Gradual Resumption Of Activities In Schools: How’s It Going To Play Out Amidst COVID-19?

As we slowly resume back to ‘normal’ life amidst COVID-19, schools are also progressively resuming activities over the past 2 months! The Ministry of Education (MOE) has kickstarted physical lessons in schools for all levels of students, with the consideration of safe management measures. We don’t want our children to experience less of school life than they should, but we also want them to be safe. In such a situation, MOE is continually assessing the suitability of resumption and has decided that it is now time to safely resume some aspects of school life!

Starting With The Older Children

Though it is definitely better to allow for resumption of school activities across all levels, it would be safer to ‘test’ them out with older children first. Being generally more sensible and responsible, secondary schools, Junior Colleges and Millennia Institute in Singapore will have the option to resume lower-risk Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and other school activities from the week of 27 July 2020. For sure, there would be safe management measures put in place to ensure the utmost safety of your children! For children in primary schools, such activities would only resume after the assessment of progress for the older children. It’s all in good light, let’s be patient little ones!

Adjustment Of Suitable Activities To Fit Guidelines

Curbed by the variety of activities we can participate in school due to COVID-19, students have been restrained from even participating in some activities altogether. As a response, the MOE has decided to adjust the nature of some activities to fit the guidelines from the safe management measures so that these activities can at least take place! Be it through the change in game formats and rules or the maximum capacity of players in a field, students will finally get to resume ‘those activities’ safely.

As mentioned in the recent press releases, there would be a maximum of 20 students per activity and a heavy reduction of inter-mingling wherever possible! Not only that, within the activity itself, only groups of 5 or fewer can interact ‘more closely’ with one another. This is to continually ensure that students are at a low risk of contracting COVID-19. Even external coaches and instructors will continue to be screened before entrance to the school compound! If they display flu-like symptoms such as cough and fever, they will not be able to enter the school compound regardless.

Unsuitable Activities Remain Suspended

Sad to say, activities with high level of body contact, high exposure to aerosol and splatters, heavy intermingling between schools, and activities held not within the school compounds will still remain suspended for everyone’s safety.

Based off the MOE website, these are the list of school activities which will still remain suspended temporarily:

1) Activities that involve singing, wind instruments, voice projection and Uniformed

Groups foot drills and parades that involve loud shouting of commands

2) Activities with high level of body contact such as Judo, Taekwondo sparring, Rugby

scrum and tackle

3) Programmes involving inter-mingling between schools such as combined CCA,

including Combined Uniformed Groups, Strategic Partnership-CCA, inter-school

collaborations for Applied Learning Programme/Learning for Life Programme and

Junior Sports Academy

4) CCAs/programmes that are conducted at external venues such as Golf, Bowling,

Fencing, Shooting, Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Waterpolo, Canoeing and


5) Learning Journeys, Values in Action and enrichment outside schools

6) Student Work Attachments, Student Research Attachment Programmes

7) Inter-school enrichment activities

8) Outdoor Adventure Camps

It is certainly a pity to not be able to fully experience school life and its joys during this trying period. However, we need to take a step back and think positively! It’s ultimately for everyone’s safety and if we eventually manage to tide through this storm, we will see a beautiful rainbow at the end! You can be assured that MOE is continually monitoring the situation closely and opening up more activities wherever possible and deemed fit!

As responsible citizens of Singapore, we can continue to be mindful about our daily habits. We can ensure that we stay home if we’re sick, seek medical attention if we’re very sick and abide by the safe management measures enforced by the government. As a leading private tuition agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor totally understands the pain of COVID-19. We provide quality Home Tuition in Singapore and with ever-changing situations, we also provide online Tuition in Singapore now! It was definitely not easy for us at the beginning, but with a willing heart and a determined mindset, we can fight the storm together!

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