How to Help Your Child with Their Homework

It’s not easy to achieve one’s academic goals or to fulfill one’s educational dreams. There will be many trials and road bumps along the way, and sometimes, struggles become synonymous with being a student. The largest obstacle a student might run against is stress, more often than not. Stress can originate from a multitude of sources, but it ultimately has an impact on the student in multiple ways. Homework is perhaps one of the main causes of stress for kids.

Homework contributes to stress that students can’t escape, whether it’s for studying for a significant exam or catching up on a project deadline. In order to maintain a healthy balance between their social and academic lives, students must also develop discipline and set aside enough time for homework. If you are a parent and you have found this article, it is obvious that you are trying to find strategies to help your child stay focused on their homework.

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Why do students need homework?

Poorly completed homework might affect a student’s success in class because it counts against the student’s overall grade. Parents should take note of this and realize that to support their children academically, they need to assist them with their homework. Additionally, homework essentially aids in teaching children dedication, initiative, and responsibility to do schoolwork independently and without their teacher’s supervision.

How can parents help their children with homework?

Before we talk about the ways parents can help with their child’s homework, it’s important to understand that helping them doesn’t mean doing the homework for them. The child will have to rely on their parents as a result, which will not benefit them in any manner. In light of this, let’s discuss some advice and strategies for parents to assist their children with their homework.

1. Create a homework schedule for them

Making sure your child answers and completes their homework in the first place is the first step in helping with homework. As a result, you must establish limits and hold your children accountable for doing their assignments. Parents frequently let their kids work on their homework on their own. While it instills in them independence and self-assurance in their abilities, this shouldn’t happen frequently.

Parents should schedule a time for their child to complete their homework and hold them to that time. There needs to be a schedule to follow. To ensure that they can contribute and still have time for their own interests and hobbies outside of school, you can even involve the child in the process of creating a schedule.

As homework can get intimidating and dull, parents should also create a welcoming atmosphere when helping their children. No amount of screaming from the parents or crying from the child would finish the homework faster or benefit the child. The child will be more likely to finish their schoolwork willingly if the environment is calm and supportive, and once they stick to their schedule, they will grow accustomed to it and complete assignments without difficulty.

2. Manage their screen time

Many times, parents may point the finger at their child’s “laziness” in finishing their schoolwork as the reason why they can’t turn it in on time. The amount of time kids spend playing video games, watching television, or using their phones also contributes to this, though. As stated in the previous tip, if there is a set schedule stick to it. That means that when it’s time for homework, there shouldn’t be any more protests about taking time off their gaming, television, or phone screens. There would be less grumbling from the child because they already know when their time with the devices is up, in addition to teaching them order and discipline.

Parents must enforce this guideline with firmness and strictness. As mentioned in the preceding point, making a homework schedule or routine will assist your child follow this. Talk about the child’s daily routine with them after they get home from school. For example, the routine can include them having a healthy snack when they get home, doing their homework and assignment, and maybe helping with household chores like preparing dinner or cleaning up after. Once they’ve completed all their tasks and have extra time, then, they can use their devices. Help them understand that screen time can be used to pass time, but is not a necessity.

The child will begin to comprehend the value of good time management and discipline as they become older and begin to assist more at home. They will also begin to appreciate the seriousness of responsibility and dependability that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

3. Provide them with a good workspace

Children’s short attention spans, which cause students to easily become distracted, are one of the typical enemies parents have to deal with. When kids are completing their homework, this may also be the case. Some children may take longer searching for their pencils or coloring supplies than they do creating their project or beginning their assignment. And there can be times when during their search, they can again get distracted and will actively set them back from the time they should allot for the homework.

Parents can help their children focus by providing a well-stocked and tidy workspace or study area. This will spare them time spent looking for things or dealing with other diversions. As a result, having everything ready for their assignment might also help them feel less stressed because they can simply do it with the resources at hand. They can then on to other tasks after that.

4. Engage in a home tutor

If you are concerned with your child’s performance in school or think they could use help with their homework, the child may benefit if parents consider hiring a tutor for them, especially in subjects they are particularly having trouble with. A home tutor can be useful for more than just homework assistance. Experts in their fields, tutors guide students in ways that best suit their learning preferences. As a result, there can also be situations where parents are unable to assist their child, such as when they are overworked or don’t also understand the lesson.

A good tutor can not only help your child with answering their problems and homework, but they can also help the student improve and get them back on track with their studies. It’s not a sign of academic cheating for them to hire a tutor, though. This merely indicates that they have additional assistance to help them comprehend the concepts and subjects they are studying in class. This not only helps your child get better marks but also offers them more self-confidence because they realize that they are able to keep up with their peers thanks to home tuition.

5. Let them get enough rest

Compared to other students throughout the world, Singaporean students spend more time on their homework. Many students may experience the dreaded burnout as a result of having too much homework and extracurricular activities. Parents cannot also expect their children to start working on their tasks right away after school. It’s crucial to provide students time to transition smoothly to the following task. By encouraging their children to engage in activities they find enjoyable, such as their hobbies and interests, parents may assist their children and help them cope with excessive stress. In addition, children should also be getting ample amounts of sleep to help their growing bodies and minds. Sleep gives them time to rest and recharge, as well as keep their minds healthy.


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