These free test papers are one of the supplemental learning materials for students. They feature questions and answers designed to gauge a learner’s comprehension and level of understanding in a given subject or topic. These papers can be used to evaluate a student’s knowledge of a subject, determine how prepared they are for an exam, or serve as practice tests to help them do better. These are also exactly the kind of test papers you can get for free here in FamilyTutor. Additionally, we offer free test papers for students in Primary, Secondary, Junior College, and IBDP.

As students go through many milestones in their academic journey, it’s also important for them to get the support they need in order to make things a little bit easier for them. Free test papers offer students a way to practice for their exams even before they need to. They can use this to incorporate in their study routine making it easier to revise and study for the different topics they need to cover. If they are well-prepared for their exams, students are more confident to take it on, and thus, may provide better results.

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The use of free test papers can help students gain a deeper comprehension of the ideas and concepts they are learning, strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and increase their confidence when taking exams. It also gives them the chance to practice taking exams, which can help them perform better on the real thing. This is especially helpful for our Primary 1-2 students when they will finally reach Primary 3 and will be introduced to their first formal graded assessments. 

As such, free test questions can help students in determining their areas of strength and weakness. This allows students to concentrate on enhancing their knowledge and abilities in those areas where they are weak, which may ultimately result in greater academic achievement and increased confidence. And with our free test papers available online, this can also be a practical approach for students to further or improve their education without breaking the bank. Without having to pay for pricey textbooks, they give students access to a plethora of educational materials and tools.

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How To Make Full Use Of These Free Test & Exam Papers?

For students of all levels, using free test papers is easy and effective. Finding the particular problem or topic that has to be tested is the first step. Then, students can look for relevant free exam papers online. FamilyTutor offers free test papers for many different subjects from Primary to IBDP levels you can choose from. By doing this, they can also determine their strengths and weaknesses in the given subject or topic. They will be able to concentrate on areas that require improvement as a result, and change their study strategy accordingly.

The sample test questions also allow students to work on exam-taking strategies like time management, understanding of exam structure, and response techniques. This will increase their chances of performing better on the actual exam and help them become more accustomed to the exam process.



The test papers you see on this webpage belong to the respective schools that created them. We retain the schools’ logos in those papers to give them full credit for setting the test questions.

FamilyTutor is only responsible for collating them to benefit parents/students/tutors like you.


All of the test papers that you see on this webpage are totally free-of-charge. 

You may follow these steps!

STEP 1 – At the top of this webpage, select your desired academic stage. The available options are: “Primary”, “Secondary”, “Junior College”, or “IB”.

STEP 2 – Scroll down to the specific levels and subjects you are looking for. 

STEP 3 – Click on the individual download links, and you will be led to a Google Drive folder with all the available years in which the test papers were set. 

STEP 4 – You may choose to download the test papers individually, or use the Google Drive’s “Download all” button to download all of them into a .zip folder on your device. 

We would recommend you to simulate exam conditions as much as possible when attempting the questions on these free test papers. 

You could do so by:

1. Printing out the test papers and attempting the questions on paper

2. Timing yourself

3. Removing all possible distractions that could affect your ability to concentrate while attempting the questions

4. Not referring to the answer keys until you have finished each set of test papers

5. Sharing this page with everyone who needs these free test papers

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