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If you want to learn about how the world works, Economics is your subject to hit up. After all, aren’t we all “living in a material world”, as sung by Madonna? In the real-world scenario, there are many people, and all of them want different things. However, these unlimited wants cannot be all satisfied due to limited resources. What Economics teaches her students is how to juggle these wants given limited resources. In a nutshell, Economics is the study of behaviours of and interactions between different economic groups of people.

Sounds interesting? One could be enticed to become an Economics student, drawn by the potential of learning about how their “material world” works. Even as Economics enables one to learn about concepts that is applicable directly to society, not to mention beneficial to all mankind (that is a huge draw), it can also be difficult terrain to traverse. You see, it can be challenging to excel in this subject, even if you find yourself rather fond of it. It is not uncommon to see students being drawn to the subject, only to find themselves struggling to score well in the subject. There are altogether three main obstacles preventing students from obtaining their desired grade in Economics.

Firstly, students might find themselves tripped over the syllabus, as it is not similar to anything they have learnt in secondary school. Unlike majority of the subjects which are offered in both secondary school and junior college, Economics is one of the few subjects that are only offered in Junior College (JC). Therefore, it is understandable that students would need some extra help when it comes to this subject. In this regard, Economics private home tuition can be of great assistance to these students struggling to get their bearings and transition successfully to a new academic environment. We ensure that our Economics private home tutors are equipped to teach at appropriate speeds catering to their students. Our Economics private home tutors, being professional and experienced, are also able to plan out personalised study plans that allow students to study in a manner that suits their needs. On our end, FamilyTutor will also look out for our clients’ wellbeing, by suggesting suitable Economics private home tutors for our clients through facilitating open communication between the tutor and the parent/student. It is our initiative and cause to enable all parties involved to gain from this interaction. Afterall, we are also Singapore’s most family-oriented Economics private home tuition agency.

Secondly, students often realise that merely understanding the theories and concepts taught in the syllabus is not enough to score stellar grades. There is also a need to know how to answer the questions, and often enough, school teachers do not have sufficient time imparting these techniques to their students. Economics private home tuition is one answer to this dilemma, as it offers the help that your child needs in pulling up their grades for Economics. The Economics private home tutors that we have had the privilege of working with over time have certain techniques up their sleeves. Not only are they experienced and qualified, but our Economics private home tutors have also harnessed a series of tips and know-how that they have accumulated over their teaching days, which they will then impart to their students. Since they have been teaching Economics private home tuition for a long time, they have certain knowledge about teaching Economics as well as guiding students that the schoolteachers will probably have no access to. This is one of the advantages of engaging our Economics private home tutors that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Thirdly, students may want to know how to improve their grades, but they are unable to find the answer, or do not have the resources to help themselves. The JC curriculum is extremely intensive, and students have to learn several comprehensive subjects within a tight schedule of two years. This would mean that students have to manage their limited time across these subjects, and while there might be barely enough time to finish the required coursework, the students could have their hands tied with the lack of time to find out where they are making mistakes and how they can improve. Private home tuition can help with this problem. While schoolteachers might not be able to cater to every individual student, Economics private home tutors can, and they are able to give their undivided, exclusive attention to their personal students and monitor their progress for them. Economics private home tutors are also able to make the student’s learning progress more efficient and effective, by pointing out their mistakes earlier and guiding the student towards their desired goals. Given limited time and resources, Economic private home tuition can be powerful, and is definitely a superb booster to any student struggling to become better.

By engaging Economics private home tuition from us, you are helping your child with not just their schoolwork, but also in their physical lives. Economics private home tuition has more application other than within the academic scope, it is literally a representation of society. What your child learns in school as well as in home tuition, will be applicable when they are in university and beyond that, as they are figuring out their role in life and in society. Economics provides her students a lens to view society, how it works, and helps them to find their way in life.

If you should choose to engage FamilyTutor, Singapore’s leading Economics private home tuition agency, for your Economics private home tuition needs, be assured that we will do our all to find the suitable Economics private home tutor for you and your child. We are with our clients all the way in this process, and our dedication and hard work are proven by our satisfied clients. Should you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us a text, a call or an email, and we will get back to you in a jiffy.



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