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Many want to be home tutors because of the increase in demand for them. It’s normal to be anxious about meeting the parents and your new student for the first time if you are a new home tutor who has just taken on a client. There will certainly be some hesitations at the first meeting, and the home tutor may even feel anxious, although they shouldn’t be. There’s no need to worry as you know you have already made an impression on the parents since they hired you for their child. As such, it’s still important to create a lasting good first impression. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into this topic as well as some things you can do to get to know your student to better help them.

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How to make a good first impression?

It’s generally a good idea to make a strong first impression, especially for new home tutors. It’s best to demonstrate to parents how you live up to your résumé now that they have hired your services. Here are some suggestions for creating a favorable and long-lasting first impression.

1. Appropriately dress for the job

Most often, home tuition takes place in the student’s home, where they are most comfortable. Even in this scenario, tutors must still remember to dress appropriately. This means that tutors should avoid dressing too casually for the first meeting, such as wearing jeans, T-shirts, and flip-flops. Since you’ll be interacting with a child, it’s also a good idea to make sure to dress to impress rather than intimidate or terrify your student. Wearing something a little more formal can do this. Additionally, even if it takes place at the student’s house, it can be perceived as taking the work seriously. As a result, looking presentable could further boost a tutor’s self-confidence.

2. Show good hygiene

Especially for home tutors, hygiene is important. And it’s crucial to take everything into account when trying to make a good first impression. Do not arrive at your client’s doorway with foul breath or unbrushed teeth. It won’t be anything you can really hide because you’ll be interacting with them and taking up some of their time.

3. Refrain from being late

Home tuition can be time-sensitive. The tutor wouldn’t be working with just one student, so they should demonstrate their attention to detail and sense of urgency on the first day. Make sure you have extra time to go if you live further from your student’s home. Avoid leaving your house at the very last minute as you never know if there may be unexpected situations that may cause you to be late. Keep in mind that punctuality is a reflection of professionalism. It will establish your time management skills and place you in good stead with the parents. It can also allow you time to settle down and get ready for the session or meeting if you arrive a few minutes early.

4. Always be polite

Be courteous and polite to your client at all times. Since it will be their first encounter, students might be more likely to ask questions, so tutors should be ready to answer anything they don’t understand. Additionally, parents will also want to feel comfortable around the person who would be spending a lot of time with their child in their house. Let them know that you are there to support them in achieving their child’s goals and that their child is in good hands.

What to do for the first lesson or meeting?

After discussing how to generally make a good first impression, let’s move on to discuss what the tutor should do during their initial meeting with the student’s parents. Of course, new tutors are welcome to add whatever they deem essential; nevertheless, these are merely the most typical ones.

• Speak with the student

A home tutor needs to get to know their student outside of the classroom. Keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that might influence a child’s learning, and by getting to know the student better, the tutor can better choose how to educate them. You can ask them about their hobbies to break the ice. This can also be a way for tutors to start to get to know what ticks the student’s interests and how they may be able to incorporate these in their lessons. Additionally, you can also ask about their study habits and favorite and least favorite subject. This can be a way for you to set the stage as to how to go about teaching the student or what topics you need to focus on more.

• Find the time to also speak with the parents

For this reason, it’s equally crucial to arrive at the initial meeting on time, if not a little early. Not only would you be speaking with your new student, but also with their parents. It’s recommended to get in touch with them before tuition officially starts. Ask them what you should do with their child and where they believe academic difficulties may be occurring. Additionally, it’s critical to learn about their expectations and, if possible, to meet them.

You can also discuss the number of lessons the child can take each week and how long they should last. Talking about compensation and how to go about it at this time can also be beneficial. Will you be paid weekly or after each lesson? These are some topics that are better discussed in person.

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to the parents how committed you are to your work and how eager you are to help their child succeed academically. During this time, tutors should be careful to avoid promising something they can’t deliver. Tutors should also remind parents to take the child’s current performance into account if their expectations are significantly higher than what the child is capable of.

• Find out what is being taught in school

It’s time to discover more about the student and their school now that you have gotten to know the parents and the student. Of course, teachers and tutors work together to help with a child’s academic growth, so home tutors must be aware of what the child is learning in school so they can complement and enhance that learning at home. This can help tutors understand the child’s learning goals and the areas in which the student could be having particular difficulties. It will also be simpler to teach the child and communicate to the parents the areas that tuition should concentrate on and how quickly they can anticipate growth when you have a deeper understanding of the child’s situation in school.

• Share your tuition objectives and plan

It’s time to meet with the parents again and present your tuition options after talking with the child and getting to know them. Tutors will have a lot clearer perspective to build a plan that they can share with the parents after learning about the child’s study habits, interests, weak topics, favorite subjects, and even academic challenges.

The tutor can discuss a variety of issues with the parents, including the difficulties the student is having, the subjects they need extra assistance with, and the student’s learning style. For them to better understand the subject and get them started on the path to success, you may also give them a rough sketch of your intentions for the child.


Being a first-time home tutor can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, if you are ready and willing to help make a change in a learner’s life, you’re on the way to being a good home tutor. The first meeting with the parents and student is only the first step in getting there. Remember to always stay professional and calm. We hope that the tips above can help you get through your first day as a home tutor!


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