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Home tuition has proved again and again to be an effective support and assistance for students to help them reach their academic goals. Aside from helping students, home tuition has also helped parents with taking work and stress off their hands and giving them the guarantee and peace of mind that their child is in good hands. Considering the larger class sizes inside the classroom and pressure from exams, many parents are also turning to home tuition to reinforce and supplement their child’s studies.

There are also a wide range of benefits students can gain from home tuition that goes beyond just academic excellence. They can overcome their struggles on a certain subject, or they can also get the best possible grade. Some students also learn life skills they can also use later on and gain a mentor in their home tutor, who can advise them with their educational or career decisions.

If you are still not convinced on the benefits your child can gain through home tuition, we’ve gathered a list of some of the key benefits they can get. There are many reasons why parents hire a tutor however, if tuition is effective, parents will be sure to see a difference with the way the child learns and improvement in their studies.

Benefits of home tuition

Private tuition can help the child develop effective study habits and learning skills that will set them for success later on in the future. With the right and qualified home tutor, the child is sure to be on his/her way to academic excellence. Below are some of the benefits of home tuition.

1. Sole focus and attention on the child

It’s not a secret that in most classroom setting, especially with twenty or so students, it’s a battle for attention and time from the teacher. The student to teacher ratio in classrooms can get overwhelming at times and there can never be enough time to give each and every one of the students the focus and assistance they need. Because of this, some students won’t be able to get as much attention as they require and can easily fall behind lessons.

This wouldn’t be the case in 1-to-1 tuition. With private tuition, the child will be prioritized. The entire tuition will be focused solely on the child’s academics such as his/her learning styles and struggles. Tutors will also give more attention to the child’s weaknesses and will personalize the tuition according to these struggles and helping the child overcome them.

Additionally, students will be listened to by the tutor. They can also ask the tutor without the fear of their classmates making fun of them or not getting the answer to the question. In fact, they will be encouraged to ask questions and clear confusions before moving on with the lesson.

2. Learn at their own pace and style

Not everyone learns the same way but in a classroom setting this may not be given as much importance as it should. Teachers will have to follow curriculums and syllabus given to them and they also keep in mind the number of lessons that should be taught within a span of time. This means that sometimes, the teachers will move on with the next lesson even if there are still some students who haven’t fully grasped the previous lesson.

Apart from this, there are also some students who just learn differently from their set of classmates. For example, a child may be a visual learner while most of his classmates are auditory learners. Given this, the teacher will consider the majority and teach more using the method that fits auditory learners.

With private tuition, as stated before, all attention is focused on the child only. This means that they are also in control of their learning pace. They will not be rushed by their home tutor so they can fully grasp the lesson and understand it completely before moving on to the next. The tutor will also focus more of the learning style of the child and adapt their lessons according to the style the child learns best.

3. Less distractions

While we’re talking about classrooms, there is also the chance that your child cannot maximize their learning in classrooms because of distractions. They can come in all forms such as talkative classmates, smaller classroom sizes, ineffective teacher, and, if the child really struggles with concentration, even the bee outside.

There will be fewer distractions when the child learns at home. There is more peace and quiet also with lesser people involved in learning. With only their tutor around, the child will not be compelled to move around all the time or talk with their classmates during lessons. The tutor can also make sure to incorporate methods to keep the child focused on a task or lesson.

4. Boost in confidence

When a child struggles in school and it’s weighing down on them, chances are, their self-esteem can also plummet. Frustration with not understanding the lesson can cause a child’s self-confidence to fall significantly. They can also become afraid with having no one to talk to or confide with their struggles. They can also feel embarrassed asking for help from their peers or teachers.

With the right support, students with this problem can gain back their confidence through home tuition. Home tutors are encouraged to not only help students overcome their struggles but also build an approachable atmosphere during tuition sessions that helps the student open up more to their tutors. With this, they can also help the student more if they understand where the student is coming from.

Because of the constant hep and support the child gets through tuition, they can rebuild and revive their self-esteem. If they begin to understand the lesson well and continue to improve, they will not be terrified to answer questions in class or fear they wouldn’t do well in their exams.

5. Motivation and positive attitude

Learning can also become fun. It shouldn’t be all hardships and struggles. With constant support and assistance, learning and studying can be fun again for the child. A child may get frustrated with school but with encouragement and continuous improvement that they can also see, the child may find the motivation to do better in school again. Some students just really need the constant push from tutors or their parents to maintain a positive outlook with their studies.

6. Exam techniques and additional resources

Home tutors grow exponentially also with experience and qualifications. If parents hired a stellar home tutor, chances are they will also bring some other perks to the table other than just helping the child with their studies.

Many home tutors have compilations of resource materials that they can give the child access to. These can be learning materials or guides for a certain subject they are struggling in, while some can be summarized notes of the subject. There are others who also have access to past exam papers from schools that they can use to help the child practice. Additionally, these qualified and experienced home tutors will be able to teach the child examination-taking techniques that can help them get better scores in exams.

7. Help with homework

Aside from exams and performance in school, homework also serves as a huge factor that can affect a student’s grade. There are some instances wherein the child is doing well in school and getting good marks on their exams only to get a lower grade because they haven’t been turning in their homework on time or at all.

With a home tutor’s help, parents can be assured that their child is getting the assistance they might need in doing their homework. Additionally, tutors can also check the child’s homework for mistakes that they can immediately correct to maximize their scores.

8. Skills beyond academics

While academics is a huge part in a student’s life, it doesn’t all begin and end with it. There will come a time for them to finish school and then, it will be another race for them to get to the top of whatever career they choose. Academics is important but there are also some things that will be useful in life that will not be given much importance in school.

Private tuition is a way to start teaching the child these as soon as possible. Tutors can not only help the child with his/her studies but also help them develop their abilities and talents that can be useful for them in the future. There are many tutors that specializes in tuition that goes beyond academia such as languages, or computer programming, or piano lessons. Additionally, tutors can also help the child develop life skills such as budgeting or financial literacy, time management skills, and even social skills.


It’s safe to say that home tuition offers many valuable benefits for students. Parents should also weigh on their concerns with the child’s studies in order to actively decide hiring a home tutor for their child. However, the ones stated above are just some of the main benefits home tuition gives to the child. With home tuition, the child will make observable and remarkable progress that will be delightful for both the student and their parents.

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