Why did my child not enjoy Math Home Tuition?

Math Private Tuition in Singapore

There are many reasons as to why your Math home tuition in Singapore did not work out for your child. And because of that, your child does not benefit from the tuition lesson. It becomes a cause for concern because the purpose of the Math home tuition is entirely defeated. Hence, it is important to note the common few reasons as to why students do not enjoy their Math home tuition in Singapore. If your child ever talks about these problems to you, it might be a good move to act first and consider a change in arrangements for your child’s Math home tuition.

The Tutor came right after my CCA ended… I was tired by then.

Many students face this problem – their Math home tuition classes always fall on an unfortunate time slot in their timetable. Difficult Subject + Difficult Timing = Pure Disaster! As the nature of Mathematics simply requires so much concentration, having Math home tuition at an undesirable time just makes learning so much more difficult. Added to the fact that the child is probably already struggling with the subject itself, the child deserves to be able to have their Math private tuition at a time comfortable for them. Hence, FamilyTutor allows for parents to indicate just the Perfect Time to have their Math home tuition for your child, giving your child the freedom of choice as to when they would like the Math home tuition to be conducted.

The Math private tutor was so boring!

It is true, and it happens. It’s not because the tutor you selected was under-qualified, but maybe simply because the way the tutor teaches does not suit your child’s learning needs. Especially because Mathematics has many different ways of learning and getting better, it is very common for such a problem to exist! To counter this problem, FamilyTutor actually allows parents to make additional remarks with regards to their child’s learning styles, character, etc. Everything you need to put down in the application to inform the potential tutors will allow them to see if they fit the character of your child. In this way, your child will more likely be able to have a tutor they do not find boring at all!

I did not get anything the Math home tutor was saying!

This problem could stem from many possible factors and is very worrying. It could either be that the tutor is not engaging enough to catch the attention of the student or the level of difficult Math terminology used by the Math home tutor exceeds the student’s capabilities. Regardless, identifying the needs of your child is essential in ensuring This Does Not Happen. Maybe your child requires just a little nudge when they make a careless mistake or maybe your child has a big gap in their understanding – it is important to set expectations for what the Math private tutor needs to help with so that the Math home tuition would work! That’s why, FamilyTutor would always ask the parents that contact us to indicate exactly what is required from the Math tutor. We believe that in this way, Math home tuition in Singapore would be way more fruitful!

I was scared of the Math home tutor!

It would be so sad to encounter this problem, as your child grows deeper in fear for learning Mathematics. Every child deserves a chance and should immediately cease Math home tuition with a particular tutor if it is negatively impacting your child. With regards to issues like this, FamilyTutor handles every case with care and consideration. We evaluate what resulted in this fear from the children and will speak with the tutor privately about the matter (and might consider stopping service with the tutor if found to be guilty of breaching our requirements). We also swiftly assist to find a better Math private tutor in Singapore for your child to ensure that they are in good hands.

Every parent has their struggles, and we understand. What FamilyTutor aims to achieve is to provide students with a conducive Math home tuition agency in Singapore if they require. We wish all students the best of luck in their academics and would be glad to help if the day comes!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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