Studying Literature: Is There a Method Behind the Madness?

Studying Literature - Is There a Method Behind the Madness?

The study of English literature is rapidly dwindling. This has been evident since 2015, according to a news report on Singapore in AsiaOne. The number of people studying English literature continues to decline. Many attribute this decline to parents pressuring their children to take courses that put them in better positions to get more profitable jobs. Students are also not too keen about studying literature – they find the texts hard to understand and the material uninteresting.

Why do students find studying literature so difficult?

Literary writings may be challenging to comprehend in various ways, ranging from linguistic elements such as complicated grammar or vocabulary to issues with interpretation. The majority of the challenges students face stem from the fact that literature varies from your daily speech. Daily speech is designed to transmit information as rapidly as possible and in the most understandable way. 

Students may be surprised, perplexed, or even irritated by this disparity. Challenges that students face in learning processes are tough for lecturers and teachers to detect in larger class settings, making it difficult for them to respond appropriately.

How can students enjoy studying literature more?

There are many ways in which both parents and teachers can foster enjoyment when it comes to literature; here are a few: 

  • Incorporate a feeling of surprise and intrigue into your lessons as much as possible. This keeps the class attentive as mystery excites students.
  • It’s critical to review course information but don’t repeat it verbatim because this bores pupils – play review games in which you deliver the knowledge differently than you did when you initially taught it.
  • Games are another excellent method to keep teachings fresh. They make learning enjoyable and keep students engaged and pleased.
  • Give students options: Giving students options may be a great motivator since it encourages curiosity and independence.
  • Using technology to keep your classes engaged is a terrific method. Consider employing a Smartboard interactive display or video conferencing with a school in another city or country.
  • Create hands-on classes that include students at every stage of the process to make learning more dynamic.
  • Make a real-world link to what they’re learning to help your pupils comprehend why they need to study what you’re teaching.

What are some tips for studying literature?

These studying and reading habits help students retain important information and make life easier:

  • Read actively by asking yourself questions as you go, pausing after each page or paragraph to make sure you comprehend what’s going on.
  • Keep track of characters, the narrative, and other puzzling or fascinating components by taking notes in the margins or your notepad while reading.
  • Pay attention to issue areas when you don’t grasp the story, something unexpected occurs, or the language perplexes you.
  • Examine your notes and develop a running outline for each text, arranging your notes as you go. When you save these to your computer, you may look for them later when you need to study.
  • Describe the text structure: does it flow between related storylines, progress chronologically, or have several flash-forwards or flashbacks?
  • Discuss the text with friends and classmates to acquire a variety of perspectives.
  • Try reading aloud to have a better understanding of what’s being said or portrayed in the narrative.
  • When you don’t understand anything, don’t be scared to ask for assistance.

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