Celebrating Excellence: Unveiling Our Top 10 Rockstar Tutors 2023!

In the realm of education, where the impact of dedicated educators reverberates far and wide, we are thrilled to unveil the crème de la crème of our exceptional home tutors – the Top 10 Rockstar Tutors!

As a leading home tuition agency, we embarked on a journey to recognize and celebrate the unsung heroes who have gone above and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the academic journeys of their students.

The response to our Rockstar Tutor Award 2023 was nothing short of phenomenal, with tutors pouring their hearts into compelling justifications that underscore their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Join us in this blog post as we shine a spotlight on these extraordinary educators, delving into their inspiring stories, innovative teaching approaches, and the remarkable impact they’ve had on the lives of their students.

It’s time to meet the educators who have redefined what it means to be a rockstar in the world of home tutoring!

Note: The list below is not in any particular order, as each tutor’s unique contributions are equally valued and celebrated.


1. Ms. Hoyen Ham

Exemplifying dedication and innovation in education, Hoyen Ham, a passionate full-time science tutor at the age of 26, emerges as a standout candidate for the Rockstar Tutor Award. With six years of teaching experience, Hoyen acknowledges the uniqueness of each student’s learning journey, going the extra mile to ensure tailored assistance for individual excellence.

Crafting and printing hundreds of personalized quizzes, notes, and practice revision sets beyond paid hours, Hoyen demonstrates an unwavering commitment to addressing specific weaknesses. Utilizing Google Sheets, accessible to parents, meticulous progress tracking is maintained, allowing for detailed progress breakdowns shared via text.

Despite facing the challenges of a young age, Hoyen started full-time teaching right after graduating from a diploma and has since discovered a passion for connecting with students. Beyond academics, Hoyen introduces an enjoyable element to lessons, fostering rapport by rewarding good behavior with daily candy treats, yearly children’s day goodie bags, and special rewards for exceptional performance.

Hoyen’s impact is evident in the remarkable grade improvements achieved by her students:

  • A P4 student improved from 70% (AL5) in Weighted Assessment 2 to an outstanding 94.5% (AL1) in the EOY exam.
  • A P6 student advanced from 80% (AL3) in Weighted Assessment 2 to an impressive 91% (AL1) in Prelims.
  • Another P6 student elevated from 78% (AL4) in Prelims to approximately 89% (AL2) in the PSLE.
  • Yet another P6 student progressed from 60% (AL6) in Weighted Assessment 2 to approximately 79% (AL4) in the PSLE.
  • A final P6 student improved from 63% (AL6) in Prelims to around 84% (AL3) in the PSLE, showcasing consistent success.

Acknowledging the financial strain incurred from personal investments in printing materials and motivational rewards, Hoyen expresses a heartfelt commitment to providing quality service. Hoyen’s commendable efforts, innovation, and commitment make her a deserving winner for the Rockstar Tutor Award 2023, embodying the spirit of going above and beyond for students.

🏅 2. Mr. Zhiyong

Exhibiting unwavering dedication, Mr. Zhiyong, the tutor introduced by FamilyTutor in November 2022, spearheaded a transformative journey for his student, Tiffany. Tasked with elevating Tiffany’s Science performance within ten months, Mr. Zhiyong conducted a meticulous assessment during their initial session, discerning Tiffany’s Science motivation and proficiency, setting the stage for tailored study strategies.

Anticipating the PSLE, Mr. Zhiyong meticulously covered Primary 6 topics ahead of schedule, instilling confidence in Tiffany. The results were remarkable, with Tiffany achieving an impressive 92% (AL1) by February 2023, marking a significant improvement in just three months. Undeterred by this success, Mr. Zhiyong addressed the challenge of inconsistent Science results, guiding Tiffany through fluctuations in past year school papers and ultimately achieving an impressive 85% (AL2) for Semester 1.

Mr. Zhiyong’s impact extended beyond academics, encouraging Tiffany’s pursuit of Direct School Admission (DSA) at Kranji Secondary School. Despite an unsuccessful application, the experience proved invaluable, enhancing Tiffany’s scientific skills and confidence. To address consistency, Mr. Zhiyong implemented a ‘perfect practice’ strategy, exposing Tiffany to diverse question types, resulting in the completion of 36 past year school papers.

The culmination of Mr. Zhiyong’s efforts materialized in September, with Tiffany securing AL2 for both Prelims (86%) and PSLE. Science emerged as Tiffany’s best-performing subject, a testament to Mr. Zhiyong’s effective teaching strategies. Grateful parents lauded Mr. Zhiyong’s role, extending strong recommendations and referrals, attesting to his significant impact on Tiffany’s solid development and successful entry into her dream Secondary school. The journey with Mr. Zhiyong stands as a testament to his commitment and excellence in tutoring.

Mr. Zhiyong’s exceptional dedication and expertise as a Science tutor have led to remarkable achievements for his student, Caden. Facing the challenge of conditional progression to Year 2 (Secondary 2) at ACS International (ACSI), Caden’s parents received an alarming email in mid-November 2022, citing Science as his weak subject and mandating external tuition for progression.

Engaging Mr. Zhiyong by the end of November, significant transformations unfolded. Initially grappling with incomplete homework, Mr. Zhiyong established a communication channel and collaborated with parents to ensure consistent reminders and support. With a head start on Year 2 Science content, Mr. Zhiyong’s meticulous teaching, additional exercises, and regular quizzes laid a robust foundation.

Addressing Caden’s retention challenges, a tailored revision plan ensured constant reinforcement of learned concepts. In preparation for year-end exams, Mr. Zhiyong guided Caden through extensive practice, including ACSI past year papers and various school papers.

Within two months, Caden achieved an impressive ‘6’ (80-89%) for Science in his first Year 2 assessment, marking the beginning of a consistent upward trajectory. Maintaining a minimum grade of ‘6’ in all Science assessments throughout Year 2, Caden demonstrated substantial growth, reaching ‘7’ (>90%) in terms 3 and 4—a 20% to 40% improvement from Year 1.

The 2023 end-of-year report from ACSI’s Science teacher praised Caden’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding, crediting Mr. Zhiyong’s tuition for this success. Caden’s parents, pleased with the Year 2 results, have continued to engage Mr. Zhiyong for Caden’s Year 3 Science at ACSI. Mr. Zhiyong’s impact extends beyond academic progress, exemplifying the essence of a rockstar tutor.

🏅 3. Mr. Leong Kwok Yii

Dedicated and passionate about sharing knowledge, Mr. Leong Kwok Yii, a former postdoctoral scientist at NUS, transitioned to a fulfilling career in teaching. Since March 2020, he has actively utilized FamilyTutor, considering it his top choice due to the strong support team’s responsiveness and the platform’s efficacy. Recognized as a Gold-Tier Loyal Tutor with 689 points, he stands just 71 points away from the esteemed Rockstar-Tier Loyal Tutor rank, a testament to his commitment.

With a remarkable 15-year teaching journey, specializing in Chemistry, Mr. Leong has positively impacted over 500 students. His teaching approach emphasizes building a robust foundation before exposing students to diverse questions, resulting in an outstanding track record from 2020 to 2023, with all students achieving a grade higher or more in major exams.

Guiding two students since the beginning of 2023 through FamilyTutor, Mr. Leong showcased his teaching prowess:

  • Catherine, in O Level Pure Chemistry, progressed from E8 to B4, with a predicted national examination grade of B3.
  • Sara, in O Level Combined Chemistry, improved from C6 to A1, with a predicted national examination grade of A1.

Expressing gratitude for our agency’s support, Mr. Leong looks forward to continuing his journey of growth with a new batch of students in the upcoming academic year. His students’ impressive achievements and the dedication evident in his teaching make him a commendable winner for the Rockstar Tutor Award 2023!

🏅 4. Ms. Tan Yee Leng

Ms. Yee Leng emerges as an outstanding tutor, making a profound impact on her student Lam Yu Xin’s academic journey. In 2022, Lam Yu Xin, a P5 student at Sengkang Primary School, faced a setback with a score of 45.5/100 in the P5 Maths End-Of-Year Exams.

Demonstrating unparalleled commitment, Ms. Yee Leng conducted a comprehensive review with Lam Yu Xin and her mother, fostering a positive mindset. Through strategic goal-setting, they devised a plan encompassing daily half-hour Math practice, focused on redoing incorrect questions and dedicating additional time during weekends. Recognizing a weakness in word problems, they incorporated a targeted assessment book to address this area.

Ms. Yee Leng’s commitment extended to timed practice with monthly tests using papers from other schools, creating a structured approach to reinforce learning. Lam Yu Xin’s dedication to revisiting incorrect questions, seeking clarification, and setting goals after each weighted assessment exemplifies the collaborative effort.

The culmination of their hard work manifested in Lam Yu Xin’s impressive achievement in 2023. As a P6 student, she scored an impressive 76/100 in her Prelims Exam—a testament to Ms. Yee Leng’s effective teaching strategies and Lam Yu Xin’s diligence.

Ms. Yee Leng’s personalized and motivational approach, coupled with Lam Yu Xin’s perseverance, showcases the transformative impact of a dedicated tutor-student partnership. This success story reinforces Ms. Yee Leng’s winning of the Rockstar Tutor Award 2023, highlighting her exceptional ability to inspire academic growth and instill confidence in her students.

🏅 5. Ms. Kasandra Hendally

Kasandra Hendally emerges as an extraordinary English language tutor, embarking on an 11-year journey dedicated to the academic enrichment of primary and secondary students. Despite choosing not to operate from a tuition center, Kasandra finds immense joy in the intimate connections she forges with families, illustrating her passion for the craft.

Her commitment goes beyond conventional expectations, consistently meeting the high standards set by parents aspiring for AL1/A1 in each subject. Notably, she extends her expertise to cater to the unique needs of students facing learning difficulties, demonstrating her inclusive and compassionate approach to education.

Kasandra’s teaching philosophy revolves around creating a nurturing and encouraging environment that facilitates consistent student engagement and targeted improvement in individual weaknesses. The enduring relationships she has cultivated, with some students benefiting from her guidance for 4.5 to 5 years, stand as a testament to her unwavering dedication and impact.

In the years 2022 and 2023, Kasandra achieved remarkable success, guiding students to attain AL1 and AL2 for their PSLE, securing coveted spots in their preferred secondary schools. Her teaching style, centered on promoting critical thinking through extended discussions, has not only resulted in outstanding oral literacy but has also garnered prestigious accolades such as Edusave scholarship awards and class achievements.

Despite occasional challenges, Kasandra’s introspective approach shines through, as seen in her reflection on a student’s score maintenance in the 70s range. This self-awareness, coupled with her commitment to continuous improvement, underscores her genuine dedication to the success and growth of her students.

Remarkably, two long-term students under Kasandra’s guidance not only excelled academically but also earned prestigious awards in Britain’s Commonwealth Queen’s Essay Writing Competition in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Looking to the future, Kasandra aspires to nurture students’ expressive abilities, creating not just academically successful individuals but critical thinkers poised to contribute meaningfully to society.

Kasandra Hendally’s impact extends beyond traditional tutoring, embodying qualities of dedication, empathy, and excellence that make her an outstanding winner for the Rockstar Tutor Award 2023. Her tireless efforts and profound influence on her students’ lives deserve acknowledgment and celebration within the educational community.

🏅 6. Ms. Crystal Zheng

Crystal Zheng stands out as an exemplary tutor, placing unwavering focus on the academic and personal growth of her students. With a commitment to excellence, she has crafted a learning environment that prioritizes personalized mentoring and interactive lessons, empowering each student under her guidance.

Crystal goes beyond traditional teaching methods by incorporating real-world relevance into the classroom. She has successfully organized project-based assignments for students from P4 to secondary levels, enhancing their practical skills and fostering a holistic approach to learning.

Embodying an open-door policy, Crystal ensures a safe space for students to discuss challenges, be they academic or personal. Her dedication extends beyond the confines of academic instruction, as she becomes a supportive figure offering guidance and resources whenever needed. Witnessing the tangible progress and growth of her students, both academically and personally, brings immense fulfillment to Crystal.

Crystal’s impact is quantifiable and impressive, with more than 90% of her students achieving at least a one-grade improvement from their previous results. A notable success story is Ashlyn, who progressed from AL6 in 2022 to AL2 in 2023 under Crystal’s guidance.

In essence, Crystal Zheng’s tutoring approach transcends traditional boundaries. It is about instilling confidence, nurturing talents, and preparing students for the challenges ahead. Her dedication to the holistic development of her students, as evidenced by their remarkable improvements, positions her as a deserving winner of the Rockstar Tutor Award. Crystal’s influence goes beyond academic achievement, encompassing the broader realm of personal growth and success.

🏅 7. Ms. Sarah Priyanka Nelson

Sarah stands out not just as an exceptional English tutor but as a compassionate and dedicated private tutor, leaving an indelible mark on Asher Yeo’s educational journey. Her commitment to Asher’s growth is truly commendable, and her proactive approach to addressing his unique challenges sets her apart.

Sarah’s initiative in personally sourcing books, arranging a crash course with an MOE primary school English teacher, and developing a structured learning plan showcases her unwavering dedication to Asher’s foundational improvement. Her creativity shines through in the incorporation of board games, providing a unique and enjoyable way for Asher to relax while seamlessly integrating English concepts.

Beyond the traditional role of a tutor, Sarah becomes a mentor and support system for Asher, recognizing the stress he faces and actively working to create a positive and nurturing learning environment. Her ability to adapt her teaching methods to suit Asher’s needs, along with her commitment to refining his Paper 2 skills in the upcoming year, reflects a tutor who goes above and beyond.

In essence, Sarah’s impact goes beyond academics, demonstrating a genuine concern for Asher’s overall well-being. Her efforts to make learning enjoyable, alleviate stress, and foster a love for the English language make her an outstanding winner of the Rockstar Tutor Award 2023. Sarah’s positive influence and dedication as a private tutor are truly praiseworthy.

🏅 8. Ms. Emily Chen Yihan

Emily Chen, a dedicated mathematics tutor, has been making waves in the world of education through her unwavering commitment to her students. Specializing in secondary-level mathematics, Emily’s journey as a tutor has been marked by a passion for instilling a love for numbers and problem-solving.

Taking John, a struggling Sec 3 student, under her guidance in 2022, Emily identified gaps in his understanding of foundational concepts. Undeterred, she meticulously crafted a personalized curriculum, supplementing it with engaging materials and interactive lessons. Emily’s commitment extended beyond standard tutoring hours; she organized weekend workshops to reinforce challenging topics and foster a deeper comprehension of mathematical principles.

To address John’s exam anxiety, Emily implemented innovative strategies, incorporating mindfulness techniques into their sessions. Her holistic approach not only improved John’s mathematical proficiency but also bolstered his confidence. This transformative journey culminated in John achieving an impressive A1 in his Sec 4 Prelims, a remarkable leap from his initial struggles. This remarkable improvement is a testament to Emily’s dedication and teaching prowess.

Moreover, Emily’s impact isn’t confined to academic achievements alone. She actively involves her students in mathematical competitions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and a healthy competitive spirit. Her students consistently participate in national math competitions, with several earning accolades and distinctions.

Emily Chen’s tireless efforts and innovative teaching methods truly make her a Rockstar Tutor, dedicated to shaping not just academic success but also a genuine passion for mathematics.

🏅💵 9. Mr. Jonathan Lee Wei Chun - Winner of $1,000 Cash Prize!

Jonathan Lee, a charismatic and inspiring science tutor, has emerged as a beacon of knowledge and motivation for his students. Specializing in Mathematics & Sciences, Jonathan has made it his mission to transform the way his students perceive and engage with scientific concepts.

In 2022, Jonathan took on the challenge of mentoring Alicia, a student struggling with Physics in her O-levels. Recognizing the need for a fresh perspective, Jonathan incorporated real-life applications and experiments into his lessons, making abstract theories tangible for Alicia. His commitment to practical learning extended to organizing weekend experiments, enhancing Alicia’s hands-on experience and deepening her understanding.

Jonathan’s influence extends beyond the classroom, where he actively engages his students in scientific projects and competitions. Under his guidance, Alicia participated in a national science fair, presenting a project on renewable energy, which earned her recognition and fueled her passion for environmental science.

A true advocate for holistic development, Jonathan emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His students not only excel in examinations but also showcase a profound understanding of scientific principles. Alicia’s grades in Physics soared from an initial 48% in 2022 to an outstanding A2 in her final O-level Prelims in 2023, a remarkable testament to Jonathan Lee’s dynamic and engaging teaching style.

Jonathan’s impact resonates in multiple success stories across different subjects and academic levels: 

  1. Cassandra (Secondary 3 Pure Chemistry):

    • Before: B4 in Mid-Year Exam
    • After: A1 in End-of-Year Exam
  2. Jeremy Lim (Primary 6 Mathematics):

    • Before: AL3 in Preliminary Exam
    • After: AL1 in PSLE
  3. Shuying (Secondary 3 Physics):

    • Before: C5 in Mid-Year Exam
    • After: A1 in End-of-Year Exam
  4. Ethan Wong (Primary 4 Science):

    • Before: AL6 in Weighted Assessment 2
    • After: AL2 in End-of-Year Exam
  5. Olivia (Secondary 2 Mathematics):

    • Before: C5 in Semester 1 Exam
    • After: A2 in End-of-Year Exam
  6. Isaac (Primary 6 Mathematics):

    • Before: AL4 in Preliminary Exam
    • After: AL1 in PSLE

These additional success stories showcase Jonathan Lee’s consistent ability to drive significant improvements across various subjects and academic levels, reinforcing his position as a top-notch educator.

🏅 10. Ms. Olivia Sim

Olivia Sim, a dedicated English language tutor, has left an indelible mark on the academic journey of her students. Specializing in primary and secondary English, Olivia’s teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a love for language and literature.

In 2020, Olivia took on the challenge of guiding Ethan, a Primary 6 student struggling with English comprehension. Recognizing the importance of personalized attention, Olivia conducted in-depth assessments to identify specific areas of difficulty. She tailored her lessons to address Ethan’s challenges, introducing creative and interactive methods to make learning enjoyable.

Olivia’s commitment extended beyond conventional tutoring sessions. She organized monthly book clubs, encouraging her students to explore diverse genres and fostering a deep appreciation for literature. Under Olivia’s guidance, Ethan’s reading habits improved significantly, and he developed a newfound confidence in expressing himself through writing.

Moreover, Olivia actively involves her students in language enrichment programs and storytelling competitions. One of her students, Mia, participated in a school storytelling competition and clinched the first position, showcasing the impact of Olivia’s holistic approach to language education.

In the recent PSLE, Olivia’s students demonstrated outstanding improvements. Ethan’s English score rose from an initial 55% in his Prelims to a remarkable AL1 in the PSLE. Mia, too, showcased a significant improvement, moving from an AL4 to an AL1 in her English grades. Olivia’s innovative teaching methods, coupled with her passion for language, make her a Rockstar Tutor, dedicated to shaping not only academic success but also a lifelong love for English.


In concluding this journey through the stories of our Top 10 Rockstar Tutors, we are reminded of the profound impact educators can have on shaping the futures of their students. 

Each tutor showcased in this esteemed list has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, innovation, and a genuine passion for nurturing academic success. As we applaud their achievements, we also extend our gratitude to all the tutors who participated in the Rockstar Tutor Award 2023. 

Your commitment to excellence is a beacon of inspiration, and collectively, you contribute to the transformative power of education! 

To the students whose lives have been touched by these extraordinary tutors, the journey toward academic success continues, guided by the unwavering support of these educational trailblazers. 

As we celebrate these educators, we look forward to another year of empowering students, fostering growth, and recognizing the outstanding contributions of our tutors. Here’s to a future filled with continued inspiration and educational excellence!

Let’s all look forward to the next Rockstar Tutor Award in 2024! 

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