What Defines the #1 Home Tuition Agency in Singapore? FamilyTutor Edition

Selecting Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

As a parent or student looking for a home tutor in Singapore, it is natural for you to want to look for the best home tuition agency around. However, here come the important questions: what makes the agency the best in Singapore? What contributes to the term “best’? With that, FamilyTutor is here to break it down for you! As a home tuition agency who wants to help parents and students like you to achieve your objective of getting a home tutor, we have our own version of what is “best”!

Know what you want to achieve out of home tuition!

Whenever we get a home tutor request via our online request form or through phone calls, we never fail to ask you what you want to achieve out of engaging a home tutor. The reason is simple: if we do not know what you want, we can never work together closely with each other to achieve your objective! Do you want to improve your grades? Do you want to maintain them? Do you need someone to help build a strong foundation in the subjects? Or do you only need someone to help mark your daily assignments? Yes, we ask those questions. It is important, because we are the bridge between you and the home tutors out there. It is only when we know what you want then we could specially match the most suitable home tuition teacher for you!

We hand-pick and recommend only high-quality tutors to you!

Take note of the keywords: “hand-pick” and “high-quality”! Yes, we hand-pick the home tutors whom we think suit your home tuition needs the most. There are other home tuition agencies that use computer algorithms to help their clients match a home tutor. While it may be speedy and more effortless, we think that this is not the way we want to serve our clients. That is because we believe that computer algorithms cannot differentiate the soft qualities of the home tutors. Yes, a computer programme might be able to differentiate which private tutor has a University degree and who does not, but it can never identify whether they are patient, caring, or sincere. That is why FamilyTutor insists recommending who we recommend to you only after we have personally communicated with and understood the home tutors ourselves.

Next, out of the home tutors we have interviewed, using our very own professional selection criteria. we pick only the high-quality ones whom we know will benefit you and your family. Due to confidentiality, we cannot reveal our selection criteria, but our results speak for us. Out of all the clients we have served so far, more than 91% of them reflected that they are Extremely Satisfied with the tutors recommended to them.

We always communicate well with clients like you!

One thing that separates us from other home tuition agencies is that we ALWAYS share detailed tutor profiles with clients like you. We always put ourselves in your shoes and think about how we want a home tuition agency to serve us if we were the parents or students. From there, we concluded that we would want that home tuition agency to be transparent about the home tutors they are recommending to us. With that, FamilyTutor always let you know as much information about the choices of home tutor we show to you. The home tutor profiles include information such as the tutors’ name, age, qualifications, past track record, teaching method/philosophy, and the hourly rate they are asking for. On top of everything, we also strive to show you a photo of the recommended potential private tutors.

Oh wow, so much effort from FamilyTutor? Of course! The main purpose of FamilyTutor doing all these is to make sure that our clients know more about the home tutor and feel COMFORTABLE engaging him or her for the first lesson! Imagine not knowing much about the home tutor or not knowing how he or she looks like before the first lesson; would you feel safe opening the gate for a stranger during the day of the first lesson?

At FamilyTutor, we believe such transparency is of utmost importance. That is also why many parents and students continue to engage FamilyTutor over and over again for their home tuition needs!

All in all, the above three pointers are of the many main pillars why FamilyTutor remains one of the public’s favourite home tuition agencies in Singapore! FamilyTutor certainly looks forward to being your favourite too! Peace!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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