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Hiring a private tutor for your children is pretty common nowadays. But even with the mainstream engagement in home tutoring services, there are still some common and immense misconceptions about home tutoring that needs to be addressed. The lack of professional help for students struggling or just wanting to maintain their grades may cause students to not get the grades they desire or get into the school they aim for.

Some parents engage in home tutoring right before a big exam to improve students’ scores. Some parents also believe the time in a classroom is already enough to supplement their child’s learning. Some parents also believe that they a home tutor can only be used at the very end of the semester when everything else haven’t worked. Some parents also believe that hiring one will solve all their child’s struggles.

There are still countless misconceptions about home tutoring and they are still rampant to this day. In this article, we are going to tackle the biggest and most common misconceptions and enlighten our parents and students when to hire a home tutor.

1. Private Tutors Are Only For The Rich

The most common reason parents hold off engaging in home tutors is because of the notion that home tutors are expensive and only the upper class can afford them. This may be true years ago, but the home tutoring industry has become more affordable and available for the mass for the last years.

Parents will have a certain budget they are willing to spend for their children’s education and thinking that they couldn’t afford hiring a home tutor may hinder them from bringing better learning for their children. Parents will be surprised at the affordable rates of home tutors now. In FamilyTutor alone, we have three categories for home tutors that parents can choose from.

The categories are all well-trained individuals yet the rates depend on their availability to work and their mastery level as well. This doesn’t mean however, that a part-time home tutor is any less knowledgeable than a full-time one or a NIE-trained one. FamilyTutor just gives parents more options that will fit their child’s needs and budget.

There are many skilled and qualified home tutors in Singapore so searching for the right one isn’t much of a challenge for parents. Of course, rates will be based on their experience, availability, and subject taught but it’s worth the extra research if it means you can provide a good and affordable one for your child.

2. Finding A Home Tutor Is Difficult

As stated above, there are many well-trained and highly skilled individuals in the home tutoring industry now. That means that finding a good home tutor wouldn’t be as difficult as it was before.

If parents are still apprehensive about looking for the right home tutor for their children and don’t know where to start, home tutoring agencies are willing to lend them a hand and ear. In FamilyTutor, leading private tuition in Singapore, we make sure to match the student’s needs with the home tutor we suggest to the parents. As such, we also show the parents a detailed profile of our home tutor so they know who they’ll be engaging.

If you are still confused, check out this article for some tips on qualities you should look for in a home tutor.

3. Private Tutors Are Not Comparable To Teachers

Some home tutors are actually teachers. That said, not every home tutor is a teacher. However, many home tutors are individuals who have passion for teaching and expertise in their respective fields.

Many parents think that home tutors aren’t as knowledgeable or experienced as teachers. This is not the case at all. However, being a home tutor doesn’t require a diploma in teaching. That said, a home tutor can be tested based on his skills in a certain field, not just because he/she holds a certificate in teaching.

Some part-time home tutors are undergraduate students still studying to gain their diplomas while others are professionals in different fields that use their free time to impart their knowledge on others. Full-tie home tutors dedicate their time and skills in tutoring students and helping them grow as individuals. While NIE-trained tutors are school teachers who are also home tutors that have access to more resources and experience under their belt.

Parents should also remember that teachers can’t know everything. A little help here and there should always be welcome. A home tutor with relevant and expansive knowledge in a certain area or subject will be a great help for their child.

Nevertheless, parents should also note the experience of a home tutor or their references from previous employers.

4. Home Tutors Are Only For Struggling Students

While the main aim of home tutoring is to correct and help struggling students develop, it doesn’t mean that it should just start and end there. This isn’t an exclusivity for struggling students. Parents with children that are doing relatively well in class think that they don’t require home tutors. This may be true for some students but there are many factors that might affect the performance of a student outside of their class.

Homework is one thing to consider. Your child may be doing well in his/her classes but will have difficulties in completing their homework on time. In minor instances, this will not be a problem but if it becomes a habit then parents should reconsider hiring a home tutor.

Having someone supervise their homework, project-making, and studying-time can help your child work on their time-management skills. Parents only want the best for their children. As such, they also want their children to be the best. With a home tutor, they will have the advantage of staying ahead than be left behind by their peers.

That said, parents should not wait until they can see their children actively struggling and failing before thinking of hiring a home tutor. Students with an expert home tutor can help them understand lessons before they are even taught it in class, develop effective study and work habits, and provide tools and techniques necessary in succeeding in class and exams.

5. A Private Tutor Will Make Your Child A Genius

Hiring a private tutor isn’t like hiring someone to work magic on your children. A home tutor helps the child develop and catch up with his/her lessons. They also help with exams, tests, and attaining good scores and grades. However, they are not magicians tasked to turn your child into a genius.

Hiring a tutor doesn’t mean that your child will magically become the next Albert Einstein overnight. A home tutor can push a child to break barriers and develop their abilities and strengths but they can’t change them. While a home tutor can assist in strengthening a child’s skills and develop learning in a certain topic or subject, the end result still depends on them.

A home tutor is not a miracle worker. Everything is a process that should involve the child also. The work shouldn’t be put on the tutor alone. Basically, it’s a team effort from the tutor, the student, and the parents.

6. Students Learn More In Class Than With Tutoring

Learning in class and learning through 1-to-1 tuition is vastly different. For one, lessons in private tuition are more concentrated and personalized to the student’s needs. A classroom setting caters to the learning styles and needs of various individuals. Students also have the advantage of having a question-and-answer with their home tutors that’s not always readily available in classrooms.

While a private tuition is in a more relaxed 1-to-1 environment, a classroom offers interaction and sharing of ideas between different students and the teacher. Thus, a student may develop socially in a classroom.

While we can’t say that one is better than the other, this also doesn’t mean that a student will learn more from one than the other. Sometimes learning happens simultaneously or sometimes students learn something in class and later fortified in tutoring.

7. Private Tutors Are Only For Exams And College Admissions

Private tutoring is not a band-aid or a magic charm right before a big exam or college admissions. Some parents believe that tutoring is only necessary right before a huge test for Physics or Math and for college admissions exams. Home tutoring helps with a student’s study habits, time-managing skills, confidence level, critical thinking and many more. It’s not just something that can be crammed in a week or so.

They fail to realize that a home tutor will help students fortify these skills which will be useful later in life whether in academics or otherwise. A home tutor also helps with the diagnosis of the problems or which part a student is struggling in. They make sure to know the problem first and its reason before they formulate a plan to intervene and help students overcome it.

They can’t possibly do this with so little time at the end of the semester or right before preparing for college. By then, the problems will already be in full bloom. It’s best to nip it right in the bud rather than wait before it’s too late.

Private tutoring is not a magician’s work.


There are countless advantages of hiring a home tutor for your child. These misconceptions shouldn’t become basis for you, as parents, to not engage in home tutoring for your children. However, whether you wish to hire a home tutor or not is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, you should take into consideration that all these misconceptions greatly outweigh the benefits your child will reap from private tutoring.

A home tutor’s job is to help students achieve the greatest success in their goals. It shouldn’t be something to be take for granted.



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