How My University Home Tutor in Singapore Helped Me Greatly

University is a place where students further their studies in education and research. They are then granted academic degrees like the Associate’s DegreeBachelor’s Degree or the Master’s Degree. Some even pursue postgraduate education in University and complete a Ph.D. programme! The curriculum in University is getting more rigorous, tough and challenging so there has been a recent increase in 1-to-1 University Home Tuition offerings to assist University students in their academics. There are many good reasons why 1-to-1 University Home Tuition in Singapore is and will always be very helpful, and 3 main pertinent reasons would be discussed below!

Kept Me On Track Amidst Faculty/Hall/Residential College/CCA Activities

While University might seem like it’s primarily about studying, there is actually a lot more in store for University students. A plethora of activities will welcome them when they enter University: Faculty Activities, Hall, Residential College, CCA Activities and more. Students can decide what they want to pursue and how much of it they want to delve in as well, but what they are required to do is also manage their studies alongside. The University curriculum has a steep learning curve, and is way more fast paced compared to Primary SchoolSecondary SchoolJunior CollegePolytechnicsITE. That is why many University students decided that 1-to-1 University Home Tuition would be a good idea for them. With a dedicated University Home Tutor, University students can rest assured to never neglect their studies. If there is something in the curriculum which they do not understand, they can seek early clarification from their University Home Tutor during University Home Tuition instead of letting queries after queries snowball. University students who do not pay attention to their areas for improvement tend to not make it out of the myriad of commitments in University. FamilyTutor has since so many University retainers and drop outs, and it is such a waste because they let their queries accumulate till it was too late. So as an expert University Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, we urge you to acquire a University Private Tutor in Singapore who can properly help with keeping you on track!

Planning Modules Per Semester Was Way Easier

The university structure generally consists of various modules which University students need to select. Each module has prerequisites where University students have to fulfill before taking a particular module. The prerequisite may be having to take a foundational module on the subject matter or might be a cumulation of a few modules. Planning modules every semester is something that can be quite strenuous in University, as there is also a bidding system which means you won’t necessarily get exactly what you want to do as well. Because of constant struggles, many University students have acquired help from a professional University Private Tutor in Singapore to help them with planning modules and also definitely, making sure the student passes them as well! Having to retake a module in the next semester would be an utter waste of time, and would completely mess up and affect your plans. So because University is definitely something no one should be messing with, University Home Tuition Agencies in Singapore strongly urge you to get University Home Tuition if you want a smooth sailing journey where you won’t have to rush modules to take at the last minute and compromising your grade because of that. FamilyTutor takes education very seriously, so we will definitely aid you to get a good University Private Tutor in Singapore.

Maintained A High Cumulative Average Point Throughout University

University assessments are scary and intensive. Most universities follow the Cumulative Average Point (CAP) system where it tracks the academic progress by taking the sum of the module points multiplied by the number of Modular Credits (MCs) for the corresponding module, divided by the total number of MCs. Essentially, you can’t do badly for one semester and expect it to not affect your overall CAP. This makes every semester very very important because you need to be consistent in your work to maintain a high CAP throughout University. You definitely would rather see “Honours (Highest Distinction)” instead of a “Fail” in your final grade yeah? University Private Tuition in Singapore will do great help in ensuring you maintain a high CAP every semester because do you really think your University Home Tutor will just see you do badly and die? Nah. FamilyTutor, a resourceful University Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, has a pool of highly qualified University Private Tutors who makes sure you really make the most out of your University education.

If you are worried that having a University home tutor in Singapore signifies an L (Loss), it actually doesn’t. Acknowledging you need help and getting it is so much more admirable than anything.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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