A Guide to Finding the Right Preschool in Singapore for Your Child

When selecting a preschool in Singapore, parents often find themselves at a crossroads as they compare various educational principles and practical considerations. Amidst this scramble for the enrollment of their children in a good and reputable institution, holistic education emerges as a significant factor that parents should consider during their search. Quality preschool education focuses on creating an environment where kids can thrive in all aspects—physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

If you’re having a difficult time navigating through the crucial steps in choosing the most appropriate preschool for your child, then this quick guide may help you decide.

Understand Preschool Education in Singapore

In the diverse educational sector of Singapore, parents are presented with a range of preschool options where each institution offers varying academic pefagogies and approaches. From public and private schools toe international schools, the choices abound. Central to making an informed decision is an understanding of their different approaches.

For instance, Kinderland, a preschool with multiple campuses in the city-state, integrates academic learning with music, technology, and physical education to promote well-rounded development in children. Kinderland’s curriculum blends traditional academics with creative and emotional growth, allowing for the holistic transformation of young minds. There are also other preschools in Singapore that offer play-based learning or structured academic curriculums. These various approaches provide parents with many options to choose a preschool environment that aligns with their child’s learning style and developmental needs.

Assess Your Child's Individual Needs

Speaking of needs, every child has their own unique set of demands. Your kid may have different strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles compared to others. Some children thrive in a highly structured environment, while others may benefit from a more fluid and flexible learning space. Ask yourself, what does your child need as they start preschool? It’s critical to consider the answer to this question and to look for a school that can cater to the academic demands of your child. 

Initiate Early Research

Beginning your preschool search well in advance give yous ample time to thoroughly research and evaluate available options. You can start by exploring schools within your preferred location. Consider the convenience of Kinderland’s locations in Singapore, with its branches strategically spread across the island that makes it accessible for many parents and their preschoolers.

In addition to location, research online resources, parent reviews, and educational forums. The Ministry of Education’s website and other academic portals provide valuable insights into preschool standards and guidelines in Singapore. These platforms can offer a glimpse into the experiences of other parents, which can help your decision-making process.

Schedule Informative School Tours and Visits

Once you have shortlisted potential preschools, the next step is to schedule visits. These visits are essential for gaining first-hand insight into the school’s environment, teaching methods, and overall ethos. You can observe how teachers interact with students, see the classroom settings for yourself, and glimpse the resources and facilities available.


During these visits, take the opportunity to inquire about the curriculum and how it incorporates holistic development. For example, a school that balances cognitive learning with social and emotional growth can strongly indicate a well-rounded education.

Involve Your Child in Decision Making

While it’s essential for parents to lead the preschool selection process, involving your child can provide valuable insights into their preferences. Pay attention to your child’s response during school visits. Are they more engaged in environments with a nurturing approach, or do they prefer a different setting? This step is not about making your child decide but rather about observing their natural inclinations and reactions to different preschool environments, which can help you make the final decision.

Prepare for Enrollment and Transition

Once you have selected the right preschool, the next step is the enrollment process. This involves submitting necessary documents and understanding the school’s policies and expectations. It’s a practical phase where all the important details are finalised.

Equally important is preparing your child for this new phase of their life. Transitioning to preschool can be a significant change for young children, so they need all the help they can get to make this transition smooth and seamless. Try to engage in conversations about school, read books about starting preschool, and visit the school a few times before the term begins. This gradual introduction can help ease any anxieties and build excitement.

Maintain Active Parental Involvement

Even after successfully enrolling your child in a good preschool, your involvement in their education still matters. Active parental involvement includes regular communication with teachers, participating in school events, and reinforcing what is learned in school at home. Being involved also helps you stay informed about your child’s progress and the school’s approach to holistic education.

Moreover, your involvement sends a strong message to your child about the value of education. You help foster a positive attitude towards teaching and lifelong learning by showing interest in their school activities and academic endeavours.

Evaluate Your Child's Progress

Finally, it’s essential to continually analyse your child’s progress and experience in preschool. You can regularly check in with teachers and observe your child’s behaviour and development at home. Are they showing signs of enjoying their school? Are they developing new skills and showing growth in different areas? Be open to the possibility that adjustments may be needed as your child grows and their needs evolve. The preschool you choose should be where your child can thrive in all aspects of their development.

Start Charting a Promising Educational Journey for Your Child

Choosing the right preschool in Singapore is a significant decision for any parent. This process is about finding a place that supports academic learning and the socio-emotional growth of your children. As you navigate this process, consider what will best serve your child’s development and prepare them for the future. In the end, the preschool you choose will play a critical role in your child’s early years and will set them on a path of learning and personal development.

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