Giving Your Child a Conducive Study Space

Students spend a significant amount of time at their study desks wherein they do their homework, study, and sometimes also attend their lessons. This is why it’s important for their study space to be conducive to learning and also comfortable for them. If their study desks aren’t optimized, they may experience pains and strains on their neck, back, wrists, etc. Some can lead to even bigger problems in the future. They can also be distracting for students and would even make them less productive because of the constant strains they are feeling.

Parents always want the best for their children and in situations like this, providing them with a conducive and comfortable study space with also help in improving their studying experience. It would be helpful if students associate studying with something positive rather than something that would make them feel uncomfortable. They are many things you can do to provide them with a good work and study space. We have compiled some of the equipment that can help make studying more comfortable for your child.

1. Laptop stand

It’s common for students to own laptops nowadays since technology is used more and more in learning than in the years before. They may use their devices for studying or even attending lessons. Especially after the onset of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, home-based learning has become prominent together with the hybrid setup and working from home. As such, laptop stands have become very popular because of this.

Many have found laptop stands to be necessary especially if they don’t want to constantly crouch their neck and back. Chances are, if you own a laptop, there will be times when you’ll be using it a lot. Most laptop screens aren’t at eye level so using a laptop stand to elevate the laptop can help with this. Students who are working with their laptops for longer periods of time don’t have to worry about crouching all the time, which could result in pain in their necks and backs as well as contribute to the development of bad posture.

There are many kinds of laptop stands out there that will suit the type and size of laptop your child has. There are some that allow for the adjustment of the elevation to the child’s liking while there are others also at fixed positions already. There are also different materials that can fit to what your child wants or needs for their laptops. There are wooden or metal stands. And there are also a lot of colors to choose from. You can also do your research with your child as to what type of laptop stand fits your child the best.

2. Keyboard

An extra keyboard is a common accessory to a laptop stand. Because the laptop is elevated with the stand, its built-in keyboard can also strain the user’s wrists and fingers when using it. An extra keyboard allows the user to use their hands and arms comfortably since it will be nearer to them. It also prevents eye strain as they can be further away from the screen when using their laptops since the keyboard will be closer to them.

There are many types of keyboards in the market that cater to switching between typing from different devices such as laptops, tablets, and even phones. There are also different designs and some make use of ergonomic features to help typing be more comfortable and efficient for users.

3. Wrist support

Wrist pads are another piece of equipment that can help alleviate the strain on the wrists. They are usually soft cushions that provide support so your wrists aren’t bent in awkward positions. There are wrist pads for both keyboards and mouses. Some mousepads also come with wrist support already, making using the pad and the mouse seamless, while there are others that can be put on the arm.

4. Good study chair

If your child is going to be sitting down for hours, getting a good chair for them is also a good idea and a good investment. A good chair must support their backs and necks comfortably to avoid strains in the areas. It has to support their posture so they wouldn’t develop a bad one from sitting down for long periods of time. As such, material is also important as body heat will build up in the chairs. This is why it’s good to look for study chairs with good ventilation as well such as those with mesh backs so they don’t have to stay on overheated chairs. Other good features to think about are rollers or wheels to help them move around more conveniently.

5. Lighting

Lighting is also essential for any work done to make sure that your child’s eyes wouldn’t also suffer from strains from seeing their work in a dim room or even in the dark. They would need good lighting to complete their paperwork but they would also need good lighting even when using their technological devices. If they will be focusing on the light source coming from the device, it could also strain their eyes. Good lighting would also help in keeping them alert.

6. Adjustable table

Your child may be using their work table for different reasons so one that is adjustable will be more beneficial. They may be using it for drawings or projects when they will be more comfortable if it’s a certain height. Or they may use it for writing, which they would want for a different height again. As such, there are instances when they will simply outgrow the height of their table.

Some of the more popular ones in the market can be manually adjusted through knobs while there are also others that can be through buttons. Since it’s also not advisable to be sitting down for long periods of time, having an adjustable table would also allow them to work while standing up to get them to stretch their legs and move around. It also has many benefits such as the lowered risk of obesity and blood sugar levels.

7. Neck support

Necks can be one of the most commonly strain-prone parts of the body, a good neck support can also help your child reduce neck strain in the long run. There are options for those that provide automated massage for the neck. However, they may be a little costly. A more affordable option would be the use of a simple neck pillow and they can also do the job of helping your child relax their necks.

8. Water

It’s very important to stay hydrated in order for the body to stay in tiptop shape. Ensure that your child always has enough water supply on their desks and even remind them every now and again to hydrate. Dehydration can not only cause your child to fall sick, but it can also affect their concentration. They should aim to drink about two liters of water per day which is around roughly eight cups of water.



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