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No parent wouldn’t want their child to be a Math wizard. It is both an honor and a privilege to be a parent who has raised a child who is proficient in Mathematics and will reach great heights one day. However, the journey your child will take will need to be started by the first step. And that first step is to get your child to take interest in the subject itself.

This article will walk you through different ways you can peak your child’s interest in Mathematics through fun and interesting methods to help them develop a liking for Mathematics naturally.

Most children have a tendency to be afraid and dread the subject of Mathematics. This dread is due to the fact that Math is relatively difficult to some extent and that it is quite challenging to get a child to be interested in Math as opposed to being interested in other subjects.

Math is also a very unique topic to be introduced to young children as most children have not been taught basic operations prior to their days in school. And if introduced improperly, this could lead to a deep seated dread and fear of the subject that will last for almost their entire school life. And if you want to find out how to introduce Mathematics to your child in a fun and interesting manner, then continue reading this article to find out more.

Why children need to learn Mathematics

If English is dubbed as the “lingua franca” or the universal language, then Mathematics is often referred to as the language of the universe. Most events in the cosmos can be explained by scholars through science and Mathematics. However, this is for the advanced branch of Mathematics.

Mathematics can also be useful on a smaller and non-planetary scale. An example of this would be the fact that Mathematics is a necessary tool for an individual in order for them to understand currency and the concept of money.

Mathematics will also open up great career paths in the future for your child. These careers require proficient knowledge of Mathematics and often pays well. A few examples of these careers would be accountancy, careers involving economics, and even corporate jobs.

And finally, Math is just a general necessity for every individual in our society as it is useful in almost everything we do. Our concept of time depends on our ability to count and the concept of currency is also dependent on Mathematics.

Teach Math the fun way

Now that we have gone over what makes Mathematics such an important subject to learn, we now move on to the ways you can make learning Math fun for your child. These methods are aimed to make your child’s learning experience of Mathematics a fun and enjoyable one so that they can develop an interest in the subject naturally. Here are a few ways to teach Math to your child the fun way:

1. Incorporate Math in daily activities

Incorporating topics into daily activities is a proven way to help individuals understand and remember these topics better. This also applies for Mathematics as well. By incorporating daily tasks with Mathematics, you will be able to introduce your child to the world of Mathematics without your child noticing. Here are a few tasks you can incorporate Mathematics with:

• Let them count money

More often than not, the first thing that pre-schools teach young children is how to count. They often use toys and other things that may interest children as a tool to help them learn counting. You can do the same thing in your very house as well.

The next time you have any spare change and your child wants to buy something, use the opportunity to let them count the money that they will use to pay for the thing they want. By doing so, you have introduced two important concepts to your child at the same time: counting and the concept of currency. Both are important foundations that will support your child’s Mathematics career.

• Let them tell the time

Another way to teach counting to your child is to let them tell the time. All you need is a clock or watch and you will be set. Let them count as the clock moves its second hand to help them count without having to rely on tangible objects. You can also introduce the concept of seconds, minutes, and hours while you are at it.

This activity will also introduce another important aspect that your children should learn which is the concept of time and how to count and understand it. You can also make small challenges to help them get even interested like seeing who can keep their eyes open for longer while counting the second that have passed.

• Let them help in measuring

Measurement is another concept that you should introduce early to your child. Although it is still quite early to introduce conversion of units, you can start by letting them measure objects in the SI or international standard which is the metric system.

You can measure your heights and let them count how tall they are, or you can let them help you in measuring your ingredients for baking their favorite snacks. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be creative and sharp to incorporate measurement in your daily activities.

• Let them perform simple calculations

While it may difficult for children who at the pre-school age to be taught how to do calculations, it is not an impossible feat. There are records of children as young as 4 years’ old who already know the multiplication table.

You can always introduce simple calculations to them using the objects in your house such as slices of apples. Give them two slices at first and let them count how many they have, now give them two more and ask them how many slices they have at the moment. Viola! You have now introduced your child how to do simple addition.

2. Reward them for achievements

If your child did well in your daily activities mixed with a little bit of Math, then it is a good idea to reward them for their efforts and achievements. This is a good way to keep their morale high and to signify that they did well.

The rewards will also keep them motivated to do well in other Math related activities which will make them less hesitant about the subject. This will completely change their mindset about Math and will make them even more eager to learn and do Math related activities due to the reward waiting for them when they do well.

3. Give them a break

After a session of Math related activities and giving of rewards, it is now a good time to give your child a break from Math for a while. This will enable their brain to soak up what they have learned and experienced and prevent the experiences from overwhelming them.

Breaks are also important to relieve fatigue and to regain energy as children often need a lot of sleep and rest due to their bodies being less adapted for strenuous activities. Unlike adults who are considerably sturdy by human standards and can go on for ¾ of a day without any rest, a child’s body needs a large amount of rest and sleep to help them grow and develop.

4. Play Math games

Another great way to get your child to learn Math while having fun is to play Math games. There are a lot of these games in the internet and you can download them in your mobile devices just like any other application. However, you need to choose one that is beginner friendly and is eye catching in order for your child to be interested in the game.

However, if you prefer the old school Math games, then we recommend you play the concentration game. A game where you form a circle and take turns counting in multiples of 3 or any number you like. The person who gets it wrong gets a punishment and if your child reaches the 20 range, he/she gets a reward. This will both entertain your child while also teaching them the ability to count in multiples.

5. Let them learn with other children

Humans are social beings, and human children are the stage of human development where they begin to socialize. Letting them learn and play Math games with their friends will greatly increase their eagerness to do these types of activities.

Incorporating their playtime with friends and learning Mathematics will greatly not only benefit your child but his/her friends as well. And if your child’s peers are the studious type, then it would benefit your child even more. They will enjoy the time they have with their friends and will learn Mathematics at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your child.

6. Hire a tutor

If you feel like you are not up to the task or are too busy to spare aby time for the activities mentioned earlier, then it will be considerably difficult to get your child interested in Math. However, you can always hire a private tutor to get past this predicament.

Private tutors come in various specialties, some specialize in teaching certain subjects while some specialize in teaching specific age groups. If you hire a tutor that is experienced and proficient in teaching pre-school Math, then your worries will surely be lifted.

And if you are looking for such a tutor, then look no more than at FamilyTutor. Singapore’s leading home tuition agency has thousands of highly skilled and capable tutors. We have private tuition for pre-school students to make sure that your child has a strong foundation in the different subjects they will encounter later on in life. We also make sure to keep our rates at market value or lower to make sure your child gets quality private tuition at a reasonable price.

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