Getting Good Grades and Great Social Life: Is It Possible?

It is a well-known fact that academics in Singapore is extremely demanding. As one of the world’s best when it comes to education and the education system, Singaporean students are also some of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals. They take their studies very seriously, even as much as spending more time on homework than their average counterparts from over the world and engaging in more help with home tutors. While some students aren’t bothered by the seriousness of school work, it still comes to a question of whether students still have time to socialize with their busy academic schedule.

Balancing a healthy social life and academic work is truly a skill. Once mastered, it will allow you to enjoy each social opportunity, without hurting your chances of reaching your academic goals. You will still be able to participate in activities and gatherings with your classmates, participate in extra-curricular activities and even hang out with your friends without neglecting your school work and academic duties. As such, a good social life also contributes greatly to achieving good grades. It helps with relieving academic stress and thus, helps you perform better academically.

Additionally, socializing doesn’t just stop with hanging out with your friends to watch a few movies here and there but it can also be an opportunity for you to meet friends and peers who can help and advise you with academics, especially when you least expect it. And so, going back to our previous question, how does a student balance their academic work and social life to get the best out of both? We have a few tips for you.

1. Develop a routine that works for you

A routine is personal and it’s also one of the most common tips you will get from people when you ask them about balancing their academic and social life. Successful students regulate everything they do from their waking hours to going to their class, even their meals, and personal projects.

Routines set up the clock in such a way that you would know what to do during a certain hour each day. It allows you to set time aside for the activities that you need to be done with such as your academic work and homework and lets you relax as well with the other activities ahead. With a routine, you wouldn’t have to worry about not finishing your homework because you have been invited to a friend’s birthday celebration. You wouldn’t have to hesitate when accepting invites to hang out because you have a task you need to catch up on. It lets you regulate and muster the time and energy needed for each activity so you would be ready for them.

Aside from regulating your time for each and every activity, a routine also gives you a measure of your own productivity and helps you tell which hours or days you are least productive in. it is a way to keep yourself in check so you can still do all your obligations academic-wise while also having the time to do other activities.

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2. Plan, plan, plan

There is nothing wrong with planning ahead. In fact, successful planning helps you so that you can have a fulfilling and fun social life. It requires planning to create an efficient balance between your academic and social life. In relation to creating a homework routine for yourself, it’s also important to set a plan on how to achieve those goals you have for yourself without sacrificing the other elements that would entitle you to live a healthy social life.

You can start by making sure to take actions to ensure that you get the grades you want such as studying in the hours that you need to, looking for the most reliable, quality resource materials, and even enlisting help from experts like home tutors. You can ask for advice from your parents or teachers on techniques that will help you maximize your study time as well as use effective note-taking.

A planner will be useful for cases like these as it will help you remain on track with all of your homework so you wouldn’t miss anything or be behind anything. Set a regular time for your social activities so it doesn’t interfere with your study time. This would ensure that the time you have allocated for your academics and social life is catered of.

3. Use homework help tools

Homework is a commitment that every student in Singapore is aware of, and of course, you should also complete each of them on time. It will take a lot of time to finish homework and it will not only be tiring mentally but also physically. Sometimes, because of the exhaustion from the draining homework, students will opt to not participate in any social event anymore.

However, there are ways to help with completing your homework that should make the process smoother, such as using homework helping tools. There are students who make use of online writing tools and apps that can help them like word-processing apps and software that allows you to scan the papers you have and automatically generate the words in document or PDF format so you don’t have to manually encode the paper. There are also transcription generators that help with transcribing audio or video recordings for you to review later on so you don’t have to skip, pause, or rewind audios or videos. There are also online or virtual homework planners that will help you organize your time as we’ve mentioned in the previous tip. Of course, you also can’t forget editing or proofreading software that does the initial work for you so you don’t have to spend twice the length of time proofreading your work.

These tools are just some of the examples that will help in reducing the time you spend on homework, letting you enjoy more hours with your social circle. Most of the homework helping tools are available for free while some are paid though they usually come with student-friendly prices or student discounts.

4. Engage in professional homework help

There will be times when you spend hours struggling with your homework and wish there was someone who could help you. While you may have your parents to help you with your homework, there will bound to be times even they will not be able to or it will outside of their scope. In times like those, you have the option to hire professional homework help. With the advancement in technology, there are online platforms that will help you in seeking professional help with your struggles in homework.

There are professionals offering their services who can help you with different subjects you may be struggling in and areas such as working on your essays, research, or thesis. With their help, it will free up more time for you to spend enjoying your student life. For different homework help, the charges may depend on the topic, length of the essay or research to be done, and its urgency.

5. Maximize your study and homework hours

Make sure to allocate a sufficient number of hours every day to study effectively. Make sure to also understand and know which time works best for you. By having a time slot for the best hours to study, you can concentrate more on your homework and tasks at hand. It can either be day or night – whatever works best for you is the way to do it.

As such, when studying, make sure that you actually study or do the tasks that need to be done. Remove all forms of distractions that could hinder you from your study space. Make sure you have everything you need within reach. Turn off your gadgets if you can or switch off any background noise that could potentially be distracting. When you concentrate and focus on the task you have, you can finish it quicker and more effectively so. Additionally, it would also shorten the time you have to spend on your tasks so you can spend more time resting or keeping up with your social life.


Students are often expected to have their school work done before they can allow themselves to enjoy their downtime and spend time with their friends. This works for most students as they don’t have to worry about being behind in their academics while they spend time with their social circle. So, you would need to organize your time and avoid the temptations that could distract you from your work until you have accomplished your goals or finished your tasks.

At the same time, students should also not take their social life for granted. In fact, setting time aside for your social life will also help in having a well-rounded school life as well as relieving stress from all the academic work. Enjoy a quality social life by making good use of your time and maximizing the time you spend studying. As you are on your way to living a balanced school life, you are getting more opportunities for your future.



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