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The H1/H2 Physics is one of the most popular subjects that Junior College (JC) students would choose before they further their studies at the University! The H1/H2 Physics syllabus is designed to build on and extend the content coverage of Physics at the O Level. Not only does it provide students with an experience that develops their interest in Physics, it also enables them to become scientifically literate citizens who are well prepared for the challenges they are going to face in the 21st century!

Wait wait wait…Let’s not talk about facing the challenges in life as a whole! In the short term, doing well for H1/H2 Physics enables JC students to EASILY qualify for and have an advantage in popular and prestigious University courses such as the Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, and Dentistry! However, due to the abstract and concept-based nature of the subject, we have seen many students struggle understanding and doing well for their H1/H2 Physics! Compared with secondary level Physics, the H1/H2 Physics syllabus is way more rigorous and demanding because it includes more advanced topics such as Gravitational Field, First Law of Thermodynamics, Electric Fields, Current of Electricity, and even Nuclear Physics! As such, they often approach FamilyTutor for H1/H2 Physics home tutors who have gone through the syllabus themselves and are able to pass on their valuable knowledge to their students.

Every year, on average, FamilyTutor successfully recommended suitable H1/H2 Physics home tutors in Singapore to more than 220 families who engaged us. It is definitely not a coincidence that those families decided to stay with those H1/H2 Physics home tutors for the whole of the child’s 2 years in JC. We surveyed 30 of those families, and here are our findings!

“I believe FamilyTutor went through a strict process of screening out only the best Physics tutor.”

Yes, one parent gave us that feedback! Indeed, FamilyTutor goes through a really strict selection process before we even recommend any H1/H2 Physics home tutor to anyone! Why?! It is because we believe that education is no small matter. H1/H2 Physics is one of the toughest and most rigorous subjects a JC student has to go through. Because it is so concept-based, any mistake in the teaching process would mislead students, and the effect of misunderstanding any concept would cause them to lose marks even in other topics of the H1/H2 Physics syllabus! With that, we would NEVER recommend a H1/H2 Physics home tutor who shows signs of not understanding the syllabus himself.

“The H1/H2 Physics home tutor we engaged had a track record of helping their students improved.”

Not only does FamilyTutor ensure that the H1/H2 Physics home tutor we recommend to the parents or students have done well for their own A Level H1/H2 Physics, we also ensure that they have a track record of helping their H1/H2 Physics private home tuition students improve in the subject. As such, FamilyTutor ALWAYS shows our clients the statistics of the grade improvement that the home tutors’ students have made after learning from the H1/H2 Physics home tutor in Singapore.

“FamilyTutor’s H1/H2 Physics home tutor has helped my son improve from scoring an E to attaining an A for A Levels!”

That’s right, the above statement is from one of FamilyTutor’s long-term clients Mr. Lim! In 2018, Mr. Lim engaged a male H1/H2 Physics home tutor for his son. Ever since, his son showed continuous improvement from getting an E grade for his JC1 mid-terms to ultimately scoring an A for his A Levels. Two years later, Mr. Lim’s daughter turned 17 and it was her turn to study the H2 Physics at River Valley High School. With that, he engaged a female H1/H2 Physics home tutor through FamilyTutor. In just two months, his daughter improved from failing her first H2 Physics test to scoring an A for her subsequent quiz!

It is definitely not a coincidence that clients repeatedly come back to FamilyTutor to engage H1/H2 Physics home tuition teachers. FamilyTutor takes pride in recommending only eligible H1/H2 Physics home tutor, not just any Physics home tutor who think he is able to teach the subject. Our matching service for clients like you is free, so do not hesitate to request for a H1/H2 Physics home tutor with us if you want to maximize your potential in achieving an A for the A Level H1/H2 Physics examination!



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