Benefits of Private Tuition Students Can’t Get in Schools

Benefits of Private Tuition Students Can’t Get in Schools

With the rise of private tuition popularity in Singapore, it has become mainstream for parents to hire home tutors for their children. While some parents claim that private tuition is doing more harm with concerns of over-competitiveness, we can’t also deny its benefits for the academic well-being of our students. Students don’t only improve academically, but also gain understanding over a wide range of subjects and topics.

While it is true that some parents may be over-doing private tuition, there are things we can do to correct their misplaced notions. As such, it’s also not fair to generalize that all parents do the same and that private tuition is harmful. Like everything else in life, everything should be done in moderation and private tuition is not any different.

That said, there are still many positive impacts to students’ abilities when they receive private tuition. Here are some of the benefits students can get in private tuition that they can’t in schools.

Lessons tailored for student’s needs

One of – if not the main – the reasons parents decide to engage in a home tutor for their child is for them to receive personalized lessons in subjects or topics that they are struggling in.

In private tuition, lessons can easily be modified and tailored according to a student’s needs and which would suit his/he learning style best. While schools tend to develop a curriculum and syllabi that aim to develop students, it’s not for every student. While a student may be struggling with keeping up with his/her peers in school, it wouldn’t be a problem in private tuition.

Since a teacher has to teach many students in school, they can’t always take into consideration only one student or devote a large time for one student. As a result, students that struggled with the lesson may not be able to keep up, hence wouldn’t properly understand the next lesson and quite possibly score lower in exams than his/her classmates.

In private tuition, home tutors have all their attention to only one student and can make sure the student understand the lesson before moving on to the next one. This is also great for students with learning disorders as they wouldn’t be threatened in an environment that they couldn’t catch up with.

Smaller student-teacher ratio, more time and attention

Since 1-to-1 tuition only involves one student to one home tutor, they will receive more attention from their tutor and will be able to raise up questions and struggles they might not want to share in a larger setting. Students will also have fewer distractions during sessions as they don’t have to interact with other twenty or so students.

Like also stated above, schools have more students that only one teacher has to cater to. Some students wouldn’t have the privilege of being answered or gain clarification with regards to a certain lesson. This isn’t uncommon for other students to be lost in the crowd. With only one student, a home tutor will give more time and attention to their student and cater to their needs and see to their improvement.

Learning at their own pace

Every student learns differently. They don’t learn at the same pace and they don’t learn the same way. Some students learn more if they have a model doing things and then they can follow. Some students are auditory learners while others are more visual. In schools, a teacher’s method may not work on some students.

In a classroom setting with over twenty students, a teacher’s approach will be more catered towards the majority of the students. While this will work for some, there is the inevitability that some students will be left behind.

This won’t be the case in private tuition. Home tutors specifically conduct their lessons in the style that fits best the student. It’s always good for a home tutor to ask questions about a student’s preferences during the very first meeting/session so he/she can customize their lessons according to the student’s needs.

In this case, if a student learns by model, a home tutor can do equations first and ask them to follow. If a student is a visual learner, a home tutor can adapt the lesson so they can get their attention and not waste time babbling about and discussing.

There is a flexibility in home tuition that isn’t always available in schools. Of course, teachers are also expected to make lessons fun and engaging. But with the large number of students to attend to, the outcome isn’t always as expected.

A student wouldn’t only enjoy the lessons more, but they also wouldn’t feel pressured to understand the lessons and catch up with others before they are ready.


It’s no surprise that many parents also hire home tutors for their convenience. That much is true since private tuition can be done anywhere but mostly, they are done in the comforts of a student’s home.

There is time flexibility as well. Some students wouldn’t be thrilled in going to schools early in the morning and they may not be ready to learn in class then. In private tuition, they can choose the time when they are ready and much more willing to learn.

It also saves time and money as home tutors will come to you as opposed to tuition centers. Parents will also be able to talk with the home tutor whenever they can after or before sessions. They can also participate in their child’s development as the learning happens at home.

Choose the right teacher

Some students just don’t like some teachers. If a student complains about not learning from a certain teacher, unfortunately, they really can’t do much about it. Students have little to no say who will be teaching them in school. Parents can’t choose a teacher that will teach their children in school.

Parents can however, choose the home tutor that will teach their child at home. Students respond better and engage more with someone they are comfortable with. Sometimes, the struggles a student is facing lies with the teacher’s methodology and techniques.

There are many home tutors in Singapore that offer their expertise and knowledge in many subjects. Finding a home tutor for your child wouldn’t be a problem. However, finding a suitable one may take more time.

Parents should choose a home tutor based on their child’s needs. But sometimes circumstances will not be in their favor. In FamilyTutor, leading private tuition in Singapore, we make sure to match parents and students with the best home tutors suited for their needs. But if it happens that they are not favorable to the matched home tutor, they can request a change or replacement. There is no penalty for doing this.

We believe it’s better for parents and students to have a home tutor they are more comfortable with and will learn more. This way they will have more guarantee of reaching their academic goals.

Learning outside the box

Schools rely more on syllabus and curriculum. The lessons are more methodical and systematic. This isn’t the case in private tuition.

While our home tutors still follow the MOE syllabus, they can also develop their own methods and techniques in teaching students. Many home tutors are professionals in different fields outside teaching. They are experts in different fields that choose to also impart their knowledge to students.

Home tutors also have the privilege of teaching students outside the box and develop their critical skills. They also impart values and skills that wouldn’t be given much importance in schools. As such, home tuition may involve a more hands-on learning than in schools.

If parents want their children to excel, they shouldn’t limit them to only learning inside the confines of a classroom. It’s a big world out there and there are may ways they can learn aside form what’s in their books.

Help with homework and test practice

Homework is an enviable aspect of a student’s life and so are exams. Homework are generally looked upon as more of a chore than supplemental learning. While exams bring anxiety to students.

If left on their own devices while answering homework or preparing for their exams, they may do tasks at a mediocre level. A home tutor can help ensure that homework is done to a higher standard and passed on time. Some students are bad at time-management and will let tasks and projects pile one after the other. They need some guidance to help develop good time-management skills that will not only be useful in academics but outside of it as well.

Preparing for exams is also one thing a home tutor can provide effective support. Some home tutors are professionals and will have more resources and knowledge in exams. They can impart techniques that will help the student ace and earn good scores in their exams.

Build confidence

A home tutor and student’s relationship should be built on trust and respect. They spend more time together in 1-to-1 tuition than teachers do with their students. As such, they can help quiet and low-esteemed students to gain confidence with their skills and knowledge.

Many students fight with shyness in school. They are not comfortable asking questions to the teacher or their classmates. If they don’t understand a lesson, they will have no choice but to deal with it on their own.

With the help of a home tutor, they can cultivate a student’s potential and make them see that they, too, can learn and catch up with their peers. Home tutors value question-and-answer. This will help students get better at asking questions and also expressing themselves.


There are still many benefits in private tuition that parents should also take into consideration when thinking of hiring a home tutor for their child. In FamilyTutor alone, we have over 200 subjects offered for students from pre-school to university-level.

If you feel like your child might need a home tutor, contact us here. If you’re unsure whether your child needs private tuition or not, check out this article.



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