learn and it will significantly be less efficient for both parties.

3. Tutor’s experience and credentials

Always be sure that the tutor you choose for your preschooler has the necessary training and experience. Particularly considering that they will be working with your preschooler during an important period of growth in their early years. So, what are the things you can look for in a tutor’s resume when considering them for the position?

 Of course, you have to look at their academic qualifications such as their diploma or degree. While it’s not totally necessary for tutors to have a degree, it also helps to know that they have prior training in dealing with teaching students of this certain age bracket. Another thing to consider would be their experience in tutoring or working with young children. Parents will feel more at ease knowing their children are in the hands of tutors who also have experience working with preschoolers. Additionally, parents can also look into a tutor’s references. Other clients’ experience with a tutor can also help in giving light as to what kind of tutor you are considering to teach your child.

4. Tutor’s ability to work under pressure

For tutors, working with preschoolers can be very difficult. This is because they’ll run into challenging circumstances where they’ll have to operate under pressure, adapt, and come up with solutions on the spot.

Given the fact that most preschoolers are in their developing age, many of them may have temper tantrums that can affect the tuition session. Many will have short attention spans and may want to play more rather than work or study during their tuition sessions. Some are just unwilling to pay attention at all. Therefore, you need to identify tutors who can manage the difficulties while still offering high-quality instruction.


5. Budget for a tutor

Make sure your tutor fits inside your budget before making a decision. Finding a teacher that “fits the bill” can be challenging, though, as tutors’ fees differ based on their credentials, expertise, and the number of hours they are ready to put in. For home tuition agencies such as FamilyTutor, we do have different types of tutors that parents can choose from especially if they are putting their budget as a priority. They can choose between part-time, full-time, or NIE-trained tutors depending on their budget and their children’s needs. Don’t fret though, as our tutors are well-trained even if they are separated by categories.

In any case, we also make sure to match a home tutor based on our client’s needs. As such, do not be hesitant to bargain with prospective tutors about fees. If they feel they are the proper fit for the job, many are eager to work within your budget.


Finding the ideal preschool tutor is a challenge because it is dependent on a variety of factors. But if you bear these important considerations in mind, you can focus your search and locate a tutor who is a suitable fit. If you are ready to make the leap, send us a request for a preschool home tutor here!



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