Private Home Tuition: Is It Worth It?

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The private tuition in Singapore is estimated to be about a $1.4 billion industry. This is proof that Singaporean parents commit strongly to educational achievement and gives a great deal of focus on their children’s educational excellence.

Although the Singaporean education system is considered one of the best in the world, the Ministry of Education still acknowledges the importance of home tuition for struggling students and that it is also partly responsible of the overall success of Singaporean students.

About 60% of high school and 80% of primary school age students receive private tuition in Singapore. About 40% of preschoolers also enroll in private tuition. On average, they attend about two-three hours of home tutoring per week.

This emphasis on academic excellence has made private home tuition very popular in Singapore. Parents pay for extra lessons and supplementary topics for their children to enrich their learning.

Parents often engage in home tutors to make sure they stay on top of their academic performance in school. Some parents also engage in home tutors just because it’s popular without thinking if their child needs it. This may prove to be stressful for students. However, we can’t also deny the benefits of getting assisted learning from their home tutors.

Here we will discuss about private tuition and if it is worth it in engaging one for our children.

1. Students are facing issues with subjects

It’s not uncommon for students to face difficulties in their lessons. This is especially true in a large classroom setting. Undeniably, it could happen that students may not receive the same amount of attention from their teacher.

This problem poses a threat for a student’s understanding of the lesson. Because of this inevitability, students may have a hard time following the lessons and may feel left out.

There’s also the possibility that students may not be comfortable learning in a group-setting. This may stem from a variety of reasons but mostly involves weak social skills. They may feel shy asking the teacher or their classmates.

If left unattended, this may progress negatively and will make lessons more difficult for them to comprehend. This will then result in them doing poorly in examinations. Once this happens, students will become more anxious for the next lessons because they haven’t mastered the last one yet. And then the cycle begins again.

Getting a private tutor for your student may rectify this situation as home tutors provide a more personalized lesson approach. This means that home tutors vary their lessons based on what the student’s needs are.

They also make sure to guarantee that students fully understand the lesson before moving on to the next. Because of this, students who have a hard time pacing with their classmates in school can catch up on the syllabus while having the benefit of learning at their own pace.

2. Engage according to the student’s needs

There will be many subjects offered in home tuition agencies. In FamilyTutor alone, we offer more than 200 subjects for different levels. This is ideal for parents who want to engage in home tuition agencies.

Home tutors may supplement on the concentrated areas that students have difficulties in. If a student is particularly weak and struggling in Mathematics, a home tutor with Math expertise may be a good idea to engage in.

This is also good if there is only one particular topic the student is struggling with and needs attention. Home tutors should have a personalized lesson for every student’s needs. This in mind, we can guarantee that students are given the particular instructions and assistance on that given area.

However, a downside for this would be the mentality that parents can engage in home tutors for other subjects as well. Parents should understand what their children needs before engaging in a home tutor.

It’s best to ask the child on which subject they have a particular difficulty in rather than engaging in an all-around home tutor. With this, we can lessen the stress this may bring on the student instead of the development we want.

3. Enrich their learning

As stated, students learn differently from one another. One teaching style or method can work on a student but may not on another. A different teaching style or method can help the student also figure out what is best for them.

Through this, home tutors and students have the benefit of knowing and understanding exactly what works best for them. Students may learn through audio or visual, while others learn through following their home tutors as models.

By engaging in a home tutor, students can have the chance to learn the subjects through different methods and receive more content. This will then further their knowledge in the subject and even broaden their horizons.

Home tutors can also help students in developing their interest in certain subjects. Though our home tutors still have to follow the MOE syllabus, they are also encouraged to be observant with the student and vary the syllabus according to which would fit the student’s needs better.

A one-to-one learning will be beneficial to the students as their learning will be customized for them. Home tutors are also more open to experiment with other innovative teaching styles and methods that will boost student creativity and make learning more fun and exciting for them.

4. Score well in exams and tests

As learning is more personalized for students, home tutors also have the guarantee of detailing explanations to help student have a better understanding of complex concepts. With this, students have the benefit of understanding lessons more than what they are taught in the classroom. As such, they may even solve problems in Math through an easier process.

As a result, there’s a higher chance of scoring well in exams.  There’s will also be the benefit of the home tutor looking over the student’s performance well and review it. The private home tutor can look at a student’s weak points and help him/her overcome it. This may not always be the reality in a larger classroom setting.

5. Boost student’s confidence

In a large group setting such as in schools, there is little time and resources to fully review a student’s performance. Most of the time, this will only be done during exams. With private home tuition, parents are guaranteed of a proper progress report for their child from the home tutors.

Since their lessons is tailored for them, home tutors can review their performance from time to time. Students will know their progress and learn which area they have to continuously improve in.

This will then boost student’s confidence in their performance and provide a positive environment for them to grow and develop. They will continuously know that they have improved and not just after the exams. Home tutors also provide the emotional support they might not get in schools.

With FamilyTutor, students have the benefit of developing academically while also building lasting relationships with their home tutors. This will lead to being more open to their home tutors and sharing their knowledge as well as not being afraid in asking questions.

When a student is more inquisitive, this shows their interest in the subject and will continue to learn. We aim for students to not just stop learning after the exams.

6. Parents’ benefit

While home tuition offers more benefits for the students and help improve them academically, there are also benefits for the parents.

Generally, Singaporean parents also have busy schedules. They can’t teach their children regularly due to their jobs or duties. Some also don’t have the sufficient teaching skills. When a child is struggling, elevating their stress and worries should be done in a systematic way of teaching.

This is also a reason why home tuition in Singapore has become very popular. Parents can have the peace of mind that their children continue to study and have assistance with their needs for their lessons.

Students will also be able to learn more in the comforts of their own home. Parents can also get to know the home tutors teaching their parents. They can also ask for progress reports which will be more convenient that school’s reports.


With this, it’s safe to say that engaging in a home tutor is a good idea. However, parents should also keep in mind that home tutors are not miracle workers. There might be the notion that once a home tutor is involved, the student will magically be at the top of the class.

Remember that a student’s intelligence may also be outside of the academe. It is our responsibility to help nurture and develop it as a community.

However, home tutors can assist the students in their lessons and secure the advantage of preparation for exams for good grades. If the child needs extra help, parents should consider engaging in home tuition. Parents should also deliberate on the stress and added workload for students when thinking of engaging home tutors.

If you have decided to get help, message us at FamilyTutor. As leading private tuition in Singapore we have a wide variety of over 200 subjects and home tutors throughout the 28 districts in Singapore. More than 8,000 families have benefited from our services.

Our home tutors are specially matched according to your student’s needs. As such, we also offer online home tuition for your convenience.

We only want the best for you sons and daughters.



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