Primary School Ranking In Singapore 2023 [Latest]

Welcome, parents, to our guide to primary school rankings in Singapore! 

In this article, we will delve right into the primary school rankings, focusing on popularity as measured by subscription rates.

By examining the subscription rates of primary schools, we can gauge the level of demand and trust that parents place in these institutions. 

Higher subscription rates often indicate that parents believe the school offers quality education and a conducive learning environment. 

The table provided below presents a comprehensive ranking of all 181 primary schools in Singapore based on the latest 2023 P1 Registration.

The rankings are determined based on the schools’ popularity or subscription rate, specifically in Phase 2A of the Primary 1 Registration process. 

The subscription rate is calculated by dividing the [number of applicants in Phase 2A] by the [number of vacancies available in Phase 2A].


Let’s consider a subscription rate of 1.46. This implies that for every single vacant spot, there is an average of 1.46 students who have subscribed for it.

[Latest] 2023 Primary School Ranking

Information Credit: Ministry of Education (MOE)

Upcoming 2023 P1 Registration Exercise

The 2023 P1 Registration Exercise started on 4 July 2023 (Tuesday) and will end on 18 August 2023 (Friday).

To see a more detailed breakdown of the respective dates for each Phase, please visit the official MOE website.

When the latest results of the next Phase 2A are out on 21 July 2023 (Friday), we will update the ranking table again and notify you via our exclusive mailing list!

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Final Words

Yes, registering your child for Primary 1 is an important milestone, and you want to make the optimal choice.

Indeed, the primary school popularity rankings shown to you are frequently taken into account by parents due to the valuable insights they provide regarding a school’s standing and academic achievements.

All said, it’s essential to note that the above popularity rankings should not be the only yardstick guiding you!

We should recognize that every child is unique, with different learning styles, interests, and needs. 

So remember, parents…

It’s essential to find a school that aligns with your child’s individuality and offers a holistic education that caters to their overall development!

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