Why National Day Commemoration 2020 Is Still Crazily Meaningful Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 really hit us hard, cancelling almost every single physical activity initially. Slowly, we resume with our day-to-day activities. However, some things can’t be the same like in the past (for now), and one of them would be National Day in Singapore. However, as a strong and resilient country, National Day still goes on as much as possible! In fact, National Day Commemoration 2020 has been way more meaningful than ever as Singaporeans go through tough times together this season.

Meaningful SYFgoesOnline Projects This Year

As the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)  this year has already been online and running, students in SYFgoesOnline! Projects have decided to align their projects to the National Day Parade (NDP) theme! The theme this year is, ‘Together, A Stronger Singapore’ – really encompassing what our country has been going through but yet doing it together. The contents in the projects really celebrate the resilience of students and youth during hard times like this, where the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t as clear. Not only has the projects been able to align with the NDP theme, students were also given an opportune chance to showcase their talents and creativity in the form of art, music, dance and drama!

“SYFxNDP Stronger Together Video: Be The Light” showcased the singing of “Be The Light” by secondary school students, composed by primary school students whose simple wishes were to encourage the community to stay strong. This is so meaningful isn’t it? Not only that, a beautifully created “SYF Stronger Together Artwork” is a piece that weaves in artworks, photographs, messages and videos of student performances during the Circuit Breaker period. The activities certainly brought students in Singapore together!

Insightful Discussions During Character And Citizenship Education Lessons

Students in schools were privileged to have been able to engage in deep discussions during their Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons. In the week leading to National Day, students engaged in topics on how to build a stronger Singapore. The Ministry of Education (MOE) also partnered with the Singapore Kindness Movement to provide students in primary school were also given a booklet of fun activities and information they can participate in on National Day this year! All in all, students were also strongly encouraged to continue sharing their hopes, gratitude, reflections through the “Our Heart for Singapore” project as a form of commitment and also serves as an encouragement to the frontline workers and major stakeholders fighting the COVID-19 battle and keeping our country safe!

A Different But Memorable National Day Observance Ceremony!

In a year without COVID-19, schools would celebrate National Day through a National Day Observance Ceremony. This year is no different, but with an extra touch to it! This year’s National Day Observance Ceremony is centralised on the theme of reflection on how far Singapore has come in her fight against COVID-19. Beginning with a flag raising ceremony followed by a reflections segment, students were given a chance to reflect on the challenges, both past and present, faced by our country and how each and every one of us have contributed to a stronger Singapore altogether. What is National Day without celebrations! Students were then invited to watch the SYFxNDP Stronger Together video and even got to have a sneak peek of the behind the scenes footage of the preparation for NDP 2020!

National Day this year was definitely not like the ordinary, but it held a lot of meaning and reflection for our country as we brave through the turbulent year of 2020. As a private tuition agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor wishes every Singaporean a (late) Happy National Day!

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