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There are many reasons why having a positive attitude can change the way a learner thinks and approaches a certain topic or subject. Having a positive attitude in learning is meant to have a constructive approach to a student’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. With this, students will also be able to lay the foundation for a successful academic journey and a bright future ahead of them.

So, it only makes sense for a positive attitude in learning to be an encouraging behavior among students. But to whom does the responsibility fall unto exactly in nurturing this behavior? Is it with the teachers who they meet every day in class? Is it with their parents who they spend their time at home with? Or is it with their home tutors during their after school tuition sessions? Nurturing and encouraging this good behavior in students isn’t a one-man job. Think of it as a collective effort of various people around the child.

Tips to encourage a positive learning attitude

We have mentioned that nurturing this positive behavior is going to be a collective effort. However, how does one exactly take part and do their share in the process? In this article, we’ll be diving to help clear doubts and discuss many tips and tricks that will help encourage positive thinking towards learning among students.

1. Create a conducive learning environment

The milieu is a very important aspect when it comes to learning that many often overlook. There is a certain impact when it comes to studying in an environment that is conducive and encourages studying. When they are learning in an environment that is messy and distracting, it more than likely promotes negative feelings toward studying.

When helping students have a more positive view towards learning, have them clean their study area or spaces. Cleaning has proven to have overarching effects on people’s mindsets. They will be using their physical energy while keeping their minds calm and collected. And the results will also clear out negative or messy thoughts. Additionally, you can also add plants in their study area or positive and encouraging notes to inculcate a sense of positivity. Surrounding them with such an environment and using the learning approach they enjoy will help eliminate and clear out negativity.

2. Set an example

Younger students are generally more inquisitive and they also imitate those who are older than them. Why not use this as a means to instill a positive attitude in learning? Leading by example means having to showcase a positive behavior towards a task and the learners following suit. This practice can apply to teachers, parents, tutors, and all the other guardians that students regard as their role models.

Positivity is contagious and will help if the people around the learner also exhibit the same attitude. Showcase positive behavior, communicate these positive ideas to your students, and stick to your word. Once they see that those around them are also positive when it comes to what they are doing or learning, they will also be more inclined to learn themselves. As such, students are also more perceptive, they will sense if the adults around them are deviating from their true behavior. This means that those around them shouldn’t just show positivity but also uphold those traits.

3. Look at the bigger picture

Sometimes, when students stop and struggle with the topics or questions they need to answer, they can easily be stuck with negative thoughts. However, in instances like this, it’s important to remind them to look at the bigger picture. Why are they studying today? What are they willing to do to achieve success? Why should they strive to do better? Instead of telling them to move on with the question, remind them to think of the positive outcome once they complete the task instead. Take into consideration as well how this task will help them in the long run.

The idea isn’t to invalidate or belittle their struggles but instead to bring attention to the results that await them. It will also help if the teacher and the students have similar perspectives when they look at the academic year and set their objectives together. This isn’t also only for teachers but also tutors who also want to help their students reach their academic goals for the year.

4. Avoid negative remarks

Teachers are aware of the adverse consequences of using negative remarks in the classroom. As much as possible, negative remarks should be avoided especially when giving feedback to students. Parents, too, should also be aware of how they phrase their words and think about how any comment they make can be taken by their children. It also helps if instilled negativity in learners can be tackled.

If a student is having trouble and they are on the verge of giving up or saying things like “I can’t do it” or “It’s not worth it”, there is a need to address this way of thinking. When giving feedback to students or telling them how to deal with their negative thoughts, it’s better to teach them how to tackle such obstacles with a positive outlook instead of giving more negative remarks such as threatening they fail if they don’t finish their task or taking away their toys. Help them understand that difficulties will always be a part of learning but they should not be disheartened by them.

5. Make use of positive reinforcement

Motivation also plays a significantly large role with it comes to instilling a positive learning attitude among students. Students are more than likely to do well and become better when they are given positive reinforcement for doing something that would benefit them such as hearing the right words from their role models or parents. Aside from words of praise, teachers or tutors can also leave notes on their homework or projects that reinforce positivity and will be immensely beneficial to them.

Marking their papers with “great job” will boost a student’s confidence and will motivate them to do better. Optimism will then help with bringing about positivity to students and help them see situations differently. They will work on improving their performance and have a more positive view when it comes to learning since they are also getting good feedback from their teachers, tutors, and parents.

6. It’s okay to not always be positive

In a perfect world, we would want students to always be positive in learning. However, in reality, there is a myriad of factors that could affect a learner’s behavior and outlook when it comes to positivity in learning. It’s also not something that should be sought continuously. Even though we would like to encourage students to be positive, we should also give and respect their choices.

If the learner is feeling down, instead of insisting on a positive attitude, encourage them to talk about their problems or open up to those they are comfortable with. This may not be with you, but still, encourage them to consult a professional perhaps that could help them with their issues. The idea is that to properly address any student concern or issue in an individualized manner.

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7. Promote through examples they can relate to

Another great way to instill positivity among students is by giving them examples to which they can relate to. Many schools are starting to practice teaching through movies or videos in between classes. They are not only forms of entertainment that have the ability to catch students’ attention and interest but also teach them valuable lessons they can use both inside and outside of the classroom.

There are many inspiring movies that can help motivate students. Screening movies that serve as inspiration can also create waves of positivity among students. They take away the role of redundancy in classes that can sometimes bore students and they also teach through example and show a world that goes beyond conventional learning while inside the classroom. As such, when students watch the main character close to their age showing positivity and a never-give-up attitude, they are also more likely to relate to and follow suit with their examples.


Adopting a positive attitude, especially when it comes to learning, can be a daunting task that is easier said than done. Regularly practicing it is even more challenging. However, it greatly impacts the way learners see their journey towards success and is an integral factor in paving their own path. With collective efforts from all facets that directly influence them, you can incorporate the tips mentioned and enable a positive attitude in learning among students that they can bring with them even beyond their academic years.



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