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Are you perhaps worried that your child might need Geography private home tuition? Perhaps you observed that your child’s grades have not been exemplary for a while, or perhaps they seem to be struggling in the subject. Call it a parent’s intuition; there is a reason why you are on this page and reading this article right now.

As your child progresses to Upper Secondary, the academic curriculum starts to become more rigorous, and your child becomes more exposed to the world around them. As one of the Humanities subjects first taught in Secondary school, and is also offered in Junior College, Geography is a subject that relates directly to the physical and social environment around the student. As we are all well aware, the world is faced with several challenges to the living environment, such as globalisation, changing demographics and technological advancements. In Geography, this would be what our children learn. It is important for them to learn about such topics just as they are maturing and guide them towards critical thinking and analysis regarding these significant issues.

However, we cannot expect all our children to be equally and sufficiently equipped when facing such a subject for the first time. As parents, we definitely see that some of our children need more help and support while others excel. Therefore, most parents in Singapore would turn to signing their child up for Geography home tuition, putting their faith into Geography private home tutors to look for any gaps in their child’s academic capability that would contribute to that. 

Parents, our experienced and proficient Geography home tuitions would be able to address the above issue for you, by assessing your child’s progress and designing a customised plan for your child to follow, which would ensure that they improve from there on.

Home tuition would definitely be a boost for your child’s academic studies in the subject. Our private home tutors would be able to provide additional support to your child in the subject, in terms of filling in the gaps for your child with regards to what is being taught in the curriculum, implementing the practices that your child needs to improve, and so on. This would give them the boost they need to excel in the subject. In addition, given that there is 1-to-1 interaction between the tutors and student, it is easy to build a strong rapport, which would contribute to the tutor’s motivation to help their students attain their desired grade.

Geography is understandably a different ballgame altogether compared to familiar topics such as Math, Science and other Mother tongue languages. As mentioned previously, students are required to present their answers in a way to demonstrate their ability to think and analyse critically. This would mean that questions, as well as model answers, would most likely be in an unfamiliar format to the student at first. This would present some difficulties when it comes to performing well in the subject. Often times, Geography is seen as a content heavy subject with unfamiliar terms which also requires a lot from the student in terms of answering skills.

Parents, with the correct teacher as well as the appropriate learning strategy, there is no subject that cannot be conquered. As the saying goes, “With every challenge you face, there is an opportunity hidden that will lead you towards the path of wealth and abundance.” Our Geography home tuitions have their own curated notes that contains information about answering format and studying methods. Do not underestimate the material that Geography home tuitions possess; most of them derived their materials from their personal experience. This “secret formula” could be what your child needs to unlock the maze within their minds and lead them to the finish line.

We want to be your partner for your tuition needs. We pride ourselves to be family- and client-oriented, and our goal is to find the most suitable Geography private home tutor for you and your child. We have access to a diverse range of Geography private home tutors, with qualities such as being experienced, having high qualifications, and being hardworking and earnest in teaching. We are sure that we can find the right fit for you; call us with your enquiries today!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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