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English Literature has always been a large part of Singapore’s education system for decades. From the numerous timeless works of William Shakespeare, to the outspoken support of democratic socialism of George Orwell, English Literature has contributed to generations of budding intellects with the combination of the wisdoms from different eras. It is a beautiful and fascinating subject, with its intricate wordplay and masterful use of language, complete with its ability to convey complex emotions and insights.

Out of the Humanities subjects offered in Singapore’s Education system, English Literature is easily one of the more interesting one, as it is able to delve into the different ways people use language to convey diverse meanings. Even though in English Literature, the written works are produced in English language, FamilyTutor has observed a significant trend that having strong command in English will most likely help one to pass the subject. However, to ace it, one will need to possess competent logical and comprehension skills, ability to unwrap the hidden meaning in literary texts and poems. No matter how straight-forward a written work may seem to be, students are always expected to look for some hidden meaning, to think deeply, criticise, doubt, wonder and stand amazed at what is written.

As a parent, you would see that your child is drawn and captivated by this subject, which is why they took it up in the first place. However, as this subject remains as an examinable subject, it is not enough to just love the subject; your child has to do well for it as well, in order to continue taking the subject and for it to be viable in the long run – aka score a good grade for examinations. As we all well know, loving and enjoying the subject does not definitely guarantee an excellent grade. However, having Literature tuition definitely does. We are able to provide experienced and passionate English Literature private home tutors who are more than happy to impart their knowledge as well as their love for the subject to your child. Having gone through the curriculum themselves, they are more than equipped to guide your child in the intricacies that is the marking scheme for Literature essays.

More important than acquiring the ability to score well for examinations, English Literature home tuition provides opportunities for your child to learn more about reading Literature texts, understanding the literary techniques and thematic issues within. English Literature private home tuition is able to provide an additional learning space for your child (other than in the school context) to learn more about the subject that they love. There would be plenty of opportunities for 1-to-1 interactions between the English Literature private home tutor and your child, to have heated exchanges regarding the wording of the Literature texts and various ways of interpreting them. We want your child to enjoy having an engaging learning experience outside of school through our private tutoring which allows him to learn more about the subject while pursuing his interest in it.

With extensive years of experience, our private tutors are well-equipped to help students conquer any kind of English Literature examinations. Through interactive and effective teaching methods adopted by our very own English Literature private home tutors, we are certain that your child would definitely be able to gain highly valued critical evaluation skills and strong writing abilities that would help them immensely even beyond school. In the University as well as in the workplace, such skills are highly sought after because it represents a clear indication that your child is capable of higher-level thinking and writing, which is required to present novel ideas and projects.

Private home tuition for English Literature is able to prepare your child in facing the academic curriculum and examinations, as well as for university, the workplace and beyond. It is simply not easy to face the challenges presented by this subject, and to have a dedicated English Literature private home tutor would help a long way. The English home tuition would be able to explain the methodology required to excel in the subject, engage your child in discussing the nuances within the subject, all from the comfort of your own home. These are things that a school teacher is unlikely to be able to provide for.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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